Forum Files: PokerStars’ Twitch Investment; New Bitcoin Poker Site; HU4rollz Challenge Winner

 Forum Files: PokerStars’ Twitch Investment; New Bitcoin Poker Site; HU4rollz Challenge Winner

ForumFiles Forum Files: PokerStars’ Twitch Investment; New Bitcoin Poker Site; HU4rollz Challenge WinnerThe 7 days of Jason Somerville and poker on Twitch. The new Seals with Golf equipment is up and managing. And Donger Kim and TCfromUB wrap up their problem. It is all in the week’s most interesting threads in the world of poker message boards.

Somerville to Stars

Thread: Jason Somerville indicators with Group PokerStars Pro
The biggest news of the 7 days was a confluence of events with regards to poker and stay movie streaming. Very first, there was a Wall Avenue Journal piece &#8212 showcasing Somerville &#8212 about the foreseeable future of poker on Twitch. Then Somerville, the king of streaming poker, signed with PokerStars, and PokerStars released a Twitch channel. And lastly Twitch received an American Poker Award for Very best Innovation. It was a flurry of activity for a medium that could alter on the internet poker as we know it. Exciting moments to be positive. And the news of Somerville signing up for PokerStars was effectively-received, as fairly significantly everybody loves him and admires how he has shown the way on Twitch.

Again, back once more

Thread: SWCPoker (previously Seals With Golf equipment) &#8211 Bitcoin poker room
Seals with Clubs &#8212 which shut down very last 7 days &#8212 is reopened below Bryan Micon&#8217s leadership, at The early critiques are that the software program is actually very good, even though there have been some hiccups with the launch. What even now is in query &#8212 and what hasn&#8217t been addressed in this thread or other individuals &#8212 is the legality of the new web site. Micon is running out of the Caribbean country of Antigua, with no a license, despite the fact that the servers are hosted in other places. Following an armed raid in his Nevada home, Micon even now appears to be relying on the notion that bitcoin is various from tough currencies in terms of gaming legislation, despite the fact that that&#8217s surely much from a settled make a difference in any jurisdiction.

Poker rip-off

Thread: Crowd Funded Bot Ring??
There are lots of frauds out there in the world of crowdfunding. But this has to be one of the worst. A site is attempting to drum up help for a bot ring, stating they will share any income produced by said bots. This is, of program, a preposterous premise, for a range of factors our Alex Weldon discusses why below. The fraud seems to originate out of India, and the movie testimonials are the funniest component.


Thread: Donger Kim to Nick Frame (TCfromUB) HU Challenge
It&#8217s refreshing to see some pros make a challenge, and in fact finish it. Donger Kim came out victorious. And they did it without having heaps of trash conversing and other dumb things. They created a challenge, and played it, and the participant who misplaced wasn&#8217t butt damage. Good on these fellas.

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The Hit and Run: L.A. Poker Classic Begins; Pros and Their Cool Cars

 The Hit and Run: L.A. Poker Classic Begins; Pros and Their Cool Cars

PTP Hit and Run1 The Hit and Run: L.A. Poker Classic Begins; Pros and Their Cool CarsWho is top early at the Entire world Poker Tour&#8217s LAPC? And which execs have actually wonderful rides? It&#8217s all in our day-to-day wrap-up of the globe of poker, the Strike and Operate.


The Entire world Poker Tour is in Los Angeles for the L.A. Poker Vintage. On working day 2, Aaron Massey and Ryan Price are amongst the chip leaders. Stay updates here. David Williams, Matt Stout, Eugene Katchalov, Shawn Buchanan and Carlos Mortensen are all above the regular stack.

And an interesting interview with tournament director Matt Savage.

Professionals and autos

Soon after Sam Trickett messed up his Ferrari, a look at some poker professionals and their sweet rides. What we truly want to know is what Allen Kessler drives close to in, although.

Fast hitters

&#8211You most likely want to indication this petition from the Poker Gamers Alliance if you don&#8217t want to see a ban on online poker in the U.S.
&#8211PokerStars talks about why it moved the $ 9 million Sunday Million back a 7 days, to March fifteen.
&#8211A roundup of the American Poker Awards.
&#8211Forum Information: PokerStars’ Twitch investment, opens and the pro HU4rollz challenge winner.
&#8211Movie Rewind: Somerville goes live on Twitch, a crazy Finnish property game and the American Poker Awards.
&#8211After the iGaming Legislative Symposium in California, practically nothing has actually been cleared up on the on the web poker entrance.
&#8211OMG, IN THE Strike AND Run, A Tale DEFINING Hit AND Run. #EndofInternet.
&#8211A discuss with Bryan &#8220bparis&#8221 Paris, who recently reached $ 7.5 million in occupation earnings.
&#8211A winner is topped at the Eureka5 Rozvadov.

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Assigning ranges

 Assigning ranges
Very good!
I am commencing to use HM and not quite effectively rank assigned to the information.
For case in point a villain who has a 3bet eleven this 3beteando us AJo +, ninety nine +? And one particular May 1 AK, QQ +? There is a desk displaying the ranges in accordance to the percentages of a movement? Thank You

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“Poker Automatics” Scam is a Comedy Goldmine

 “Poker Automatics” Scam is a Comedy Goldmine

pyrite “Poker Automatics” Scam is a Comedy GoldmineThe poker entire world is and has constantly been a magnet for fraudsters, cheats and self-confidence artists of all stripes, so it&#8217s barely information when a new scam crops up. The newest, nevertheless, is these kinds of a deep, abundant vein of comedy gold that it can&#8217t be passed up.

I won&#8217t link to it, since it is of training course a rip-off, but the website in query is referred to as &#8220Poker Automatics,&#8221 and you can Google it if you&#8217d like to examine it out for yourself. (It&#8217s also in the 1st put up of the 2+two thread where we 1st listened to about it.)

The pitch provided by the internet site is that of a group-funded bot ring. The internet site&#8217s operators declare that they have produced a high-quality, undetectable, winning poker bot, which they are managing on several major poker websites. All they&#8217re lacking is capital in order to bankroll much more bots at far more tables, and if you&#8217re willing to stake them, they&#8217ll share with you a piece of this unlimited, easy earnings.

This is transparently B.S., of course. Ahead of we get to the funny areas, allow&#8217s get that out of the way.

An unattainable business design

Disregarding the evident ethical problems with operating bots in the first spot, the thought of a group-funded bot ring is untenable from the commence since expense deals need transparency, and any type of transparency in a bot ring would provide the complete factor down instantly.

Assume for a instant that the bots them selves weren&#8217t a complete fiction, that the web site house owners did in truth have this computer software developed and ended up working it on the sites as they say. Their buyers, then, are owed some percentage of the revenue produced by these bots. Nonetheless, they&#8217re fully reliant on the internet site operators to declare these revenue correctly.

Any poker staking offer depends on transparency of benefits the explanation that I can market action for a collection of tournaments on PokerStars, for instance, and that strangers can believe in me with their money is that the tournament results are a subject of public report. Any individual can validate that I played the tournaments that I said I did, and how I put, and how a lot I acquired. There&#8217s nonetheless the issue of whether I shell out out, but my identity is general public and my status is a point that has worth to me, so men and women can assume that I&#8217ll honor the agreement.

In the circumstance of bots, no transparency is possible, for the evident reason that verification of outcomes requires disclosure of monitor names, and if the bots&#8217 monitor names have been at any time created public, the internet sites would rapidly get wind of it and ban the accounts. Even if they have been only disclosed privately to investors, all it would consider would be one member of a website&#8217s stability group to fork in excess of their .one BTC minimal deposit to grow to be an investor, and the jig would be up.

And the point is that operating a botnet is by itself a fraud. So what we have are admitted scammers inquiring individuals to commit funds with them with no assurance besides the phrase of these admitted scammers that they&#8217re going to report earnings precisely. So allow&#8217s be clear: Anyone who is each stupid sufficient and unethical adequate to hand above money on people terms justifies the inescapable outcome.

Self-parody testimonies

When the scam was very first brought to mild on the 2+two Poker Discussion boards, the initial little bit of comedy pointed out were the online video recommendations. There are dozens of them, none of them remotely convincing. They&#8217re all a quite great observe if you&#8217re into cringe humor, but the most comically undesirable of them is from a male named Shimmy. The web sleuths at two+2 found out fairly speedily that he offers these kinds of video clips to all comers, commencing at $ five a pop on Fiverr. This wasn&#8217t a difficult thing to find out, since he didn&#8217t even hassle to use a various identify in the video from the one particular he goes by there.

Shimmy&#8217s online video is truly incredibly helpful as a complete &#8211 albeit exaggerated &#8211 tutorial in all the ways you can notify if somebody is lying to you: rubbing his arm, clasping his arms, shaking his head, sideways glances, touching his nose, demonstrating you his palms imploringly. He&#8217s visibly embarrassed even to make eye make contact with with the digicam. If you&#8217re in the market place for bogus-endorsements for your scammy solution, I wouldn&#8217t advocate you go with Shimmy. On the other hand, if you&#8217re the type of man or woman who just likes to observe other folks embarrass themselves for your amusement, Shimmy is providing a pretty very good cost.

The $ a thousand reward

Two items which have a tendency to be rather excellent indicators that you&#8217re dealing with a rip-off are gives that audio like they&#8217re too great to be real, and the fine print which follows individuals delivers. In the situation of Poker Automatics, the supply is patently absurd &#8211 $ a thousand free of charge merely for opening an account, no deposit essential &#8211 and the fantastic print isn&#8217t all that good.

The full text on the registration page (excluding the type alone) reads:

Generate a free account in Poker Automatics and get $ a thousand cost-free for screening and understanding the system!*

* $ a thousand issued to you cost-free of cost for demonstrating and screening opportunities of Poker Automatics.
You can use them for Deposits, observe them expand, like if you’ve funded $ a thousand by your self.
This sum and all income from it are on a independent inner account and are not accessible for withdrawal.

Allow&#8217s just take a instant to digest that, shall we? You get $ a thousand totally free for signing up, but they acknowledge instantly that this funds is never ever going to be accessible to you to withdraw. If this appears confusing, it should be, since the only operate income has is to be expended funds which can&#8217t be withdrawn and expended isn&#8217t just &#8220not funds,&#8221 it&#8217s not something. It&#8217s a whole fiction.

All right, I suppose you could say that it&#8217s play funds. That&#8217s truthful. So, what they&#8217re actually offering you is $ 1000 in enjoy funds, on which they&#8217ll spend you imaginary income based on the nearly-surely manufactured-up performance of bots whose extremely existence you can in no way verify. I suppose there actually are individuals out there who wouldn&#8217t quickly see how preposterous this is, but that in alone is a truth that lies someplace in amongst funny and depressing.

The nicely is bottomless

Placing it all collectively, Poker Automatics desires you to take the term of some of the worst liars on the internet, some of whom don&#8217t even hassle to include their tracks at all. Primarily based on the suggestion of these people, they want you to sign up and settle for $ one thousand in bogus funds, which they hasten to acknowledge that you will in no way be able to withdraw. They then want you to take at confront benefit their manufactured-up earnings stories for that fake income, which can in no way be confirmed because of the quite mother nature of the &#8220business&#8221 by itself. Ultimately, primarily based on that information, they want you to consider your true income, convert it into nameless, unrefundable Bitcoin, and send it to them by way of the web.

Exactly where is the income going? Well, there are several accidentally-untranslated bits of Russian on the page, so that&#8217s a refined clue, as is the accent of the announcer in their promotional video. Luckily, no world wide web rip-off has ever originated out of Russia, so I&#8217m confident it&#8217s all very good.

In all probability, the web site is likely to vanish inside a handful of months, alongside with any cash anyone has been stupid sufficient to give them. But in the meantime, if you&#8217ve got a cynical perception of humor and want a great laugh, poke around their site for a bit. The laughs are as limitless as the earnings they&#8217re promising!

Alex Weldon (@benefactumgames) is a freelance writer, game designer and semipro poker participant from Montreal, Quebec, Canada.

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Negreanu Among Winners at American Poker Awards

 Negreanu Among Winners at American Poker Awards

American Poker Awards Negreanu Among Winners at American Poker AwardsPokerStars professional Daniel Negreanu was amongst the winners at the 1st-at any time American Poker Awards, held in Beverly Hills, Calif., last evening.

The awards &#8212 which had been hosted by the Worldwide Poker Index &#8212 have been a rousing success and showcased a packed home with a lot of the planet&#8217s top execs and industry executives in attendance.

Negreanu received the honor for &#8220Poker&#8217s Very best Ambassador.&#8221 Other honorees provided Twitch (Innovation of the calendar year for dwell streaming poker), and Vanessa Selbst as the top feminine participant of the yr.

Some of the notables in attendance included Negreanu, Kara Scott (who MC&#8217d the function), freshly minted PokerStars professional Jason Somerville, Jason Mercier, Bertrand &#8220ElkY&#8221 Grospellier and Dan Smith, to title a few. Below&#8217s a sampling from Twitter:

Right here is the total record of winners from the ceremony:

GPI Participant of the Year: Dan Colman
Media Individual of the Year: Chris Grove, Online Poker Report
Business Individual of the Calendar year: Adam Pliska, WPT President
Breakout Player of the Year: Brandon Shack-Harris
Event Efficiency of the Yr: Mark Newhouse, WSOP Primary Celebration, ninth
Celebration of the Yr (purchase-in above $ two,000): WSOP Principal Celebration
Event of the Yr (acquire-in under $ 2,000): WSOP Monster Stack
Innovation of the Yr: Twitch Opens Its Doorways to Dwell Streaming Poker
Charitable Initiative of the Yr: “All In” for Youngsters Poker Tournament Presented by CHOP &#038 WPT Foundation
Media Articles of the Year: Brad Willis, “WSOP 2014: Phases / Never ever quit fighting” for PokerStars Blog
GPI Woman Participant of the 12 months: Vanessa Selbst
Lifetime Accomplishment Award: WPT founder Steve Lipscomb

Images courtesy of revolutionpix for GPI.

On Twitter: @DustinGouker.

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