Weekly High Stakes Report: Isildur1, Mercier Win; Antonius, Cates Lose

 Weekly High Stakes Report: Isildur1, Mercier Win; Antonius, Cates Lose

HighStakesReport Weekly High Stakes Report: Isildur1, Mercier Win; Antonius, Cates Lose&#8220Punting-peddler&#8221 prospects the way forward of pros from Complete Tilt Poker and PokerStars, while two of 2014&#8217s best players expertise setbacks. Get up to velocity with the planet of online large-stakes money games with our weekly report.

This report includes action from September 21st by way of the twenty eighth. Monitoring from highstakesdb.com.

Weekly Leading Winners

Macau&#8217s &#8220punting-peddler&#8221 took the weekly victory, logging more than $ 300K in earnings. More than 50 % of that profit arrived in this one hand from Patrik Antonius.

In next area was Viktor &#8220Isildur1&#8243 Blom and Jason Mercier, who each experienced $ 178K in revenue.

punting-peddler $ 321,603
Isildur1 $ 178,962
JasonMercier $ 178,036
SanIker $ 130,342
supernova9 $ 126,647
nowa1 $ seventy five,474
tini pupini $ 52,322
nimzon $ forty five,692
steamraise $ 43,312
ChaoRen160 $ 41,336

Weekly Prime Losers

Complete Tilt participant &#8220bbvisbadforme&#8221 was the prime loser of the 7 days. His losses of nearly $ 400K doubled his profession losses at Entire Tilt. He just edged out Patrik &#8220FinddaGrind&#8221 Antonius (-$ 386K).

Dan &#8220jungleman12&#8243 Cates was 3rd, down more than $ 150K.

bbvisbadforme $ 389,041
FinddaGrind $ 386,369
jungleman12 $ 153,218
bixiu $ 126,164
WCGRider $ 70,662
fireitup87 $ sixty nine,211
goref $ 41,560
D2THEMFI $ 35,271
Chappolini $ 24,906
berchkamp $ 23,625

2014 Leaderboard

In spite of his losses this 7 days, Cates is nonetheless in initial spot with a lot more than $ two.eight million. &#8220Punting-peddler&#8221 moved into 2nd spot, forward of Antonius.

jungleman12 $ 2,809,789
punting-peddler $ two,282,330
FinddaGrind $ 1,757,199
luvtheWNBA $ one,299,576
WCGRider $ 1,072,273
Restricted-Man1 $ 663,177
Niki Jedlicka $ 624,921
Osama_no_Brunch $ 445,296
SamRostan $ 410,013
Kanu7 $ 395,650

2014 Greatest Losers

Gus Hansen continues to be not great at poker, in spite of not playing this 7 days. Isildur1 minimize into his massive losses for 2014, and is now down about $ one.five million.

Gus Hansen $ 5,522,853
Polarizing $ 2,276,313
Isildur1 $ 1,521,436
Insane Elior $ one,138,037
OMGClayAiken $ 1,082,089
MalACEsia $ 823,325
Sauce1234 $ 705,594
Rui Cao $ 544,111
bbvisbadforme $ 483,193
Patriktortonius $ 477,924

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Deep in tourney

 Deep in tourney
I uncover I can get deep into tournaments, into the money and top 20 or thirty when there are five hundred or one thousand, but can not make ultimate tables or truly get one particular. Not often, but occasionally. Any ideas on how to get in excess of the hump and perhaps acquire 1?

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Forum Files: Dwan Scamming?; Matusow Best Poker Player Ever?

 Forum Files: Dwan Scamming?; Matusow Best Poker Player Ever?

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durrrr = scammer?

Thread: Is it time to call Tom Dwan a scammer?
Super new thread, but this one should have some legs if it doesn’t get locked. Tom Dwan, barring some information we don’t know, really seems to be dodging completing his “durrrr Challenge” with Dan “jungleman12″ Cates. If it’s not “scamming,”it’s got to be some other word that doesn’t reflect well on Dwan.

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Whats your favorite cardroom for tournaments?

 Whats your favorite cardroom for tournaments?
Personally I just started playing at carbon again and I have been doing half way decent. I was playing at Americas Cardroom but honeslty I am fed up with how the play is there and it was putting me on tilt way to much during tournaments out of frustration .

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