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Dan Smith Defeats Daniel Negreanu in $100,000 Super High Roller at Five Diamond

 Dan Smith Defeats Daniel Negreanu in $100,000 Super High Roller at Five Diamond

In one of the final preliminary events (if you can call a tournament with a six-figure buy in a “preliminary”) before the start of the World Poker Tour Five Diamond World Poker Classic Main Event next week, Dan Smith vanquished fellow poker pro Daniel Negreanu to win the $ 100,000 Super High Roller on Friday night.

While there has been plenty of action around the Bellagio leading up to the WPT Main Event, the $ 100,000 Super High Roller pulled plenty of eyes to its action. 39 entries would pony up the $ 100,000 entry fee to build a $ 3.9 million prize pool. Of that bounty, only six people would be walking away with any money, making the competition fierce.

By the time Thursday night arrived, the money bubble was still intact as seven players battled it out for the right to get a return on their investment. Stephen Chidwick was the unfortunate “bubble boy” in the tournament, taking away $ 0 for his seventh-place finish. Before the action would be called on Thursday, serial High Roller player Bryn Kenney picked up some more cash (and, perhaps as importantly, precious Player of the Year points) when he was knocked out in sixth place.

The five-man final table on Friday was headed by Isaac Haxton, who held 1.8 million of the chips in play at the start of action. Behind Haxton was Negreanu, who wasn’t too far back at 1.47 million. Stefan Schillhabel, Sergio Aido and Smith were lagging far back and not considered much of a threat for taking the championship.

Smith was able to start his charge by getting a double up through Haxton, which would then set about the latter’s fall. After Aido was dumped in fifth place, Haxton departed the scene to bring the three-man battle of Smith, Schillhabel and Negreanu to the fore. Negreanu gave running commentary across his Twitter feed to those who couldn’t be in the Bellagio and the battle was entertaining.

Negreanu seemed to be content to sit back and let Smith and Schillhabel battle it out, and they swung for the fences. Smith eventually would start to get the better of the German, however, and on their final hand of combat Smith’s pocket Aces was leading pre-flop against Schillhabel’s J-10. That situation completely changed on the flop, coming down J-10-10, pushing Schillhabel into an unlikely lead. Left with only two outs in the deck, Smith saw one of those rescuing Aces fall on the turn to return the lead to him. Schillhabel, looking for the case ten to deliver another suckout, instead saw a blank as he left in third place.

Perhaps Negreanu should have paid a bit of attention to his opposition as Smith entered heads up play against him with a sizeable chip lead. That chip lead would eventually translate into a championship as Smith, holding Big Slick on the final hand, was able to make it stand against Negreanu’s Q-10 once the final board rolled out.

1. Dan Smith, $ 1,404,000
2. Daniel Negreanu, $ 936,000
3. Stefan Schillhabel, $ 624,000
4. Isaac Haxton, $ 390,000
5. Sergio Aido, $ 312,000
6. Bryn Kenney, $ 234,000

With this tournament in the books, players can put their attention to the WPT Five Diamond Main Event on Tuesday. The $ 10,000 buy in tournament will wrap up the 2017 calendar year for the WPT and it should be hotly contested. Last year the tournament brought in 791 entries, with James Romero eventually walking off with the championship and the $ 1.9 million first place prize. Expect a similar turnout for this year’s event as the calendar year ends.

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Nick Petrangelo Outlasts Mike Watson, Fedor Holz to Win Aussie Millions $100,000 Challenge

 Nick Petrangelo Outlasts Mike Watson, Fedor Holz to Win Aussie Millions $100,000 Challenge

In a rather rapid final table of five hours, Nick Petrangelo got his 2017 tournament poker season off to a good start by outlasting Mike Watson and Fedor Holz to win the Aussie Millions $ 100,000 Challenge on Saturday at the Crown Casino in Melbourne.

Steffen Sontheimer was the leader of the event with 451,000 in chips as it entered its final day, but that lead was a tenuous one. Hot on his heels were Holz (394,500) and Petrangelo (381,000), with the remainder of the table filled out by Sam Trickett (265,000), Watson (146,000), 2016 Player of the Year David Peters (96,000) and David Steicke (78,500) rounding out the field. With only three players getting paid, the desire to remain at the final table for even the shortest of the stacks was high.

Steicke was looking for that proverbial “double up and go home” early on and he would get that (against Sontheimer), but that would be the highlight of his day. On Hand #5 after Holz had raised and Watson three-bet the action, Steicke pushed all in from the big blind and only found Watson willing to play. Watson’s Big Slick was slightly behind Steicke’s pocket Queens, but the Ace on the flop changed everything in favor of ‘SirWatts.’ A ten on the turn presented more outs for Steicke to a Broadway straight, but the river Ace instead gave Watson trips; left with 5000 in chips, those would go to Holz on the next hand as Steicke went home empty handed in seventh place.

It would take almost two dozen more hands before the next combatant left. Watson was once again the beneficiary as, after raising from the cutoff, Peters would defend his big blind. The 7-2-10 flop brought a check-call from Peters, an action that was duplicated when a Jack came on the turn. The river brought a King and Peters checked for a third time, at which time Watson put Peters to a decision for his tournament life by moving all in. Peters mulled the decision for a lengthy time, even using a ‘time bank’ chip being employed in this tournament, before calling off his stack. Whatever Peters was thinking, he didn’t put together than Watson had rivered the nuts with his Q-9 for a King-high straight. Sending his Q-10 (pair of tens) to the muck, Peters was done in sixth place.

With two more eliminations to the money, the remaining players tightened up a bit. Trickett would double through Sontheimer to put the German on the short stack, but that would be the most action for the next 20-plus hands. On Hand 52, Sontheimer’s short stack became “no stack” when he clashed with Watson.

Sontheimer raised off the button with pocket sevens, only to see Watson three-bet out of the big blind, which Sontheimer called. A 6-8-5 flop saw Watson utilize the c-bet and Sontheimer, pondering his action, burned a ‘time bank’ chip before moving all in. Watson nearly beat Sontheimer into the center with his call, turning up pocket tens for an over pair to the board. Sontheimer, however, was in good shape with his pocket sevens; the open-ended straight draw, along with his pocket pair, gave Sontheimer 10 outs to taking the hand. Alas, another five on the turn and the Queen on the river weren’t one of those 10 outs, sending the start of day chip leader to the rail in fifth place.

Trickett would be next to head home (and without any money) as, on Hand 57, Watson’s A-J picked up a Jack on the turn to leave Trickett drawing dead with his Q-9. With a $ 1.76 million prize pool to split amongst each other, Watson (holding a significant lead), Petrangelo (rather quiet) and Holz (continuing his rush from 2016) took care of their business rather quickly.

Holz would be first to go as he decided to challenge Petrangelo. Holz correctly pushed all-in against Petrangelo (holding A-8 off suit) while holding pocket fours but, after Petrangelo called, the “poker gods” weren’t with him. An Ace showed up on the flop and a second came on the turn, leaving Holz drawing to one of the two fours to vanquish Petrangelo. The river six ended that hope and sent Holz out of the event in third place, but with some money for his efforts. Holz will look to add on to his Aussie Millions trip by playing in the Main Event final table on Sunday.

Down to heads up, Watson held a slight advantage against Petrangelo, one that he would extend to a million chips only 10 hands into play. Petrangelo spent the next 10 hands getting back to even before taking the lead on Hand 96 when he forced Watson to fold the better hand (8-6) by over betting a pot on a 5-6-3-Q-5 board when Petrangelo only held a K-7. Now roughly even, the twosome would keep action to pre-flop as three-bets took down many of the next 20 hands.

With both players playing quite strong, the ending came rather suddenly. After a raise from Watson, Petrangelo (holding a slight lead) called to see an 8-2-5 flop. Both players checked their options to see a seven come on the turn, which brought a 45K bet from Petrangelo and a call from Watson. A Jack on the river presented flush possibilities, but Petrangelo didn’t hesitate in popping 150K into the center. At this point, Watson made a move, waiting until the last possible minute to move all in. After an exact count, Petrangelo made the call and showed J-8 for two pair. All Watson could muster with his gutsy move was an A-4 for only Ace high as Petrangelo took the championship.

1. Nick Petrangelo, $ 882,000
2. Mike Watson, $ 529,200
3. Fedor Holz, $ 352,800

(all amounts in Australian dollars)

With the conclusion of the $ 100,000 Challenge, the Aussie Millions Main Event will return for its conclusion on Sunday. Shurane Vijayaram will take a big chip lead to the final table, one that will also include Holz and Jeff Rossiter amongst its notables. It promises to be an exciting day as the champion of one of the poker world’s most coveted titles – Aussie Millions Main Event champion – will be decided.

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2017 Aussie Millions $100,000 Challenge: Germans Steffen Sontheimer, Fedor Holz Lead Final Table

 2017 Aussie Millions $100,000 Challenge: Germans Steffen Sontheimer, Fedor Holz Lead Final Table

After a bit of a fitful start, the $ 100,000 Challenge got off the ground earlier this week at the 2017 Aussie Millions. On Saturday at the Crown Casino in Melbourne, the final seven men will return to action to determine a champion in the tournament.

This event was supposed to have coincided with the start of the $ 10,000 Main Event but, due to some apprehension of the players (some were in Day 1A of the Main Event and some weren’t sure they wanted to pony up that much if there weren’t going to be enough players to make it worth their while), the start date was moved to Monday to accommodate them. Additionally, Crown officials chopped the juice in half for the event, giving a bit of discount to those wanting to take part. Still, the players didn’t initially flood the tournament floor.

When the tournament kicked off only eight men were up for battle but, before the end of Level 2 (and the cutoff for the discounted juice offer), five more came to make it a two-table tournament. Once such stragglers as Sam Trickett and some re-entries (that’s right…this was an unlimited re-entry tournament), a grand total of 18 entries were taken in. The resulting prize pool of $ 1.764 million will be divvied up between the top three finishers, with the winner earning a neat $ 882,000 for their efforts (the tournament, with its low number of entries, will NOT give Player of the Year points to any calculator).

Such players as Rainer Kempe, Dan Shak, Ben Tollerene, Sam Greenwood and Mikita Badziakouski (in for two bullets) were among those that weren’t a part of the scene when the tournament closed in on the “official” final table. Once Trickett ended the day of Bryn Kenney and Alexandros Kolonias saw his tournament end at the hands of 2016 Player of the Year David Peters, the final seven men decided to call the action and come back to play for the title at a later time.

1. Steffen Sontheimer, 451,000
2. Fedor Holz, 394,500
3. Nick Petrangelo, 381,000
4. Sam Trickett, 265,000
5. Mike Watson, 146,000
6. David Peters, 96,000
7. David Steicke, 78,500

Undoubtedly all of these players are well-versed in High Roller tournaments, but you have to have some ammunition to be able to fight these wars. Thus, it will be tough for Peters or Steicke to make a run at the title. It seems that Holz is still on his heater from 2016, but the trio of Petrangelo, Trickett and Watson can’t be counted out. Sontheimer has a limited resume on the Hendon Mob database (only 14 results for a little over $ 500K in earnings), but if he’s either found the backing to play in this event or has the pockets to run with the “big dogs,” he’s got to be respected.

Because many of these players were either already in the Aussie Millions Main Event (such as Trickett) or played one of the other Day Ones in the event, the tournament was also put on hold until as late as possible – which turned out to be Saturday – to allow for these gentlemen to be able to concentrate completely on the $ 10K tournament. When they do come back to the table, the action will be a part of Jason Somerville’s live-streaming efforts on It should be an exciting finale not only to the $ 100,000 Challenge but also to the Aussie Millions.

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2017 PokerStars Championship Bahamas: Main Event Begins, Koon Wins $100,000 Super High Roller

 2017 PokerStars Championship Bahamas: Main Event Begins, Koon Wins $100,000 Super High Roller

The Main Event of the inaugural PokerStars Championship stop is underway; Sunday saw the completion of Day 1A of the PokerStars Championship Bahamas Main Event while Day 1B is currently running at Atlantis Paradise Island. A total of 229 players showed up for the first starting flight of the formerly named PokerStars Caribbean Adventure and James Martyn emerged as the leader of the 112 surviving players, finishing the night with 197,400 chips.

Martyn really got going in the final level of Sunday’s action, Level 8. With only 46,500 chips near the start of the level, he confidently raised to 1,400 chips pre-flop with pocket Aces and had to be thrilled to see Andrey Zaichenko re-raise him to 4,500. Action folded back around to Martyn, who four-bet to 13,500. Zaichenko then moved all-in and obviously Martyn snap-called, his Aces destroying Zaichenko’s K-T (oops). A Ten did flop, but Zaichenko got no more help and doubled-up Martyn, whose stack increased to 93,000.

That is the biggest update we have on Martyn’s rise to the top, but clearly he had one heck of a Level 8, as from there, he added more than 100,000 additional chips.

Also moving on to Day 2 are such names as Gaelle Baumann, Daniel Colman, Igor Kurganov, Jason Mercier, Justin Bonomo, Isaac Haxton, and 2016 GPI and Cardplayer Player of the Year David Peters.

Not returning on Tuesday is one of the hottest actors and comedians on the planet, Kevin Hart. After needing to shove his short stack (that is not a joke about his height) with a lowly Deuce-Six, he told the PokerNews crew, “Tell them that I went down swinging.”

Folks, Kevin Hart fought valiantly and went down swinging.

Another group of Championship hopefuls is still playing on Day 1B; we’ll see how things pan out tomorrow.

2017 PokerStars Championship Bahamas – Day 1A Chip Leaders

1.    James Martyn – 197,400
2.    Brad Marsh – 173,200
3.    Andre Crooks – 160,400
4.    Rodrigo Cordoba – 156,400
5.    Mikko Turtiainen – 155,100
6.    Alan Schein – 140,100
7.    Daniel Colman – 136,100
8.    Igor Kurganov – 121,000
9.    Adrian Mateos – 120,900
10.    Gaelle Baumann – 119,200

Also on Sunday, Jason Koon won the $ 100,000 Super High Roller event at the PokerStars Championship Bahamas, beating a field of 54 to win $ 1,650,300, the largest prize of his live tournament career. The final table was absolutely stacked. The chip leader was Charlie Carrel, who had over $ 1 million in winnings from November through December, Daniel Colman, Daniel Dvoress, Connor Drinan, Byron Kaverman, and Bryn Kenney. Then again, I suppose the strength of the final table is to be expected in a High Roller, as there aren’t typically many low-stakes amateurs in these events.

According to PokerNews, Carrel went into heads-up with a 2-to-1 chip lead, but Koon made a huge play on the river of a hand with the board reading K-K-6-5-9, the last four cards all diamonds. He had check-raised the flop, bet large on the turn, and moved all-in on the river, forcing Carrel to fold. He didn’t reveal what he had, but he said afterward that he was “repping at worst a very good king.”

From there, Koon didn’t look back and took down the title.

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2017 PokerStars Championship Bahamas: $100,000 Super High Roller Event Kicks Off with Special Guest

 2017 PokerStars Championship Bahamas: $100,000 Super High Roller Event Kicks Off with Special Guest

The 2017 PokerStars Championship Bahamas (the artist formerly known as the PokerStars Caribbean Adventure) is underway at Atlantis Resort and Casino and the players have wasted little time in getting to business.

The very first tournament of the 92-event schedule, the $ 100,000 Super High Roller, exploded out of the gates with a sizeable field of poker’s most well-known (or deepest pocketed) professionals taking their place at the tables. All-time money leader Daniel Negreanu (who is having that perch threatened by Erik Seidel), “Big One for One Drop” champion Dan Colman, Dan Shak, Stephen Chidwick, 2016 Player of the Year David Peters and a host of other notables were in the field for the tournament, but none of those players would draw the attention that one person was able to garner from the railbirds.

Perhaps as a marketing ploy by Amaya Gaming to draw attention to the new PokerStars Championship (we might have to ask someone in charge if he was paid for his appearance), actor/comedian Kevin Hart was at the tables and ready for action with poker’s heavyweights. For anyone who knows Hart’s “character,” he’s never afraid to take on a challenge and never afraid to trash-talk those that stand between him and his goal. The mouth of Hart perhaps bypassed “The Mouth” for incessant running during the entirety of the day’s play.

Yes, that’s correct. Hart played decent poker throughout much of the day but ran his pocket fives into Jason Koon’s pocket Jacks on an 8-8-9 flop to burn through his first buy in. Undaunted, Hart immediately popped another $ 100K out and jumped back into the fray. By the time the bell sounded to end the day’s play, Hart had dwindled down to only 130K in chips but was eligible to come back for Day 2 action on Saturday. Naturally, Hart’s confidence was at a high as he repeatedly stated to anyone who would listen, “I don’t need luck! I’m gonna f*****g win!”

Hart wasn’t the only player who had to take advantage of the rebuy in this event (the rules state that there are unlimited rebuys until the start of Day 2 action today). Isaac Haxton, Bill Perkins and Seidel were all victims of bad fortune as they busted on Day 1, but they put some more in the kitty and stuck around to play. In total, 50 entries have been received to this point and the tournament clock states there are 36 players still left in the tournament (although that number may go up as players can continue to buy in until the start of action today).

There were several top professionals who had a very good day in the sun of the Bahamas (not that they saw much of it!). Koon was rumbling through the field after eliminating Hart, eventually ending the day with a 624,000-chip stack. Connor Drinan, who routinely makes appearances at these high roller tournaments but has been dry since he won the now-defunct European Poker Tour’s $ 10,000 High Roller in Barcelona last August, also did well in powering into the fourth spot. It will be Nick Petrangelo, who contended for the 2016 POY throughout last year, who holds the top slot on the mountain when the tournament resumes today.

Nick Petrangelo, 861,000 Steve O’Dwyer, 801,000 Daniel Dvoress, 720,000 Connor Drinan, 637,000 Jason Koon, 624,000 Sam Greenwood, 605,000 Leo Yan Ho Cheng, 571,000 Koray Aldemir, 552,000 Jason Mercier, 517,000 Byron Kaverman, 461,000

Lurking under the Top Ten are such poker luminaries as Dario Sammartino (423,000, 12th place), former World Champion Joe McKeehen (405,000, 13th), and Peters (393,000, 14th). Those with some work to do include Paul Newey (124K), Mustapha Kanit (128K) and Hart as they are at the bottom of the totem pole.

Play resumes at 11PM (Eastern Time) on Saturday, when the final numbers will be in for the Super High Roller. The PokerStars National Championship will begin its play on Saturday also, with the $ 2200 tournament sure to draw some players looking to warm up for the Main Event, which features the first of two-Day Ones starting on Sunday. This is all a part of the massive schedule of events that will make up the PokerStars Championship Bahamas as the show rolls on.

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