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New “Pros vs. Computer” Challenge to Begin Next Week

 New “Pros vs. Computer” Challenge to Begin Next Week

Not happy to take a draw during the competition in 2015, the brainiacs at Carnegie Mellon University have decided to challenge humanity once again on a battlefield perfect for determining future world domination – the poker table.

Starting on January 11, the Carnegie Mellon University School of Computer Science and four poker professionals – Jason Les, Dong Kim, Daniel McAulay and Jimmy Chou – will once again battle on the virtual felt in the “Brains vs. Artificial Intelligence:  Upping the Ante” competition. Over the next 20 days (starting at 11AM and concluding at 7PM), each human player will play heads-up no limit Texas Hold’em against a new opponent, the brainchild of the programmers at Carnegie Mellon. Named “Libratus” (perhaps a derivative of the name of the Roman goddess Libertas, or “liberty,” or perhaps a name indicating balance (Libra), this computer program has been in development since 2015, when the Carnegie Mellon/Poker Pro battle was last waged.

The guidelines of the action have a few tweaks over the previous competition’s brilliant format. For the 2017 version, two matches will be played simultaneously online – one human player will be on the floor of the Rivers Casino in Pittsburgh, one human player in an isolated room away from that action. Along with the extended time frame (the 2016 competition lasted only 14 days), this will allow the extra hands to be played and should allow for a more definitive answer as to who wins the match. At stake is a $ 200,000 payout (an improvement over the $ 100,000 offered in 2015).

Carnegie Mellon has put a great deal of effort into “Libratus” to make sure the AI is at its best for the competition. For the 2015 battle, the Carnegie Mellon computer called “Claudico” was pre-programmed with three million hours of computation to base its decisions on. “Libratus” will get five times that amount (15 million hours) and has been adjusted for some of the “tells” that humans noticed from “Claudico” in the 2015 competition. All of this has the Carnegie Mellon people very confident about their chances.

Tuomas Sandholm, a professor at Carnegie Mellon who, along with Ph.D. student Noam Brown, created “Libratus,” explained in the school’s press release the importance of the “Brains vs. Artificial Intelligence” competition. “Since the earliest days of AI research, beating top human players has been a powerful measure of progress in the field,” Sandholm said. “It was achieved with chess in 1997, with Jeopardy! in 2009 and with the board game Go just last year.”

“Poker poses a far more difficult challenge than these games, as it requires a machine to make extremely complicated decisions based on incomplete information while contending with bluffs, slow play and other ploys,” Sandholm concluded. The development of such computers – and their ability to make complex decisions rapidly – has an application to the benefit of mankind in that the AI can be used in medical analysis, the military, cybersecurity, and other business applications.

In the 2015 competition, Les and Kim were joined by fellow poker professionals Bjorn Li and World Series of Poker bracelet winner Doug ‘WCGRider’ Polk in taking on “Claudico.” Over the span of 80,000 hands, the foursome was able to defeat the computer to the tune of $ 732,713, with Li racking up $ 528,033 of that amount, Polk picking up $ 213,671 and Kim earning slightly more than $ 70,000. Les will be the one looking for revenge as, in 2015, he was the only human to “lose” to “Claudico” by the amount of $ 80,482.

Despite the gaudy dollar figure, the overall match was considered a draw because of the relatively low number of hands played in the competition. In addition, Li was the only player who could be said to have thoroughly beaten the computer, with the Polk and Kim individual matches more in the “tie” column and Les’ battle a close loss. The extra 40,000 hands for the 2017 competition will either show more of an advantage for the humans or will bring the AI and the humans closer together in the final totals.

Can the humans withstand the assault by “Libratus” or will we finally succumb to our robot overlords? With the “Brains vs. Artificial Intelligence:  Upping the Ante” competition, we will have more fuel for the fire by the end of the month.

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2016 World Series of Poker Festivities Begin Today

 2016 World Series of Poker Festivities Begin Today

Here we are. Today, May 31st, is the first day of the 47th Annual World Series of Poker. With 69 events spanning a month and a half (not counting the break for the November Nine), the WSOP should prove once again to be one hell of an experience for all involved.

There are no official events at the Rio All-Suite Hotel and Casino in Las Vegas today – that all starts tomorrow with the $ 565 Casino Employees No-Limit Hold’em Event. Tuesday is the day players start getting warmed up. The Pavilion Room green section is open for cash games of all sorts of stakes and will be running non-stop around the clock. Single-table satellites also begin today, allowing players to start trying to qualify for some of the WSOP events on the cheap.

Also kicking off on Tuesday are the popular Daily Deepstacks tournaments. These are one-day multi-table events, similar to the regular WSOP events, just on a much smaller scale. The buy-ins are more affordable than the WSOP tournaments, so even fans who just wanted to railbird some of the WSOP action can take a shot at minor WSOP glory. They aren’t bracelet events, just standard poker tournaments, but they can certainly be fun to and one can say they played AT the World Series of Poker, even if they didn’t technically play IN the World Series of Poker.

Here is the lineup for the Daily Deepstacks tourneys:

$ 135 No-Limit Hold’em – 7:00pm daily – 30 minute levels, 5,000 chip starting stack
$ 185 No-Limit Hold’em – 5:00pm daily – 30 minute levels, 10,000 chip starting stack
$ 235 No-Limit Hold’em – 2:00pm daily – 30 minute levels, 15,000 chip starting stack

Note: the $ 235 Daily Deepstack will not be held on June 3rd and June 4th, likely because the Colossus II will be in full swing and the $ 10,000 Seven Card Stud Championship starts on June 4th. WSOP organizers probably need all the room they can get.

Mega Satellites begin tomorrow, June 1st and will run all the way through July 7th, just a couple days before the WSOP Main Event. These turbo, No-Limit Hold’em satellites cost $ 185 to enter and will award a $ 1,500 tournament entry plus $ 100 for every ten players who register. As they are turbo tournaments, the levels increase every 10 minutes. Starting stacks are 5,000 chips.

As for the rest of the WSOP schedule, it starts in earnest on Thursday with the first two flights of the Colossus II. There are six starting flights in all, two each on Thursday, Friday, and Saturday. The prize pool is guaranteed to be at least $ 7 million with at least $ 1 million going to the winner. This is a re-entry tournament, so players who bust out in one starting flight may buy-in to any subsequent flight. In order to reduce the rush to the cashier later in the tournament, the money will be reached during every starting flight. Thus, it is entirely possible for players to cash more than once by making the money in one flight, busting out before the end of it, then entering another flight and cashing in that.

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