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Vegas Casinos and Government Officials Meet Over Marijuana Guidelines

 Vegas Casinos and Government Officials Meet Over Marijuana Guidelines

After initially stating that there would be a ban on any marijuana usage in casinos and on casino grounds in Las Vegas, a meeting between government officials and Las Vegas casino honchos under the auspices of a resurrected committee on Wednesday examined the problems that are confronting the issue.

With the passage of laws in the Silver State that opened Nevada’s recreational marijuana industry in late 2016, there was one place that wasn’t open to marijuana – the casinos. In September, the Nevada Gaming Control Board issues a directive that firmly spelled out that, even though it was legal to purchase and consume marijuana in the state, doing so on casino grounds was still verboten. Citing the current legal status of marijuana (it is still considered a Schedule I drug by the U. S. Department of Justice and current Attorney General Jeff Sessions has looked to toughening laws rather than softening them), the NGCB didn’t flinch in making their decision to ban pot on casino grounds.

It wasn’t just the consumption of marijuana that the NGCB ruled on in September. The NGCB also ruled that there could be no marijuana dispensaries or “smoking zones” on casino grounds nor could a casino promote the product. Furthermore, the casino industry could not host any cannabis-related conventions nor could someone in the casino industry invest in the marijuana industry or vice versa.

The one thing that the NGCB didn’t do was codify any of their above directives into any concrete law that could be enforced. That’s where Sandoval stepped in, bringing back a long-defunct government group that would be able to hammer out some firm direction for the casino industry and the marijuana industry to coexist.

Sandoval has revived the Nevada Gaming Policy Committee, a 12-member group that was defunct prior to the Governor’s call to action. The NGPC had not met regarding any casino issues since November of 2016, but Sandoval felt that this was an issue that required the Committee to come together. On Wednesday, that committee met for the first time to discuss the issue and, after many voices were heard from, it became apparent the difficulties of resolving the marijuana issue for the casinos.

In the five-hour meeting featuring several prominent members of the casino industry and government officials from the Nevada General Assembly, it was constantly expressed that it was important to protect the licenses of the individual casinos. In trying to improve the marijuana industry, Sandoval himself stated that he “(didn’t) want to make a decision that puts (our) licenses at risk.” For marijuana advocates, the testimony given during the hearing wasn’t exactly helping their cause.

Several attorneys testified that, if the federal government considers marijuana a Schedule 1 drug, then the casino industry in no manner could cohabitate with the marijuana industry. Attorney Brian Barnes stated that, under “virtually every aspect of federal law,” any marijuana business is illegal. Barnes said that any marijuana business in a casino “would be considered racketeering or money laundering.” Furthermore, any marijuana advocacy conference or convention – even if there wasn’t any product present – would fall under the same viewpoint.

This committee isn’t meeting to allow for usage of marijuana in a casino. What this committee seems more interested in would be allowing for either conventions regarding the industry or even dispensary sales on casino grounds. Nevada has 47 licensed marijuana dispensaries across the state, which drew in $ 27.1 million in sales in July 2017, the first month that those dispensaries were opened, and those types of earnings are something that everyone wants to get into. Also, the lifeblood of Vegas isn’t in its gaming, it’s in conventions across the myriad of halls that every casino has. By maintaining a ban on marijuana-related conventions, the Nevada convention industry is putting itself at a significant disadvantage and, once again, losing money.

The resurrected Nevada Gaming Policy Committee will be having several hearings regarding this issue. By July 2018, Sandoval is hoping to have guidelines set in place to regulate marijuana in the state’s casinos. While it isn’t expected to allow for partaking of the legal (in Nevada) product, it will probably allow for conventions and, perhaps, sales when the committee’s work is done.

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Indiana Says Smoking Ban in Casinos Would Cost State Jobs, Money

 Indiana Says Smoking Ban in Casinos Would Cost State Jobs, Money

Since the 1990s, smoking has been banned in most of the poker rooms of casinos across the States of America. For the most part, however, smoking has been allowed in other areas of casinos outside of the sacred poker room area. Individual states are now having issues with the implementation of smoking bans in their locales (passed for the health of employees and the public), with Indiana the latest to sound off on the issue.

The Majestic Star Casino in Gary, IN, is complaining to state officials that the ban on smoking indoors is influencing its bottom line. The anti-smoking law, passed in 2012, banned smoking in most public places. Some exceptions were allowed, such as for private membership clubs and bars, tobacco retail outlets and hookah bars and horse racing facilities and casinos. Local leadership, however, could extend the law as they saw fit for their own locations.

Apparently, that is what the Gary Common Council is looking to do. On the table for the Council is an ordinance that would ban smoking in the Majestic Star period, not just the poker room. The smoking ban is backed by a group called “Smoke Free in the G” and is looking to pass the legislation to protect the employees of the casino. Naturally, the Majestic Star sees it another way and has made their opinion known to the members of the Council.

Majestic Star Chief Executive Officer Peter Liguori has said that the ban on smoking would have a tremendous impact on the success of the casino. He estimates that a ban on smoking would see the casino lose about $ 3 million in tax revenues for the state. Additionally, Liguori says that 400 jobs could be lost if the measure was passed. A look at other states who have passed anti-smoking legislation for their casinos demonstrates that Liguori isn’t blowing smoke.

In the state of Illinois (one of the competitors for Indiana’s action), a ban on smoking (called the “Smoke Free Illinois Act”) was put in place in 2008. Player numbers for the casino industry in the Land of Lincoln suffered following the smoking ban, with attendance in casinos falling by 22%. Estimates show that the total loss in revenues was around $ 200 million for the first year of the ban alone, with the estimated tax loss totaling over $ 12 million for that year.

2008 also saw the Atlantic City casino industry implement a smoking ban, much to the dismay of its bottom line. Facing increased competition from such states as Pennsylvania (which allowed smoking), the casinos in Atlantic City saw a 15% drop in customers, arguably because of the smoking ban but also possibly because of the “Great Recession” of 2018. New Jersey politicos, seeing the numbers fall, decided that the ban was wrong and, within a year, rescinded the ban.

In Florida, the Seminole Indians try to walk on both sides of the line. While their poker rooms remain smoke free, their casinos allow for smoking. This is because as a sovereign entity, they can set their own rules regarding smoking outside of those set by the Florida legislature and the “law of the land,” the Florida Clean Indoor Air Act. According to noted gaming journalist Nick Sortal, however, the Seminoles are trying to walk a fine line with the issue.

According to Sortal, the Seminoles are trying “to balance the desires of both smokers and nonsmokers.” To achieve this goal, the tribe is stepping up efforts in trying to keep smoking on the floor of their casinos and out of what is described as “general areas” such as restrooms, walkways, and elevator banks. To cater to those who don’t partake of tobacco or are disturbed by the scent, Sortal also states that they have installed improved air filtration and air conditioning systems on their South Florida properties.

Considering that there seems to be a predominance of smokers in the gaming community, the issue of smoking/non-smoking is an important one. It is estimated that only 10% of the country uses tobacco products, however, so the times may be changing on that stereotype.

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Poker houses vs Casinos

 Poker houses vs Casinos
So Ocala Poker is a Jai Alai place that does poker and dog track betting… I was totally diggin it there r no table game or slot distractions.. it keeps a lot of money in my pocket .. the comps arent that great… 50 hrs for a meal… drinks aren’t that bad though… which do you guys prefer and why?

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Be Careful In Casinos that are out in the middle of nowhere

 Be Careful In Casinos that are out in the middle of nowhere
I just recently went to one of the new casinos that opened up out in the mountains of PA. I showed up and there was only 1 desk with gamers out of more than ten tables that ended up vacant.

I sat down with $ two hundred. I folded every hand but 2 out of forty five dealt arms. The only other one was pocket queens and i just known as $ 2 and folded as quickly as an ace was on the flop.

On the 46th hand I got pocket queens once again. This time I elevated to $ twenty and obtained one particular caller. Flop arrived Quantity, Number, Jack, the other participant wager $ 15 and I raised $ one hundred sixty five.

The other player experienced Jack, Queen and I experienced Pocket Queens.

The other participant took a very prolonged time to phone and was looking all in excess of the area and even started asking the dealer questions that experienced nothing to do with the hand.

Right after talking to the dealer for about a moment about questions that failed to have to do with poker he ultimately called.

This is exactly where something actually strange occurred,

After the supplier dealt the change, absolutely everyone at the desk began chatting and the dealer paused prior to working the river.

After a couple of moment pause he then dealt the only other Jack in the deck on the river.

When he went to flip all of the playing cards above and combine them with the relaxation of the deck the bottom card was upside down and there have been no problems or other burned cards.

When I mentioned anything about it the pit manager pretty much just started out laughing in my experience and other individuals commenced to threaten me.

I questioned for movie footage of the entire prevalence but they completely denied my ask for.

All I am saying is that with all these new casinos opening up in the middle of nowhere and out in the mountains just simply because they are accredited casinos do not anticipate them to be what you are used to if you go to Vegas Casinos or Certified casinos that have Billions to risk, the place as that Poker Room didn’t even pull in a handful of thousand pounds for that week and are prepared to threat a lot more.

Very good Luck absolutely everyone hope you never get rangled out there.

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New York State Casinos

 New York State Casinos
The deliberation is more than and the results are in. New York will get 3 full services casinos. Exactly where are they? Go through right here . . .

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