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Tom Dwan Makes Comeback on Revived “Poker After Dark”

 Tom Dwan Makes Comeback on Revived “Poker After Dark”

On Monday, Poker Central will revive the fan favorite Poker After Dark for its subscription service PokerGO. When the cards hit the air for the return of the show, it will also feature the return of a player who once held the poker world’s attention but has of late been a footnote to the game.

Coming back from the cash games in Macau, Tom Dwan (formerly known by his online moniker of ‘durrrr’) will be the featured competitor when the cards hit the air at 8PM on the inaugural episode of Poker After Dark on PokerGO. “I travel around a lot to play poker, and in Manila and Macau people ask me about those shows,” Dwan mentioned to Poker Central’s Remko Rinkema. “All over the world people liked watching those, and every time I get asked ‘When will they be back?’ I’m excited that now, after six years, they will be back.”

Dwan was one of the staples of Poker After Dark when it originally aired and the program brings back pleasant thoughts for Dwan as Monday approaches. “The shows were fun, they ended up being more interesting and more fun than I expected,” Dwan noted to Rinkema. “It also helped that I won basically every hand that I played. If I called they were bluffing, if I was bluffing they folded. I’m hoping that continues,” Dwan said with a chuckle.

Dwan has been an afterthought to many in poker after a stirring start. Storming the scene in the mid-2000s with an attacking style that caught many off guard, Dwan made his name in the high stakes online poker world and, particularly, heads-up poker. He attempted to have an impact on the live tournament world, including making several prop bets regarding winning World Series of Poker bracelets, but was unable to win any major championships. Still, the $ 2.2 million in career earnings from those games came in handy with one of his online endeavors.

The “durrrr Challenge” was a boast by Dwan that he was one of the best heads-up players in the world, with Dwan putting up a sizeable chunk of change to prove it. The challenge was for Dwan and an opponent to play 50,000 hands of No Limit Texas Hold’em or, in other cases, Pot Limit Omaha at stakes of $ 200/$ 400 over an agreed-on period. If Dwan were to emerge with even a penny of profit, his opponent would owe him $ 500,000. If his opponent were to come out ahead, however, Dwan would pay $ 1.5 million.

Two players stepped up to take the challenge (which wasn’t extended to poker professional Phil Galfond), Patrik Antonius and Dan Cates, with neither competition reaching a conclusion. In fact, the Cates/Dwan battle paused around “Black Friday,” with Cates ahead $ 1.2 million and Dwan showing absolutely no inclination to continuing the match. Instead, Dwan withdrew from the international poker community to concentrate on the lucrative cash game market in the Chinese gaming metropolis of Macau, where he’s basically been in action to the exclusion of the remainder of the poker world since around 2014.

The return of Poker After Dark will also see the return of another player that is considered a “living legend.” Doyle Brunson is said to be donning his cowboy hat for another run on the program, beginning on Tuesday night and continuing Wednesday night. Brunson has stepped away from tournament poker but is still holding court at Bobby’s Room in the Bellagio as a cash game player. His will be a welcomed return to a lineup that was already star-studded:

August 14 (Monday)

Tom Dwan
Daniel Negreanu
Antonio Esfandiari
Jean-Robert Bellande
Lauren Roberts
Bill Klein

August 15 (Tuesday) and August 16 (Wednesday)

Tom Dwan
Doyle Brunson
Andrew Robl
Jean-Robert Bellande
Lauren Roberts
Bill Klein

The game will be the usual that was originally on Poker After Dark:  $ 200/$ 400 Texas Hold’em, minimum buy in and a $ 400 button ante. The players will all walk to the table at ARIA Resort & Casino with a minimum of $ 100,000. Poker Central will live-stream the return of Poker After Dark over PokerGO beginning at 8PM (Eastern Time) on all three days as it continues to try to build an audience for their subscription service.

Will Dwan still have the same effect he had on top pros that he had on his first run on Poker After Dark? Or will he face a different poker world? Those questions and others will be answered starting on Monday.

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Sam Panzica Mounts Furious Comeback to Win WPT bestbet Bounty Scramble

 Sam Panzica Mounts Furious Comeback to Win WPT bestbet Bounty Scramble

Sam Panzica and Richard Malone, Jr. started the final table of the 2016 World Poker Tour bestbet Bounty Scramble Main Event in nearly a dead heat for the chip lead, so it only seemed natural that the tournament came down to the two of them. And boy, did it come down to the two of them. It took Panzica and Malone nearly 150 hands during their heads-up match to finish the deal, but in the end it was Panzica who nabbed the title and $ 354,335.

Here are how the chip stacks shaped up to begin final table action on Tuesday:

1.    Sam Panzica  –  2,970,000
2.    Richard Malone, Jr.  –  2,950,000
3.    Paul Balzano  –  1,865,000
4.    Tyler Patterson  –  1,405,000
5.    Noah Schwartz  –  1,095,000
6.    Ankush Mandavia  –  1,030,000

Right off the bat – on literally the first hand of the final table – Malone took out Paul Balzano. On a board of J-6-4-T, Balzano moved all-in for 1.18 million chips and Malone called him with K-Q, giving him an open-ended straight draw. Balzano had pocket Kings and was in the lead, but the river was a 9, completing Malone’s draw and eliminating Balzano in sixth place.

Just nine hands later, Noah Schwartz moved all-in pre-flop for 870,000 chips with K-Q and Malone looked him up with A-K. The better kicker held and just like that, there were four players left and Malone was in first place with 5.71 million chips.

As long as the heads-up portion took, the rest of the final table was extremely fast. On Hand 40, Malone scored a double elimination to set up his heads-up match with Panzica. Malone had raised pre-flop, following by an all-in from both Tyler Patterson and Ankush Mandavia. Malone pondered his decision and finally called with A-Q of spades. Patterson had Kings and Mandavia had Tens. Nothing changed on the flop, but an Ace on the turn gave Malone a pair of Aces and after a low card on the river, the tournament was suddenly heads-up.

Malone had nearly a 2-to-1 chip lead on Panzica at that point, 7.365 million to 3.95 million chips. And so the marathon one-on-one session began.

It certainly looked like Malone was going to run away with the tournament early on. Panzica was offering little resistance and on the 21st hand of heads-up play, Malone had grown his stack to over 10 million chips, about eight times as many as Panzica. Even after a double-up by Panzica, Malone still had more than 8 million chips, but Panzica kept hanging on.

The turning point came on Hand 73 of heads-up. Malone had gotten back over 9 million chips, but Panzica doubled-up to trim the deficit to 7.265 million to 4.050 million. From there, Panzica whittled away at Malone’s lead and on the 83rd hand of their battle, he took over the chip lead. Malone regained the lead briefly, but for the most part, it was all Panzica after that. On the final hand, the 185th of the final table, Panzica moved all-in pre-flop for nearly 9 million chips with K-9 and Malone called with A-3. The board came down 8-7-5-9-K; Panzica scored two pair and his the first World Poker Tour title of his career.

2016 World Poker Tour bestbet Bounty Scramble – Final Table Results

1.    Sam Panzica  –  $ 354,335
2.    Richard Malone, Jr.  –  $ 237,616
3.    Ankush Mandavia  –  $ 152,766
4.    Tyler Patterson  –  $ 100,643
5.    Noah Schwartz  –  $ 77,499
6.    Paul Balzano  –  $ 64,183

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