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2017 WPT Legends of Poker Day 2: Oddie Dardon Out in Front as Money Bubble Nears

 2017 WPT Legends of Poker Day 2: Oddie Dardon Out in Front as Money Bubble Nears

No more separate flights at the World Poker Tour (WPT) Legends of Poker Main Event, as Monday was Day 2, when the survivors of each of the three Day 1’s came together in a single, unified field to try to make their way toward their poker dreams. Oddie Dardon is the chip leader going into Day 2 with 775,000 chips.

Dardon finished Day 1C with 160,000 chips, good for ninth-best of that flight and placing him squarely among the overall chip leaders heading into Day 2. One of the hands that really put him in position to make a run came in Level 15. According to the report, Day 1C chip leader Cody Slaubaugh raised pre-flop to 7,000 chips, Will Kassouf called, Dardon called, Mel Wiener called from the small blind, and the button also called. Action! On the 9-T-J (two hearts) flop, the action checked to Kassouf, who bet 25,000. Dardon raised to 55,000 and then Wiener moved all-in for 180,000. Everybody folded back to Dardon, who snap-called.

It was no mystery why Dardon was so eager to make the call, as he had K-Q for the nut straight. Wiener’s hand was almost as good – Q-8 for the second-best possible straight, given the cards on the board. Great luck turned into terrible luck. The turn and river changed nothing and Wiener was eliminated from the tournament. Dardon was already the chip leader at that point, increasing his stack up to 860,000.

Dardon, whose real first name is Osmin, has more than $ 2.3 million live tournament earnings, according to His best cash was for just over half a million dollars for a third place finish at the 2008 World Poker Tour Championship. He has had some success recently, winning a $ 1,100 event at the Deepstack Extravaganza III in July for $ 311,664 and finishing tenth at the Seminole Hard Rock Poker Open just a couple weeks ago.

Another 48 players registered for this tournament before Day 2 began, so the final tally is 763 entries. The total prize pool is approximately $ 2.74 million with the winner receiving $ 653,692 and a seat in the $ 15,000 WPT Tournament of Champions. The tournament will pay down to 81 players; min-cash is $ 7,135.

As there are just 90 players left and therefore the tournament is one table away from the money, the Action Clock will be put into action. All players will have 30 seconds to act, timed by a large digital clock set into the table in front of and controlled by the dealer. Players are given four time extension chips that grant them an additional 30 seconds each. When the tournament is down to three tables, all remaining players will have their time extension chip stack reset to six and when the final table is reached, the players will have stacks of eight time extension chips. The base time to act remains the same at 30 seconds.

2017 World Poker Tour Legends of Poker Main Event – Day 2 Chip Leaders

1. Oddie Dardon – 775,000
2. J.C. Tran – 565,000
3. Hovhannes Khachatryan – 530,000
4. D.J. Alexander – 517,500
5. David “ODB” Baker – 479,000
6. Alex Greenblatt – 461,500
7. Marcos Exterkotter – 447,000
8. Nikhil Gera – 447,000
9. Curt Kohlberg – 445,000
10. Mark Hamilton – 435,000

Featured photo credit: World Poker Tour via Flickr

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2016 EPT Malta Main Event Day 2: Diaz Roars to Front

 2016 EPT Malta Main Event Day 2: Diaz Roars to Front

Guillaume Diaz leads the 2016 European Poker Tour (EPT) Malta Main Event after Day 2. Holding 583,500 chips, Diaz is just one of two players – joined by Gianfranco Visalli with 518,000 – who has eclipsed the half-million chip plateau. Of the 233 players who began Day 2 (plus eight late entrants), just 90 players made it through to Wednesday’s Day 3.

As mentioned, eight players registered late, as the tournament’s registration did not close until the start of Day 2. Thus, with a total field of 468 entries, the prize pool is €2,269,800 with a first prize of €355,700. The min-cash is €8,070, starting at 87th place. This means that some of the shortest stacks remaining after Day 2 may have not gotten much sleep last night, knowing that they are so close to at least making a profit, yet at the same time so close to going home empty handed.

At this point in a tournament, it is not unusual for one or two players to pull away from the pack and EPT Malta is certainly no exception. After Diaz and Visalli, who are both over 500,000 chips (and Diaz has nearly 600,000), there is just one player who even has more than 400,000 (Peter Ockenden with 469,500). Only seven others have more than 300,000 chips. Diaz and Visalli could likely just not show up Wednesday and still make their way well into the money. As those familiar with tournament payout structures well know, though, the significant prizes aren’t achieved until very deep in the tourney, so the two chip leaders are still going to need to put in some work to feel like they really accomplished something (I say this like I wouldn’t be absolutely THRILLED with a few thousand Euro).

One of Diaz’s most significant hands of the day came during Level 11. According to PokerNews, Pasi Sormunen, one of the chip leaders to start the day, opened the betting pre-flop and Diaz raised. Sormunen re-raised and Diaz decided to slow down and just call, bringing on a flop of 8-A-2. Sormunen bet half the pot and Diaz called once again. With the pot at more than 80,000 chips, Sormunen shoved for 52,700 when a Ten was dealt on the turn. Diaz tanked, finally calling with A-3 suited for top pair. Sormunen complemented his opponent on the wise call, showing pocket Kings. The river stayed low, eliminating Sormunen and taking Diaz’s stack at that point up to 240,000 chips.

That seemed to be the catalyst for Diaz, as he was pretty much unstoppable from that point forward.

Day 3 got underway a while ago across the ocean from where I sit and, unlike what happens in many large tournaments, shouldn’t go too late, as the plan is to play only five 90-minute levels. That’s still a lot of poker, but nobody is going to be falling asleep at the table.

2016 European Poker Tour Malta Main Event  – Day 2 Chip Leaders

1.    Guillaume Diaz – 583,500
2.    Gianfranco Visalli – 518,500
3.    Peter Ockenden – 469,500
4.    Xixiang Luo – 390,000
5.    Dominik Panka – 385,000
6.    Guillaume Valle – 363,000
7.    Sarah Herzali – 362,000
8.    Dmitry Yurasov – 358,000
9.    Louis Cartarius – 313,500
10.    Elie Saad – 302,000

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