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Troy Quenneville Goes One Further, Wins partypoker $2 Million Guaranteed Event in Punta Cana

 Troy Quenneville Goes One Further, Wins partypoker $2 Million Guaranteed Event in Punta Cana

Rare is it when the World Poker Tour holds a tournament and there is another event on that calendar that actually bests it not only as far as entries but also tops it with the prize pool. That happened at the end of the week as partypoker, the sponsor for the WPT Caribbean event held in Punta Cana last week (and won by Niall Farrell over Troy Quenneville) concluded that schedule with their partypoker Millions $ 2 Million Guaranteed event.

Over two Day Ones that were conducted while the WPT event was in its Day Two and Three action, the partypoker Millions drew in 526 entries, more than what came out for play in the WPT Caribbean itself. Although such players as Farrell, Tony Dunst and Martin Jacobsen came out for the tournament, only Jacobsen was around by the last day of the event. Leading the way was Quenneville, who had used his second-place finish money from the WPT Caribbean to jump into this event as a late entry.

Quenneville had more than a 2:1 lead over the second-place competitor, Andrei-Lucian Boghean, as the other 19 players behind them jostled for position. Among those players were Erik Cajelais, Ari Engel, Matt Salsberg and Jacobsen, with both Jacobsen and Salsberg on short stacks to start the action.

Engel got healthier from the start in knocking out Sviataslau Desimon in 20th place and growing his stack over the one million chip mark. Cajelais also made some moves towards the top of the leaderboard, knocking off Dominic Smith in 12th place as Cajelais popped into third place behind Quenneville and David Yan. Once Moritz Dietrich was eliminated in ninth place by Quenneville, it was looking increasingly likely it was Quenneville’s tournament to take.

How big was Quenneville’s lead, you ask? Look for yourselves:

1. Troy Quenneville, 8.1 million
2. David Yan, 3.5 million
3. Erik Cajelais, 2.8 million
4. Ari Engel, 2.6 million
5. Andrei-Lucian Boghean, 2.3 million
6. Fabion Jergen, 2.2 million
(tie) Edward Van Klooster, 2.2 million
8. Martin Kozlov, 300,000

After the players came back from dinner, they made quick work of the final table. Kozlov went on the very first hand back, thinking his pocket Aces would stand against Quenneville’s suited J-10 only to see the board run 10-8-5-J-4 to give Quenneville Jacks up and the hand. That wasn’t enough for Quenneville as he continued his rampage over the final table, eliminating Yan when Quenneville’s Big Slick rivered a King against Yan’s pocket sevens.

Eager to get into the fight, Cajelais came to life. After seeing Engel raise the betting to 160K, Cajelais three bet to 450K but had to stop after Engel moved all in on him. The moments to ponder saw Cajelais eventually fall on the side of a call, but it was initially the wrong move. Engel was sitting on A-K, which completely dominated Cajelais’ A-10, and the 5-7-A-5 flop and turn kept Engel in the lead. The 10♠ on the river, however, flipped the script completely, giving the hand to Cajelais and eliminating Engel in sixth place.

While Cajelais stepped up, the night still belonged to Quenneville. He eliminated Jergen in fifth and, after Van Klooster took out Boghean in fourth, Quenneville had a sizeable lead over both Van Klooster and Cajelais. Once Quenneville had taken down Van Klooster in third place, he entered heads up play against Cajelais with a monstrous 8:1 lead. It would take a few hands (two of which Cajelais would double his meager holdings) but, on the final hand, Quenneville’s A-10 stood over Cajelais’ A-8 on a 9-10-9-K-2 board to give Quenneville the championship.

1. Troy Quenneville, $ 400,000
2. Erik Cajelais, $ 250,000
3. Edward Van Klooster, $ 150,000
4. Andre-Lucian Boghean, $ 90,000
5. Fabian Jergen, $ 70,275
6. Ari Engel, $ 58,000
7. David Yan, $ 46,000
8. Martin Kozlov, $ 36,000

Along with his winnings from the WPT Caribbean tournament, Quenneville in the span of two days earned $ 620,000, a nice run for sunning yourself in Punta Cana! Congratulations to Troy and all those who came back from their trip with something in their pockets.

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WPN Million Dollar Sunday Guaranteed Covered for First Time

 WPN Million Dollar Sunday Guaranteed Covered for First Time

The Winning Poker Network (WPN) finally won. On Sunday, August 24th, the network hosted its eighth Million Dollar Sunday tournament and for the first time, the guaranteed prize pool was covered.

The U.S.-facing network, which includes sites such as America’s Cardroom, Poker Host, and True Poker, launched its ambitious million-dollar guaranteed tournament back in December 2014. It was a bold move, as the network did not seem nearly big enough to guarantee that kind of money, but as one of the few networks that is not licensed in the United States but still accepts American customers, it wanted to make a splash.

WPN ran into serious problems just as the first Million Dollar Sunday began, though, as the network was hit by a Distributed Denial of Service (DDoS) attack which caused disconnections, table freezes, and registration problems. The network’s IT staff scrambled to try to stop the attack, but they couldn’t do it; the tournament was eventually cancelled and all buy-ins and fees were refunded.

The tournament was rescheduled for February 2015 and ran just fine, so WPN scheduled five more for the fall of last year. The DDoS attacks returned for the next two tournaments, though the network was ready for them. While the attacks caused some problems, the issues were kept to a minimum and the events proceeded as planned. WPN CEO Phil Nagy even went on Twitch to let people know that he had received a ransom demand from the attackers, a demand which he refused to pay.

But even though WPN seemed to have solved the DDoS problem, it still had the problem of attendance. The network simply did not have enough players willing to pay the $ 500 + $ 40 entry to allow the million dollar guarantee to be hit. The network had to pay out over half a million dollars in overlay for those first three fall tournaments combined. As such, for the remaining fall tournaments, the guarantee was cut in half, though to make up for it, two more tournaments were added.

In the seven total Million Dollar Sundays leading up to this weekend, WPN had paid out a million dollars in overlay.

But finally, this past Sunday, the Winning Poker Network attracted 2,118 entrants to its $ 500 + $ 40 Million Dollar Sunday, creating a prize pool of $ 1,059,000. Player “OIDA!!!” took the $ 211,800 first prize.

At least $ 200,000 was guaranteed to the winner and in a nice gesture, the members of the final table were given a free bank wire in order to allow them to receive their winnings quickly, if they wanted to withdraw them.

The network also added a special bounty for the Million Dollar Sunday tournament to celebrate the new season of “Game of Thrones,” which debuted Sunday night. Whoever knocked out a player by the name “King-Joffrey,” named after the whiny, evil, boy-king from the show, received $ 500.

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Binion’s Drops Tourney Series Guaranteed Prize Pools

 Binion’s Drops Tourney Series Guaranteed Prize Pools

Remember when Binion’s in downtown Las Vegas used to be a legendary venue for poker? Now it’s more like Binion’s is a place that people only hear about in legends. The latest piece of evidence in the near-disappearance of poker from Binion’s altogether came yesterday, as the gambling hall announced that it is dropping the guaranteed prize pools from its current tournament series.

The 2015 Binion’s Poker Open, part of the relatively unknown Players Poker Championship (PPC) Poker Tour, began on September 18th and is scheduled to run through October 4th. Twelve of the first fourteen events have $ 200 buy-ins and $ 10,000 guaranteed prize pools (the other two have $ 240 buy-ins), while the final tournament, the PPC Main Event, has a $ 300 prize pool and a $ 50,000 guarantee.

It appears, though, that Binion’s has not drawn enough players to hit those extremely modest numbers. In  Facebook post on Tuesday, a representative from the casino said that aside from the September 26th tourney and the Main Event, the rest of the tournaments will no longer have guaranteed prize pools. Here is the message in its entirety:

Due to VERY LOW attendance, we have elected to cancel the guarantee on our Binion’s Poker Open Events with the following exceptions:

Saturday, September 26th $ 200 NLH will have a $ 10,000 GUARANTEE

The $ 50,000 GUARANTEE PPC Poker Tour Event will run as scheduled.

We will continue to run all other scheduled events, just without any monetary guarantee.

We apologize for any inconvenience and I would like to personally thank everyone who has played in our Binion’s Poker Open. (Paul)

Think about what that means. Using tomorrow’s tournament as an example (I assume the rest of the $ 200 buy-in events are the same), the $ 200 buy-in is structured so that $ 165 goes to the prize pool and $ 35 is taken as a tournament fee. That means that only 61 players are needed to hit the guarantee (60.6, technically). That’s six full tables. Now, poker tournaments don’t always hit their guarantees, but it’s not always horrible. As long as they come close, it’s not a big deal and the players might still hit the cash game tables or their families might spend some time in the casino. But if the attendance is so bad, so “VERY LOW” that Binion’s felt compelled to cancel the rest of the guarantees, it must be awful. Like 20 people awful or something like that.

Unfortunately for reporting’s sake, the Binion’s Poker Open has been so under-publicized that is impossible to find information on the tournaments that have already been completed.

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ACR Giving Away a Guaranteed $5 Million This Fall

 ACR Giving Away a Guaranteed $5 Million This Fall
ACR will be hosting 5 individual $ 1 Million gtd tournaments this fall! Each tournament will have $ 200k gtd for 1st place. Here are the dates:

Sept 13th at 3pm ET
Oct 4th at 3pm ET
Oct 11th at 3pm ET
Oct 18th at 3pm ET
Oct 25th at 3pm ET

242edce11f9160db711bc008d756ab04 ACR Giving Away a Guaranteed $5 Million This Fall

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