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Daniel Negreanu Had Losing “Breakeven” 2017 in Live Tournaments

 Daniel Negreanu Had Losing “Breakeven” 2017 in Live Tournaments

Poker Hall of Famer Daniel Negreanu has always been an outspoken member of the poker community and tends to be open and honest about how things are going at any given time in his career. Case in point: as 2017 came to a close, he posted his annual live tournament results on his blog, revealing that he had a losing year.

Not beating around the bush Negreanu displayed the numbers right off the bat. $ 2,874,164 in buy-ins and $ 2,792,104 in payouts for a net profit of -$ 86,140.

Now, for the vast majority of the world’s population, losing over $ 80,000 in a year would be devastating, and while Negreanu certainly wasn’t happy with the number, he saw it as basically breaking even. He calculated his average buy-in at $ 40,481, so ending up down about two buy-ins – to him – was almost nothing.

I would LOVE to be able to look at an $ 86,140 loss as breakeven, to shrug it off like it was pocket change, so part of me read that in Negreanu’s blog and was appalled. But really, I get it. I haven’t played online poker in a few years, but when I did, my average tournament buy-in was probably $ 5. So if I played on a regular basis through the calendar year and finished down $ 10, that would certainly be quite close to breakeven. So I get it.

One reason Daniel Negreanu elected to share this information with the public was set out in the first paragraph of his post:

I mention this because I think my 2017 was a good illustration of the illusion that players cashing for $ 2 million in a single year is a great accomplishment. In the old days, before super high rollers, you could all but guarantee that cashing for $ 2 million would mean the player had a winning year. Well, the truth is, if a player plays the full high roller schedule and cashes for $ 2 million, they are all but certain to have had a losing year, and that’s before expenses.

He estimates that with the $ 1 million Big One for One Drop returning to the World Series of Poker this year, combined with the Super High Roller Bowl and other high roller events, some poker players could easily spend $ 5 million on buy-ins. He added that though most who spend millions on buy-ins have backers for some of it, he funds himself completely. The one exception will be for the Big One for One Drop, where he’ll probably sell about half of his action, “as it just seems like a bit of a crazy amount of money to risk in one tournament.”

Negreanu also posted his live tournament results for the past five years, showing that he also lost money – $ 1,246,693 – in 2016. Overall, though, from 2013-2018, he is up $ 8,733,074 in live tourneys. The big year was 2014, where he profited $ 7.1 million. All or most of that (depending on how much he had of himself) came from the Big One, where he placed second for about $ 8.3 million.

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The feeling of losing vs the feeling of winning

 The feeling of losing vs the feeling of winning
Why does successful not really feel as awesome as dropping feels poor?
This issue has been on my brain for really some time now. We all do it we all have that 1 hand, that a single story that we have to explain to every person that 1 time when you played so flawlessly, trapped so deceptively, and then dropped to a one particular outer. You don’t forget the working day, the time, the climate, what the villain was donning, what precise satisfies the cards have been each and every moment detailis saved permanently in your &#8216bad conquer mind&#8217.
But what about when you acquire? For me, I can&#8217t tell you how I acquired there what exact palms led me to the get, how the betting went down on that closing bubble hand. So why is that? Why do bear in mind our losses with so a lot more reverence than our wins?
So far I can&#8217t even commence to determine out why. But I do knowthat when I&#8217m winning, I&#8217m in that Zen condition of mind that &#8216right nowness&#8217 that makes it possible for you to be in the moment completely, and to only concentrate on that specific moment in time so that you&#8217re making the ideal conclusions. Typically when I win, it&#8217s like I was in some kind of trance, and not right up until after it&#8217s more than that I commence to believe again about important palms that acquired me there of system there are a pair that will usually stand out, but what about the hundreds of other hands that you performed toget the win? What about that amazing fold to that 4 wager when you experienced queens?Or when you were in a position to sniff out that bluff keeping only center pair? Why don&#8217t we don’t forget these fingers in depth?
Then there is the experience. When you drop that that suck out,your coronary heart drops into your abdomen, your mood boils, and steam and moan andgroan. You want to throw chairs and punch faces. There is no even worse feeling in the planet than getting rid of like that. Poker is a cruel recreation, where you can do almost everything right and nevertheless lose. But when you win? It&#8217s not practically the exact same. For me, it&#8217s far more of a sensation of accomplishment, but anything that I deserved and gained. I know I can acquire, so when I do, it&#8217s much more like ending a undertaking than claiming a victory.
Maybe it&#8217s since when we&#8217re shedding, all we can do is assess and dissect the hand, searching for in which we went improper, so we examine andstudy and examine right up until these losers are stuck in our minds permanently. But when you&#8217re profitable, you don&#8217t have time to examine you basically earn and move ahead, concentrating on the job at hand.
They say you must have a short memory when it comes to undesirable beats, but probably the reverse is real greater to have a brief memory about winning, so that you&#8217re constantly centered on that up coming victory.
I would enjoy to listen to your feelings on winnig vs dropping, many thanks!

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