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Maria Lampropulos Wins 2018 PCA Main Event

 Maria Lampropulos Wins 2018 PCA Main Event

The first of Maria Lampropulos’ recorded live tournament results dates back to only late 2014. For more than two years, she had just one cash that broke the five-figure mark; most were for less than $ 10,000 (my usual disclaimer applies: I would do morally ambiguous things to have a poker resume like that). In April 2017, she broke through, winning partypoker MILLIONS Nottingham for $ 1.255 million. The rest of the year, it was back to four- and five-figure cashes. But who cares when the times you hit one, you hit it BIG? Yesterday, Maria Lampropulos did it again, winning the 2018 PokerStars Caribbean Adventure (PCA) Main Event, good for $ 1.081 million.

Lampropulos was in solid shape going into the six-handed final table, sitting third in chips with 3.505 million. Reigning Player of the Year Adrian Mateos was the chip lead with 5.675 million, while Shawn Buchanan was second with 3.755 million. Rounding out the final table were Koray Aldemir (2.34 million), Daniel Coupal (2.34 million), and Christian Rudolph (905,000).

As expected, Rudolph was the first to go, moving all-in after Lampropulos raised pre-flop. They both hit a piece of the flop, but Lampropulos’ pocket Sixes improved to a set whie Rudolph’s A-8 only improved to a pair of 8’s. Nothing the rest of the way helped him and Rudolph was out in sixth place. That hand also elevated Lampropulos to a temporary chip lead with 5.4 million chips. A few hands later, she gave a third of it back, losing a big hand to Buchanan.

After a break, on just Hand 16 of the final table, Daniel Coupal was eliminated in fifth place when his desperation 4-8 suited fell to Buchana’s K-J.

Then, on Hand 31, Buchanan took out Adrian Mateos in fourth place. Buchanan had 8-5 of diamonds and Mateos A-K offsuit, so it didn’t look like much of a matchup. The 6-Q-K two-diamond flop, though, gave Buchanan confidence and the two men got into a raising war until Mateos was all-in and Buchanan called. The 4d on the turn gave Buchanan a flush and knocked Mateos out of the tournament. The hand also gave Buchanan a commanding lead going into three-handed play, as his 11.310 million chips were twice that of the other two players combined.

He maintained that lead until Hand 67, when Koray Aldemir bluffed him off of two pair (A-7) on the river. Buchanan got his revenge, though, quickly taking back the lead and then eliminated Aldemir on Hand 96 with A-8 over K-7.

Going into heads-up Buchanan had Lampropulos doubled, 11.775 million to 5.675 million. He extended the lead a bit, pushing Lampropulos’ stack below 4 million, but Lampropulos suddenly doubled-up twice in a span of three hands to flip the table. Now it was Buchanan with fewer than 4 million chips.

A few hands later, it was over. His stack down to a nub, he limped with K-5 and Lampropulos moved all-in with T-7 suited. Buchanan called because, well, you have to do it some time. A Ten landed on the flop to give Lampropulos the lead in the hand. Buchanan couldn’t find a King and the tournament was over, Maria Lampropulos crowned as the news PCA champion.

2018 PokerStars Caribbean Adventure Main Event – Final Table Results

1. Maria Lampropulos – $ 1,081,100
2. Shawn Buchanan – $ 672,960
3. Koray Aldemir – $ 481,560
4. Adrian Mateos – $ 372,600
5. Daniel Coupal – $ 293,560
6. Christian Rudolph – $ 229,760

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2018 PokerStars Caribbean Adventure Main Event Day 5: Adrian Mateos Storms from Short Stack to Lead Final Table

 2018 PokerStars Caribbean Adventure Main Event Day 5: Adrian Mateos Storms from Short Stack to Lead Final Table

It’s going to be difficult for anyone to come from beneath Stasiewicz and challenge for the final table, but Day 2 chip leader Oleg Titov (488K) and Mateos (236K) are ones to watch if it is to happen.” That was one of our final sentences from yesterday’s report on the 2018 PokerStars Caribbean Adventure Main Event and, sure enough, it came to pass. After 13 hours of play on Saturday, three-time World Series of Poker bracelet winner and former European Poker Tour champion Adrian Mateos emerged as the chip leader going to Sunday’s final table.

16 players started the day on Saturday with 2016 Poker Player of the Year David Peters sitting high on the top of the leaderboard. He was the only player over the three million chip mark (3.105 million), but Maria Lampropulos (2.313 million) and Adalfer Morales Gamarra (1.196 million) were willing to take on the challenge. You had to look way down the leaderboard to see Mateos, who came into Day 5 with only 236,000 in chips and looked to be one of those players heading for the rail quickly on Saturday.

Instead of exiting the Atlantis Resort Spa tournament room early, however, Mateos fought tooth and nail to stay in the event. The Spaniard check shoved his stack on the river against Jonathan West on a 9-5-6 flop to breathe some life into his stack and was able to double up through Daniel Coupal when his A-3 caught against Coupal’s pocket eights on a Q-A-10-K-Q board. Those two hands got Mateos healthy and near a million chips (919K) as the afternoon wore on.

Instead of Mateos hitting the rail, some of his fellow competitors took his place. Gamarra took down Florian Maurer in fifteenth place when Gamarra rivered a Queen with his A-Q to knock off Maurer’s pocket sixes out. The big action was at the top as players shuffled through the leader’s chair, however, as nobody seemed to get a firm grasp of the leaderboard.

Shawn Buchanan made the first big move, jumping to the lead after doubling up to 1.65 million through Gamarra. Then Michael Farrow took over the lead after eliminating Jean Ateba in fourteenth place. Lampropulos was up next, battling with Oleg Titov and coming out on the winning side to push her to 2.63 million. Finally, it was Koray Aldemir’s turn to sit at the helm, betting Farrow off the pot to crack the three million mark. This was in the span of 20 minutes!

Stasiewicz never could get anything going, ultimately dropping from the tournament in thirteenth place at the hands of Buchanan. Aldemir, still holding on to the lead, extended it in eliminating Jonathan West in twelfth place and climbing to 5.455 million. Mateos also continued his climb upward, once again using an A-3 but this time against Peters’ pocket nines, on an A-8-8-5-Q board to reach almost two million in chips; Peters could not come back from this beat, eventually falling in eleventh place at the hands of Coupal as his A-J failed against Coupal’s Big Slick.

While Peters was picking up his eleventh-place money ($ 75,640), the unofficial final table was set. Gamarra was one of the very active players during the day’s play and he was unfazed when he took his A-10 off suit against Farrow’s pocket fives. The flop was clean, but the Ace on the turn changed fortunes. Farrow, looking for one of the two fives left in the deck, instead saw a ten give Gamarra two pair and send Farrow out in tenth place.

Now at one table, the tournament wasn’t “official” yet. There was one more player that needed to be eliminated for that and three more to reach the goal set at the start of the day (six handed). Aldemir was the dominant leader at this point, his 5.915 million chips over Lampropulos’ 2.875 million, and Mateos was still in the lower levels of the leaderboard with his 1.16 million stack. The final nine headed off and, stunningly, Mateos went on a rush.

Lampropulos made the table official with her elimination of Patryk Poterek in ninth place, but the first two dozen hands were uneventful other than that. On Hand 58, however, Aldemir would lose the lead to Lampropulos when he couldn’t beat Titov pocket Queens with an A-7 off suit. Titov, however, turned around and doubled up Buchanan to make the Canadian a threat in the tournament. After taking a break following the 63rd hand of the final table, there were still eight players left.

Buchanan would use those newfound chips to mount his own charge to the lead. By the end of the next break (Hand 89), Buchanan had passed both Lampropulos and Aldemir to take over the lead. Another 90 minutes of action, however, would tell a different story.

Mateos started his march to the top by first knocking out Gamarra when Mateos’ flopped pair of eights survived the open-ended straight draw of Gamarra. Now on 3.71 million chips, Mateos stayed on the offensive, taking more chips from Aldemir when he sneakily played pocket Kings for all their worth on an 6-9-Q-6-6 board. After that hand, Mateos had won four of the previous seven hands and was in the lead with more than five million chips.

The news wasn’t so good for Titov, who was the Day 2 chip leader. His chip stack slowly slipped through his fingers until he was down to his last 600K or so in chips. After Coupal moved all in from the button on his small blind, however, Titov thought he found a point to make a stand. It turned out to be the wrong move – Coupal held a decent A-J off suit on the button but Titov could only muster a K-2 off suit for the battle. An Ace came on the flop (along with a deuce), but no one else would get anything on the trey turn and the eight river. As Titov shook hands and realized he was the television table “bubble boy,” Mateos was in firm control of the festivities.

1. Adrian Mateos, 5.675 million
2. Shawn Buchanan, 3.755 million
3. Maria Lampropulos, 3.505 million
4. Koray Aldemir, 2.34 million
5. Daniel Coupal, 1.275 million
6. Christian Rudolph, 905,000

The final table promises to be an excellent battle between players who have been on both sides of the fortune scale. Mateos’ battle back from the short stack is evident, but Buchanan, Lampropulos, Aldemir and Coupal have been fortunate to stay in the upper echelon of the leaderboard for much of the tournament. Rudolph was up in that group but, since he has sunk to the short stack, it isn’t realistic to see him winning this championship. That’s why they play tournaments to the end, however…

Today’s final table will be running simultaneously with the $ 25,000 High Roller action, so the PokerStars TV crew will be stretched covering both events. Beginning at 3:30PM (Bahamas time, 2:30PM Eastern time), the PokerStars Caribbean Adventure Main Event final table will play out with everyone guaranteed a big six figure payout ($ 229,760) and a new Hendon Mob flag. The top prize is the goal, though, where $ 1,081,100 awaits the eventual champion.

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2018 PokerStars Caribbean Adventure Main Event Day 4: David Peters Seizes Control, Leads with 16 Players Left

 2018 PokerStars Caribbean Adventure Main Event Day 4: David Peters Seizes Control, Leads with 16 Players Left

After another long day of battle on the green baize at the Atlantis Resort Spa on Paradise Island in the Bahamas, David Peters has taken control of the 2018 PokerStars Caribbean Adventure Main Event with 16 players remaining. In fact, he is the only player over the three million mark in chips, with nearly a million-chip lead over the second-place stack.

43 runners came back to the line for the start of action on Friday with Karl Stark holding the edge over Peters to start the day. On the very first hand, Stark demonstrated he was going to defend his lead as Lachezar Petkov pushed all in off the button. Stark took one peek at his cards from the small blind and immediately made the call, tabling a questionable A-9 off suit against Petkov’s also questionable K-Q off suit. Once the board ran out ten high, Petkov was out before his chair was even warm and Stark extended his lead.

The news wasn’t good for another player who has made some waves at the 2018 PCA. Maria Konnikova, who has been taking lessons on poker from none other than Poker Hall of Famer Erik Seidel as she researches a book, was the short stack to start the day. When she did find a moment to move, it turned out to be the wrong one. After Aleksandr Milyaev put out a bet and Konnikova moved all in, Stark would four bet the action and call when Milyaev moved all in. As it would turn out, Konnikova was drawing between “slim” and “none” and “slim” was heading to the door:

Stark:  A♠ Q♠
Konnikova:  Q-J off suit
Milyaev:  pocket Aces

Konnikova needed a great deal of help and the 7-6-7 flop left her drawing to less than 1% for the win. Once the 4 came on the turn, both Stark and Konnikova were drawing dead, but Konnikova’s tournament life was extinguished as the meaningless river card was dealt. As she left the felt in 42nd place, Stark’s once dominant stack was chopped by a quarter million chips while Milyaev stacked 580K in chips.

Stark’s day was about to get much worse after that hand. He would double up Adrian Mateos to fall under the million-chip mark and never find his way back to the lead. On his final hand, he saw Liv Boeree open the action and made the call. Koray Aldemir, never one to let someone else drive the action, three-bet the action to 100K in chips that was enough to get Boeree out of the way. Stark was having none of it, though, as he pushed all in. Aldemir, after learning it was Stark’s 762K in chips at stake, sighed and made the call.

Aldemir’s Big Slick was racing against Stark’s pocket nines as the dealer prepped for action. The J-6-4-Q flop and turn kept Stark in the lead but offered other outs for Aldemir (any Ace, any King and the tens in the deck). Sure enough, a King came on the river to cruelly take the hand from Stark and deposit the chips into Aldemir’s lap.

While Stark was flaming out, Peters quietly led an attack that soon saw him take over the lead. He flopped the nut flush against Jean Ateba to push his stack to 1.47 million and eclipsed the two million chip mark when he took a pot off Uladzimir Anoshka. Although he would have a slight misstep in doubling up Patryk Poterek, that would be the last mistake that the 2016 Poker Player of the Year would make. Peters eliminated Helio Chreem in 21st place and Milyaev in 19th place to crack the three million mark. No one else would get to Peters as the final hand of the night dramatically shut down the action.

Maria Lampropulos had been active throughout the day and, after opening from the hijack position, Boeree challenged her with a three bet. Lampropulos four-bet the former European Poker Tour champion, but it was only a min-raise from 100K to 200K. Boeree read this for weakness and, after some contemplation, moved all in. Without making a sound, Lampropulos pushed a stack out to indicate a call and the hands were turned up:

Lampropulos:  pocket Kings
Boeree:  pocket Queens

Nothing changed on the A-J-J-7-A board and Boeree’s ladies were crushed by Lampropulos’ cowboys. As Boeree headed to the cage for her 17th place payout, Lampropulos added the 670K pot to her stack and must be seen as a challenger for Peters on Day 5:

1. David Peters, 3.105 million
2. Maria Lampropulos, 2.313 million
3. Adalfer Morales Gamarra, 1.916 million
4. Jonathan West, 1.656 million
5. Koray Aldemir, 1.42 million
6. Christian Rudolph, 1.285 million
7. Shawn Buchanan, 992,000
8. Michael Farrow, 981,000
9. Patryk Poterek, 918,000
10. Bartosz Stasiewicz, 624,000

It’s going to be difficult for anyone to come from beneath Stasiewicz and challenge for the final table, but Day 2 chip leader Oleg Titov (488K) and Mateos (236K) are ones to watch if it is to happen. Outside of Peters and Lampropulos, watch Aldemir and West; they have been hovering around the upper reaches of the tournament since it started and are playing outstanding poker.

PokerStars TV will have all the action of the final two tables as the players look to get down to the final table. Action begins at noon on Saturday as the remaining 16 players battle it out for the first-place prize of slightly more than a million dollars.

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2018 PokerStars Caribbean Adventure Main Event Day 3: David Peters Trails Karl Stark as Money Bubble Pops

 2018 PokerStars Caribbean Adventure Main Event Day 3: David Peters Trails Karl Stark as Money Bubble Pops

The money bubble popped during Day 3 at the 2018 PokerStars Caribbean Adventure on Thursday, with the first payouts from the $ 5.8 million prize pool being handed out. There are some that are looking a bit deeper into the payout schedule, however, as poker professional and former Poker Player of the Year David Peters is in pursuit of Sweden’s Karl Stark.

Thursday’s action kicked off with 101 players remaining from the 582-player field, but the mood was tense. Like any tournament that has the money bubble looming at the start of the day, there were those in the crowd whose return would not only be short but unfulfilling. With 87 players receiving a payout, that meant that 14 players would take the walk from the Atlantis Resort Spa’s tournament arena with nothing to show for their efforts.

While those unfortunate souls were being determined, the chip lead changed. Michael Stashin hooked up in a three-way hand with Oliver Weis and Gleidibe Goncalves, with his sweat holding pocket Kings paid off on a Q-5-2-6-5 board. After scooping up the 180K pot, Stashin took over the lead with 565,000 in chips as the drama intensified.

Peters and Stark also began to make their moves during the bubble period. Peters would knock off a tough opponent in Chris ‘Big Huni’ Hunichen to get to 560,000 in chips, while Stark took down Charles Furey prior to the bubble to reach 555,000 in chips. Stashin, however, kept his foot on the pedal in winning a race against Joao Simao (Big Slick vs. pocket Queens) to nearly crack the million-chip mark. As Simao exited the tournament, the board read 90 players left to go.

More than two hours after the day’s start, the field reached the final 88 players and went hand-for-hand. Barry Greenstein had a miraculous double up during the hand-for-hand period, rivering a set of eights against his opponent’s pocket Aces, to stay alive in the event with only 19K in chips. It would take over 90 minutes for the unfortunate “bubble boy” to be determined in Nikita Neliubin, who ran his A♥ 3♥ into Luc Greenwood’s A-K off suit. Despite catching two hearts by the turn (and Greenwood hitting trip Kings), Neliubin couldn’t find another heart and was out in 88th place ($ 0).

With everyone now assured of a $ 17,500 payday, the cash out cage became a popular place. Gavin O’Rourke, Keith Lehr, Leo Margets, Kevin MacPhee and Harrison Gimbel all hit the rail with some money in their pockets as the tournament wound into the evening. Greenstein was able to grind out that 19K in chips and make it to the next payout level ($ 22,020), while Liv Boeree and Maria Konnikova both were able to work their way to the end of the night and get the right to bag for Day 4.

The day was marked by the performances of Peters and Stark, however. Both men climbed throughout the Day 3 action and, by the time the final hand was dealt, were the only two men over the million-chip mark. Along with Day 2 leader Oleg Titov, these three men bear the most watching as we move into the endgame for the tournament.

1. Karl Stark, 1.148 million
2. David Peters, 1.117 million
3. Oleg Titov, 938,000
4. Bartosz Stasiewicz, 802,000
5. Jonathan West, 765,000
6. Maria Lampropulos, 758,000
7. Koray Aldemir, 757,000
8. Michael Farrow, 691,000
9. Michael Stashin, 646,000
10. Christian Banz, 621,000

The remaining 43 players will return to the felt this afternoon as they look to find the next champion of the PokerStars Caribbean Adventure. While those that return today earn that $ 22,020 that Greenstein picked up, the dream for all is to take the million-dollar prize ($ 1,081,100, to be exact) up top.

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2018 PokerStars Caribbean Adventure Main Event Day 2: 101 Remain with Oleg Titov Leading; Money Bubble Up Next

 2018 PokerStars Caribbean Adventure Main Event Day 2: 101 Remain with Oleg Titov Leading; Money Bubble Up Next

Day 2 of the 2018 PokerStars Caribbean Adventure is in the books and, with the money bubble on the horizon, Russia’s Oleg Titov holds the lead over the 101 players that remain.

By the time that two Day Ones were in the books, 571 players had ponied up the $ 10,000 buy in to participate in the 2018 PCA Main Event. That number is a big leap, prize pool wise, over the 738 players who paid $ 5000 in 2017 to play. The $ 5.645 million prize pool – of which the winner will take a $ 1,081,100 payday – also dwarfs last year’s efforts ($ 3.376 million).

By the time Day 2 started on Wednesday afternoon, only 324 of those 571 entries were still around with hopes of winning the championship. Heading the pack was Day 1B chip leader, sitting on a stack of 155,000 chips, while the Day 1A chip leader, Affif Prado, could only muster up 137,500 but was on an extra day of rest. Lurking in the pack were many members of the Team PokerStars Pro stable, including Jake Cody, Liv Boeree and Barry Greenstein, and other pros such as Nick Petrangelo, Koray Aldemir and Oleksii Khoroshenin.

The Day 2 proceedings got off to a roaring start with the awarding of one of the $ 30,000 Platinum Passes to next year’s $ 25,000 PokerStars Players No Limit Hold’em Championship (PSPC). Before the day got off to a start, one of the remaining tables was chosen and a single hand was dealt out between the players (one of which was poker pro Mike Leah). An all-club 8-10-6 flop was dealt and each player turned up a card, with Leah taking the lead by turning up a ten but Pavel Ignatov giving a sweat by turning up a 9♣ (straight flush and flush draw). A blank four came on the turn and, with another eight on the river, the players turned up their cards.

Leah, who had led the entire way, did not improve on his pair of tens, but Thai Ha did. With a deuce showing, the second hole card was turned up. That 8♠ yanked the hand away from Leah and, with trip eights, made Ha unbeatable and the winner of the Platinum Pass. The odd part of the story? Ha wasn’t at the table when the hand occurred! He would wander into the scene after the hand was played, wondering what the commotion was, before finding out he was the big winner to start Day 2.

As typical for action at the start of the day, there were several casualties that barely got their chips unbagged before they hit the door. Mustapha Kanit, Martins Adeniya, Jared Jaffee, Dmitar Danchev, Leah and Ignatov barely had time to warm their seats before they were out of chips and heading into the Bahamian afternoon. The news was better for others, however, as the day played out.

Journalist and psychologist (and could we soon hyphenate that to “journalist/psychologist/poker pro?”) Maria Konnikova has been the talk of the Atlantis Resort after her stunning win in the $ 1500 PokerStars National Championship preliminary event, but either the “run good” is still with her or there are some skills to the good doctor. She bought into the Main Event just before late registration closed on Wednesday and, by the end of the night, was able to take her 30K starting stack up to 266,000. That has Konnikova still in the hunt amongst the 101 other players who will be back on Thursday to drive to the title.

1. Oleg Titov, 493,000
2. Gleidibe Goncalves, 472,000
3. Lucas Blanco, 435,000
4. Karl Stark, 424,000
5. Michael Stashin, 403,000
6. Keith Lehr, 374,500
7. Christian Rudolph, 367,500
8. Adrian Mateos, 358,000
9. Alexander Gambino, 352,500
10. Jonathan West, 344,000
(tie) Patryk Poterek, 344,000

Lurking under the Top Ten are such names as David Peters (327K), Jack Sinclair (274K), Konnikova (266K) and Vladimir Troyanovskiy (231K). Those with some work to do include Kevin MacPhee (38,500), Ivan Luca (77K) and Greenstein (69K).

The first task for those returning to the Atlantis tournament room on Thursday will be determining who is going to get paid. 87 players will be a recipient of at least $ 17,500 and a new entry for their Hendon Mob page. The PokerStars TV live stream will bring some of the action to fans and, by the end of the night, it is possible that the final three tables will have been determined as the PokerStars Caribbean Adventure Main Event looks for a new champion.

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