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Women in Poker Hall of Fame Offering Public Vote in Selecting Next Members

 Women in Poker Hall of Fame Offering Public Vote in Selecting Next Members

The Women in Poker Hall of Fame is set to induct a new class of members to their rolls this fall. In the past, they have traditionally kept their voting “in the house,” meaning that a select committee and the past inductees were the only ones who were voting on new members. For the 2016 class, however, the WiPHoF has decided to offer the poker public a voice in the matter.

First, here’s a list of the potential inductees and a quick word as to their qualifications:

Debbie Burkhead – Longtime player, reporter, photographer and instructor, involvement with poker since the mid-90s.

Karina Jett – Outstanding tournament and cash game history, advocate for women in the game since the late 1990s.

Victoria Coren-Mitchell – The only two-time champion in the history of the European Poker Tour, longtime veteran of the toughest cash games in Europe.

Mandy Glogow – Television producer behind the World Poker Tour for Fox Sports 1.

Shirley Rosario – Cash game expert with vast knowledge of Omaha Hold’em and Seven Card Stud, still terrorizing the Southern California card rooms.

Esther Rossi – Considered one of the best Stud players in history – regardless of gender – Rossi has battled it out on the felt for more than 30 years across the United States.

Jennifer Tilly2005 World Series of Poker Ladies’ Champion, multiple cashes on the WSOP and World Poker Tour circuits. Longtime advocate of women in poker.

For this year’s nominees, the WiPHoF has asked that the poker public visit their website and choose just ONE of these ladies for consideration for the Hall. The public vote will count as one vote alongside the previously inducted members of the Hall and the overseeing voting council. The public will have until noon on May 13 to be able to enter their choice and the newest inductees into the Women in Poker Hall of Fame will be named later this month.

First off, the choices put up by the WiPHoF are excellent. Any of the ladies mentioned above would be worthy of induction alongside the likes of Barbara Enright and Linda Johnson (the only members of both the Women in Poker Hall of Fame and the Poker Hall of Fame), Cyndy Violette, Jennifer Harman, Kathy Liebert, J. J. Liu, Kathy Raymond, Allyn Shulman and Deborah Giardina. In theory, however, only two of the ladies mentioned above will get inducted and these two seem to be the best choices.

The WiPHoF could break a longstanding issue that the Poker Hall of Fame has in recognizing players that come from outside of North America (Liu was born in Taiwan but is a naturalized U. S. citizen). Great Britain’s Coren-Mitchell has been an advocate for women in poker since she stepped to the felt in her early years. Vicky has been an ambassador for the game, writing about her exploits on the felt in a variety of newspapers and in her autobiography For Richer, For Poorer: A Love Affair with Poker. Finally, as the ONLY player to ever have won two EPT Main Event titles in that tour’s 12-year history (in comparison, the World Poker Tour has had four men who have won three titles and no woman has ever won an open event), Coren-Mitchell would be hugely overlooked if she isn’t chosen.

If there were to be a second choice from the public, it should be Rossi. Linking the game’s past to the Hall is something that can never be seen as an incorrect decision. Rossi’s skills in the game – when it wasn’t “appropriate” for the ladies to be a part of the game – had to have been very strong to withstand the onslaught at the tables in those days. To repeat, this isn’t a slight against the other women in the mix. These are arguably the best two choices available, however.

Currently the vote is heavily going towards Rosario, who is dominating with nearly 60% of the vote. Jett, Burkhead and Tilly are all battling it out with about 10-12% of the vote, while Coren-Mitchell lags back (7%) and Glogow and Rossi aren’t earning very much support. The polls will remain open until Friday and, by the end of the month, the newest inductees to the Women in Poker Hall of Fame will be known.

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New York Online Poker Hearing Sparsely Attended, Even By Committee Members

 New York Online Poker Hearing Sparsely Attended, Even By Committee Members

What was trumpeted as the latest and best attempt to persuade a state legislature towards passing online gaming and/or poker regulations took place in Albany, NY, yesterday. The hearing by the Senate Racing, Gaming and Wagering Committee in the state capitol wasn’t widely attended, however, by neither the constituents nor the legislators that the hearing was to educate.

New York, considered by many a marketplace that would serve as a catapult for other states to move forward with their own online gaming and/or poker regulation like California, instead looked as if there was little more than lip service being paid to the industry. The sponsor of online poker only legislation in the New York Senate, Senator John Bonacic, was joined by two other members of the 11 person committee and those two other members would leave before the completion of testimony.

There was plenty of testimony potentially supporting an online poker only system in the Empire State, it was just too bad that no one other than Bonacic was there to hear it. The Poker Players Alliance’s John Pappas was one of the first witnesses who testified on the record, stating that regulation of the industry was the way to go and not banning. “Establishing a regulatory regime for online poker in New York…(should) keep consumer interest at the forefront,” Pappas commented. Perhaps noting that the three states where online poker already exists – Delaware, Nevada and New Jersey – are having difficulties running on their own, Pappas also stated, “It is also vitally important for New York to establish a system that allows for it to share players with other regulated jurisdictions.”

Several of the potential providers of online poker to New Yorkers also were quite supportive of Bonacic’s legislative efforts. Three representatives from the casino industry, David Satz of Caesars Entertainment, Tom Ballance of the Borgata and John McManus of MGM Resorts, offered their expertise, with McManus saying “in our view, online gaming doesn’t cannibalize existing gaming, but it does grow the market.” Ballance pointed out that New York officials might be losing out on more revenues by pushing for the online poker only market rather than the full online casino gaming experience. “Poker is one form of skill-based gaming; there are others,” Ballance testified. “It is critically important to monetize that customer base.”

The “wet blanket” at the hearing was provided by a New York gaming official. According to New York Gaming Association president James Featherstonhaugh, there isn’t the stomach to pushing for online gaming and/or poker regulation at this time as the New York State Assembly just passed legislation expanding “brick and mortar” gaming in the state. There are three new casinos under construction that Featherstonhaugh said needed to get “up and running” so that the legislature could adequately assess the situation. No time frame was suggested for this waiting period except for the general “several years.”

As it was Bonacic’s hearing, there was no one on the panel that spoke for the “anti” gaming advocates in New York. Bonacic approved the lineup for the discussion and, although two organizations requested a seat at the hearing, Bonacic denied them that right. This was quite similar to U. S. Representative Jason Chaffetz’s hearing regarding his bill, “The Restoration of America’s Wire Act of 1961” (or RAWA), in the U. S. House of Representatives, where Chaffetz locked out any pro-online gaming speakers until widespread condemnation from even members of his own party forced him to add one speaker for online gaming regulation.

The hearing – and its apparent lack of interest from even members of the committee itself – was one of those exercises that the political process forces for consideration of a bill. There was no vote taken on Bonacic’s bill and there wasn’t any further discussion scheduled for the near future. Those looking for New York to become the fourth state in the U. S. to have online gaming and/or poker will be waiting quite some time – at least until it becomes something important to the legislators themselves.

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Any CC members in the WSOP 2015?

 Any CC members in the WSOP 2015?
With the WSOP 2015 starting off today with occasion #1 for on line casino staff, figured I might question if anybody listed here is truly actively playing in any occasion on their personal etc?

any individual listed here a very first timer at the WSOP if you are actively playing?
Or are you a seasoned WSOP player?

All in all, if there are any CC customers at the WSOP this 12 months, then goodluck! I hope you enjoy your best and have an superb result.

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