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PokerStars Championship Monte Carlo Day 2: Nick Petrangelo Assumes the Chip Lead

 PokerStars Championship Monte Carlo Day 2: Nick Petrangelo Assumes the Chip Lead

The PokerStars Championship is back in action, now in sunny Monte Carlo, Monaco. I am not there, personally, so I cannot guarantee that it is sunny, but I would like to think so because whenever I see anything about Monaco on television or perhaps in a James Bond film, it is always wonderful from a weather standpoint. I suppose I could check a weather report on the internets, but that would be a waste of bandwidth. This event is called the PokerStars Championship presented by Monte-Carlo Casino, which is painfully inelegant. I much prefer the standard live tournament naming convention using the city or country rather than the casino name (and the awful “presented by”), so therefore, as you can see in the title of this article, I am siding with my colleague Earl Burton and calling it “PokerStars Championship Monte Carlo.” At any rate, after Day 2, Nick Petrangelo is the chip leader with 562,000, so congratulations to Nick for the time being.

There were two starting flights, but frankly, we are going to ignore those because they occurred when I wasn’t schedule to write and therefore for all intents and purposes* never happened. When registration closed Monday, there were a total of 727 entries for the €5,300 Main Event, creating a €3,525,950 prize pool. 143 players will make the money, but first place will get half a million Euro plus another €800. That’s nice.

Everybody playing on Tuesday has already made the money, as the money bubble burst at the very end of Day 2. Salvatore Candido Graziano had just 28,100 chips with blinds and antes at 1,500/3,000/500. Davidi Kitai made the call, showing A-K against Graziano’s pocket Queens. Race! An Ace flopped and that was it for Graziano, who went home with nothing after many hours of poker.

Odds are (ha, that’s kind of a gambling pun) most of the remaining players are sleeping fairly well Monday night, knowing that they have made the money. One might expect that there will be a bunch of quick eliminations early in Tuesday’s action as the short stacks go all Leeroy Jenkins to try to make amazing happen.

Start time is noon in Monte Carlo and the plan is to play five hour and a half levels. Stay tuned for more hard-hitting coverage!

*I was going to make a joke along the lines of Donald Trump probably thinking the phrase is “all intensive purposes,” but let’s be honest, his vocabulary isn’t advanced enough to even string those words together incorrectly.

2017 PokerStars Championship Monte-Carlo Casino Main Event – Day 2 Chip Leaders

1.    Nick Petrangelo – 562,000
2.    Michael Kolkowicz – 470,500
3.    Patrik Antonius – 452,500
4.    Faraz Jaka – 416,500
5.    Mark Teltscher – 408,000
6.    Stefan Schillhabel – 402,000
7.    Sebastian Malec – 382,500
8.    Andreas Klatt – 375,000
9.    Fabrice Soulier – 364,500
10.    Dmytro Shuvanov – 353,000

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2017 WPT L.A. Poker Classic Day Two: Nick Maimone Maintains Pole Position

 2017 WPT L.A. Poker Classic Day Two: Nick Maimone Maintains Pole Position

The World Poker Tour (WPT) L.A. Poker Classic has been a part of the WPT since the tour’s inception, but in recent years, it has become almost an outlier. It is one of the few WPT Main Events that still costs $ 10,000 to enter and is also one of the few that is a good, old freezeout, rather than a re-entry tournament. The WPT L.A. Poker Classic Main Event finished its Day 2 on Sunday and with 111 players remaining, it is Day 1 chip leader Nick Maimone who held onto the top spot for a second straight day, finishing the night with 567,400 chips, the only player above the half-million mark.

My colleague Earl Burton was dead on when he said yesterday that because of the late entry possibilities on Day 2, “There’s a good possibility that the 2017 field will eclipse that of last year (515 players), but it will be a stretch to see it go much further.”

In addition to the 498 players who started on Day 1, another 23 entered the tournament on Day 2, resulting in a field of 521 players, just beating out last year’s total and, as Earl put it, not going much further.

Literally one fewer player would have put the total prize pool below $ 5 million. As the tournament did get to 521 players, the prize pool ended up at $ 5,001,600. 66 players will make the money with the winner taking home $ 1,001,110.

Maimone readily admitted to that the poker gods smiled on him at a couple key points.

I got very fortunate in a couple of hands,” Maimone said. “I got pocket queens against ace-jack on a jack-high board to bust a guy. In one of the biggest hands of the day, I had queens against ace-queen on a Q♠-8♠-2-2♣-2♠ board.

On the latter hand, Maimone knocked out Stefan Schillhabel. They four-bet up to 20,000 chips pre-flop and after the flop came down, Maimone bet 13,000 and was called by Schillhabel. Another bet and call on the turn and when the river produced the third Two, Maimone bet enough to put Schillhabel all-in. Schillhabel called instantly, but his Deuces over Queens full house was destroyed by Maimone’s Queens over Deuces.

“Nothing he can do, I was very blessed there,” Maimone said.

He also noted he got lucky late in the night when he raised pre-flop with just J-7 and was called by Jordan Cristos. Maimone flopped two pair and the two men got all their chips in. Cristos had pocket Aces and couldn’t catch any more cards.

“There wasn’t really much else I could do,” Maimone said. “He had aces and I held.”

Day 3 has just gotten underway at the Commerce Hotel & Casino as the remaining players set their sights on at least making the money.

2017 World Poker Tour L.A. Poker Classic Main Event – Day 2 Chip Leaders

1.    Nick Maimone – 567,400
2.    Matt Berkey – 493,100
3.    Mohsin Charania – 435,400
4.    Daniel Strelitz – 410,000
5.    Bryce Yockey – 354,800
6.    William Vo – 350,000
7.    Antonio Esfandiari – 349,300
8.    Daniel Lawrence – 317,200
9.    Igor Yaroshevskyy – 314,400
10.    Mike Sexton – 270,400

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2017 WPT L. A. Poker Classic Day One: Nick Maimone, James Romero Take the Helm

 2017 WPT L. A. Poker Classic Day One: Nick Maimone, James Romero Take the Helm

So how much of a break did the WPT staff and professional players get after the crowning of Darren Elias for his victory in the WPT Fallsview Poker Classic late Friday night before they had to jump back into action? How about just a scant few hours as Saturday saw the start of one of the venerable tournaments on the WPT circuit, the WPT L. A. Poker Classic at the Commerce Casino in Bell Gardens, CA.

The first leg of the WPT “California Swing” (with the other two events being the WPT Bay 101 Shooting Star and the WPT Rolling Thunder at Thunder Valley Casino), the LAPC has been a part of the WPT schedule since the origination of the circuit. It’s roll of champions lists such names as Anthony Zinno, Phil Ivey, Michael Mizrachi, Antonio Esfandiari and Gus Hansen, who won the inaugural WPT event way back in 2003. The $ 10,000 event (and it has remained that since the beginning) usually draws the crème of the poker world and the 2017 version hasn’t disappointed.

From the opening call of “shuffle up and deal,” the potential dangers were obvious around the room. Just the former champions of the WPT – including former World Champion Joe Hachem, eight-time World Series of Poker bracelet winner Erik Seidel, Mohsin Charania and former WPT LAPC champion Sean Jazayeri – would have presented a daunting task, but adding in such players are Aaron Massey, Ari Engel, Justin Bonomo, Dan Heimiller and Faraz Jaka and the minefield became even more treacherous. This wasn’t even broaching those that were on the way to Cali for the tournament and taking full advantage of the late registration period (such as Elias, jetting from Canada to the West Coast after winning on Friday).

After the first level was in the books, 320 players were on the tables with the field still growing with the likes of WPT Montreal champion Ema Zajmovic, fellow WPT Champions’ Club members Marvin Rettenmaier and Jared Jaffee and defending Super High Roller Bowl champion Rainer Kempe entering the fray. With the 30,000 chip stacks, the players were a bit cautious – none of the flailing around as in multiple rebuy events because the LAPC is a one-shot freeze out tournament – but they would mix it up when the situation called for it. By the time Level 3 began, 416 players had ponied up the “dime” to take part in the tournament.

Over the span of eight hours of action, there were those that stretched themselves away from the field. Zajmovic was able to triple her starting stack, but it was Romero (the champion of the WPT Five Diamond World Poker Classic in December) who was a real surprise. Late in the evening, Romero was able to rack up five times his starting stack (150,000) and, if it weren’t for Nick Maimone’s sneaky route through the field in earning six times his starting stack, would have been the chip leader. As it is, he’ll have to settle for second going to Day Two of one of the most prestigious events on the WPT.

1. Nick Maimone, 187,000
2. James Romero, 153,600
3. Sam Phillips, 143,000
4. Daniel Strelitz, 127,600
5. Marco Cavallaro, 126,800
6. Seth Berger, 115,400
7. Niall Farrell, 108,200
8. Bart Hanson, 105,400
9. Ivan Karim, 102,000
10. Jake Schwartz, 101,300

At this point, the 306 players that remain from the original 498 entries still don’t know what they’re playing for. With late registration going on until the start of Level 10 (approximately 1:45PM Pacific Time), there is plenty of opportunity for those in the area to scratch up their $ 10,000 to still get in. There’s a good possibility that the 2017 field will eclipse that of last year (515 players), but it will be a stretch to see it go much further. With that said, it is still one of the jewels on the WPT circuit and the next champion of the WPT L. A. Poker Classic will earn quite the payday for their efforts.

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Nick Petrangelo Outlasts Mike Watson, Fedor Holz to Win Aussie Millions $100,000 Challenge

 Nick Petrangelo Outlasts Mike Watson, Fedor Holz to Win Aussie Millions $100,000 Challenge

In a rather rapid final table of five hours, Nick Petrangelo got his 2017 tournament poker season off to a good start by outlasting Mike Watson and Fedor Holz to win the Aussie Millions $ 100,000 Challenge on Saturday at the Crown Casino in Melbourne.

Steffen Sontheimer was the leader of the event with 451,000 in chips as it entered its final day, but that lead was a tenuous one. Hot on his heels were Holz (394,500) and Petrangelo (381,000), with the remainder of the table filled out by Sam Trickett (265,000), Watson (146,000), 2016 Player of the Year David Peters (96,000) and David Steicke (78,500) rounding out the field. With only three players getting paid, the desire to remain at the final table for even the shortest of the stacks was high.

Steicke was looking for that proverbial “double up and go home” early on and he would get that (against Sontheimer), but that would be the highlight of his day. On Hand #5 after Holz had raised and Watson three-bet the action, Steicke pushed all in from the big blind and only found Watson willing to play. Watson’s Big Slick was slightly behind Steicke’s pocket Queens, but the Ace on the flop changed everything in favor of ‘SirWatts.’ A ten on the turn presented more outs for Steicke to a Broadway straight, but the river Ace instead gave Watson trips; left with 5000 in chips, those would go to Holz on the next hand as Steicke went home empty handed in seventh place.

It would take almost two dozen more hands before the next combatant left. Watson was once again the beneficiary as, after raising from the cutoff, Peters would defend his big blind. The 7-2-10 flop brought a check-call from Peters, an action that was duplicated when a Jack came on the turn. The river brought a King and Peters checked for a third time, at which time Watson put Peters to a decision for his tournament life by moving all in. Peters mulled the decision for a lengthy time, even using a ‘time bank’ chip being employed in this tournament, before calling off his stack. Whatever Peters was thinking, he didn’t put together than Watson had rivered the nuts with his Q-9 for a King-high straight. Sending his Q-10 (pair of tens) to the muck, Peters was done in sixth place.

With two more eliminations to the money, the remaining players tightened up a bit. Trickett would double through Sontheimer to put the German on the short stack, but that would be the most action for the next 20-plus hands. On Hand 52, Sontheimer’s short stack became “no stack” when he clashed with Watson.

Sontheimer raised off the button with pocket sevens, only to see Watson three-bet out of the big blind, which Sontheimer called. A 6-8-5 flop saw Watson utilize the c-bet and Sontheimer, pondering his action, burned a ‘time bank’ chip before moving all in. Watson nearly beat Sontheimer into the center with his call, turning up pocket tens for an over pair to the board. Sontheimer, however, was in good shape with his pocket sevens; the open-ended straight draw, along with his pocket pair, gave Sontheimer 10 outs to taking the hand. Alas, another five on the turn and the Queen on the river weren’t one of those 10 outs, sending the start of day chip leader to the rail in fifth place.

Trickett would be next to head home (and without any money) as, on Hand 57, Watson’s A-J picked up a Jack on the turn to leave Trickett drawing dead with his Q-9. With a $ 1.76 million prize pool to split amongst each other, Watson (holding a significant lead), Petrangelo (rather quiet) and Holz (continuing his rush from 2016) took care of their business rather quickly.

Holz would be first to go as he decided to challenge Petrangelo. Holz correctly pushed all-in against Petrangelo (holding A-8 off suit) while holding pocket fours but, after Petrangelo called, the “poker gods” weren’t with him. An Ace showed up on the flop and a second came on the turn, leaving Holz drawing to one of the two fours to vanquish Petrangelo. The river six ended that hope and sent Holz out of the event in third place, but with some money for his efforts. Holz will look to add on to his Aussie Millions trip by playing in the Main Event final table on Sunday.

Down to heads up, Watson held a slight advantage against Petrangelo, one that he would extend to a million chips only 10 hands into play. Petrangelo spent the next 10 hands getting back to even before taking the lead on Hand 96 when he forced Watson to fold the better hand (8-6) by over betting a pot on a 5-6-3-Q-5 board when Petrangelo only held a K-7. Now roughly even, the twosome would keep action to pre-flop as three-bets took down many of the next 20 hands.

With both players playing quite strong, the ending came rather suddenly. After a raise from Watson, Petrangelo (holding a slight lead) called to see an 8-2-5 flop. Both players checked their options to see a seven come on the turn, which brought a 45K bet from Petrangelo and a call from Watson. A Jack on the river presented flush possibilities, but Petrangelo didn’t hesitate in popping 150K into the center. At this point, Watson made a move, waiting until the last possible minute to move all in. After an exact count, Petrangelo made the call and showed J-8 for two pair. All Watson could muster with his gutsy move was an A-4 for only Ace high as Petrangelo took the championship.

1. Nick Petrangelo, $ 882,000
2. Mike Watson, $ 529,200
3. Fedor Holz, $ 352,800

(all amounts in Australian dollars)

With the conclusion of the $ 100,000 Challenge, the Aussie Millions Main Event will return for its conclusion on Sunday. Shurane Vijayaram will take a big chip lead to the final table, one that will also include Holz and Jeff Rossiter amongst its notables. It promises to be an exciting day as the champion of one of the poker world’s most coveted titles – Aussie Millions Main Event champion – will be decided.

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2017 PokerStars Championship Bahamas Main Event: Nick Maimone Leads 32 Day 3 Survivors

 2017 PokerStars Championship Bahamas Main Event: Nick Maimone Leads 32 Day 3 Survivors

Just 32 players remain in the PokerStars Championship Bahamas Main Event as the tournament heads into Day 4 on Thursday. Nick Maimone is the chip leader with 1.750 million chips; Maimone, who will celebrate his 30th birthday tomorrow, also led the field heading into Day 3.

A total of 699 players registered on Days 1A and 1B and another 39 signed up before the start of play on Day 2 to bring the grand total to 738 runners. Interestingly, there were 28 players who won seats via PokerStars Spin & Go’s who never actually showed up for the tournament. Their buy-ins were still added to the prize pool, as one would expect. That prize pool amounts to $ 3,376,712; payouts go down to 143rd place with $ 480,012 going to the winner and a min-cash being worth $ 7,260.

Maimone has had great success in the Bahamas. He won the $ 25,000 8-Handed High Roller event a year ago – picking up about $ 1 million – when this poker festival was called the PokerStars Caribbean Adventure and placed second in another PCA event in 2015 for nearly $ 113,000. Maimone also finished 15th in the 2009 World Series of Poker Main Event, winning $ 633,022.

Those three cashes comprise the bulk of his live tournament earnings, which total $ 1,880,865, according to

Maimone rose to the chip lead thanks in large part to winning the largest hand of the tournament so far. According to the PokerNews live reporting, Maimone raised to 27,000 pre-flop after seeing everyone fold around to him. Pascal Lefrancois raised him to 70,000 from the small blind. After the big blind folded, Maimone four-bet to 175,000, prompting Lefrancois to move all-in for 650,000. Maimone, obviously, made the call.

Maimone had Queens, Lefrancois held A-K. Maimone said he didn’t really prefer to be getting it in with that hand, but he couldn’t pass up the price he was getting. No real excitement once the cards came out – nothing higher than a Jack meant the end of the line for Lefrancois and the chip lead for Maimone.

Some of the “names” still remaining in the field include Jason Mercier (1.333 million chips), Christian Harder (856,000), 2013 World Series of Poker Main Event champ Ryan Reiss (742,000), 2016 WSOP November Niner Cliff Josephy (528,000), Adrian Mateos, legendary poker streamer Jaime Staples, Byron Kaverman, Pratyush Buddiga, and Gaelle Baumann.

Day 4 will begin at noon at the Atlantis Resort. The plan for Thursday is to play just four 90-minute levels, so it will be a short day compared to most days in major live tournaments.

2017 PokerStars Championship Bahamas Main Event – Day 3 Chip Leaders

1.    Nick Maimone – 1,750,000
2.    Jason Mercier – 1,333,000
3.    John Dibella – 1,134,000
4.    Rasmus Glaesel – 1,029,000
5.    Michael Vela – 967,000
6.    Scott Stewart – 952,000
7.    Rodrigo Cordoba – 880,000
8.    Damien Steel – 878,000
9.    Christian Harder – 856,000
10.    Pedro Baptista Martinho Cabeca – 829,000

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