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Luis Cruz Wins partypoker WPT Nottingham

 Luis Cruz Wins partypoker WPT Nottingham

Luis Cruz had a heck of an uphill climb at the final table, but he defied the odds and chip stacks to beat Christopher Yong heads-up and claim the partypoker World Poker Tour (WPT) Nottingham Main Event title this weekend, along with a £200,000 first prize.

Cruz began the six-handed final table with the second-smallest chip stack. Holding just 1.64 million chips, he had a long way to go to catch the chip leader, Nabil Cardoso, who had 4.965 million. During the very first orbit, though, Cruz was able to add a chunk of chips to his collection. Alex Lindop, the shortest stack at the table, moved all-in with A-4, only to get called by Cruz and his A-5. Fortunately for Cruz, his kicker held – a chopped pot was avoided – and Lindop was out in sixth place, while Cruz added about three-quarters of a million chips to his stack.

On Hand 22, Seamus Cahill was the next to hit the rail. Cardoso raised pre-flop to 175,000, Yong re-raised to 450,000, and Cahill moved all-in for 2.05 million. Cardoso got out of the way and Yong made the call. Cahill was in deep trouble from the get-go, seeing his A-Q up against A-K. He did river a Queen, but that was after a Ten and Jack had been dealt, which meant Yong had a straight and Cahill’s pair was useless.

Just nine hands later, Maxime Swennen moved all-in with A-9 and Cruz called with K-Q of hearts. Cruz made his flush on the turn to eliminated Swennen in fourth place.

The tournament got to heads-up thanks to a horribly timed bluff. On Hand 45, Cardoso limped pre-flop with 7-4 and Yong checked from the big blind with 9-6. The flop was K-T-6 and Cardoso tried to take it right there with a 150,000 chip bet. Yong called and it only got worse for Cardoso when a 9 was dealt on the turn, giving Yong two pair and all but assuring he wasn’t going to fold. Cardoso, of course, had no idea, so he fired out 500,000 chips on that turn with air and Yong naturally called. Another 6 landed on the river, giving Yong a full house. Cardoso bluffed all-in, perhaps thinking Yong was chasing a flush, but obviously Yong called and Cardoso was left to ponder what had just happened.

Going into heads-up, Yong was way ahead of Cruz by about a 2-to-1 chip lead. Cruz was able to take some nice pots within the first ten hands, but so was Yong, so Cruz didn’t make up much ground. It was during the next ten hands, though, that Cruz made his move. The key hand was Hand 63 of the final table. Cruz had Q-T in the hole, while Yong held 7-5. Cruz raised to 250,000 pre-flop and Yong called to deliver a flop of 6-3-K. Yong checked, Cruz bet 300,000, and Yong called. Another Six was dealt on the turn and both men checked. When an Ace came on the river Yong bet 850,000 and with nothing but Queen high, Cruz called, sniffing out Yong’s bluff and pulling almost even in chips.

Cruz took the lead on the next hand and never looked back, taking control of the match.

On the final hand, Hand 86 of the final table, Yong moved all-in for 540,000 chips with rags and Cruz called with K-2. Cruz hit a 2 on the river and that was good enough for his first WPT title.

partypoker World Poker Tour Nottingham Main Event – Final Table Results

1.    Luis Rodriguez Cruz – £200,000 (plus $ 15,000 to season-ending Tournament of Champions)
2.    Christopher Yong – £135,000
3.    Nabil Cardoso – £90,000
4.    Maxime Swennen – £67,080
5.    Seamus Cahill – £50,000
6.    Alex Lindop – £40,000

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Nabil Cardoso Leads Final Six at WPT Nottingham

 Nabil Cardoso Leads Final Six at WPT Nottingham

It took more than 12 hours to do it, but the final table was determined at the Dusk ‘til Dawn Casino for the World Poker Tour’s stop in Nottingham, the United Kingdom. When the six players come to that patch of felt today, Nabil Cardoso will head the pack of contenders.

61 players came back on Saturday with two arduous tasks facing them and Marc MacDonnell in the lead. First would be determining the 54 people who would take home the minimum £4500 payday for their three days of work. It would take slightly more than an hour to achieve this feat, but it came in a dramatic race when overall Day 1 chip leader Sadman Shefan knocked off Robin Fisher when Shefan’s A-Q flopped a Broadway straight against Fisher’s pocket sevens and dodged Fisher’s chances at a boat after the board paired Jacks on the turn but blanked on the river.

With everyone now guaranteed a return on their original investment, the line to the cash out cage became a long one. Niall Farrell, Javier Gomez and defending WPT Player of the Year Mike Sharioti were all knocked off in quick order, but perhaps the most painful beat was to veteran poker professional Padraig Parkinson. After Alex Zeligman opened from the hijack position, Seamus Cahill called but Patrick Leonard moved all-in over Zeligman’s bet. Parkinson wasn’t getting out of the way, however, moving all-in over the top of Leonard’s action.

Everyone cleared the way for the Leonard/Parkinson battle, but it was over quick for the Irish legend. “I caught an Ace on the flop,” Parkinson informed the WPT Updates team, “but there was also a Jack and he (Leonard) had pocket Jacks.” Although that hand didn’t take down the affable Irishman, he would be eliminated on the next hand following losing the race.

MacDonnell also would be vanquished by the “Specter of Elimination.” After seeing his trip Kings fall to Luke Haward’s flopped nut flush, MacDonnell would still have about 500K in chips to do battle. The fortune that MacDonnell had on Friday didn’t roll over into Saturday, however, as that stack gradually dwindled away as MacDonnell was eliminated before the final two tables were determined.

After a dinner break, the remaining 16 players would come back to determine the six-handed WPT final table. The final online qualifier from the partypoker rolls, Lukasz Jankowski, was upended by Cahill in a race, Jankowski’s suited A-Q against Cahill’s pocket sixes. A Jack-high board didn’t do anything for Jankowski as he earned a £14000 payday for his online entry. That resulting hand was enough for Cahill to take over the lead and cruise into the final table.

Cahill continued his hot streak through the early part of the unofficial final table, knocking off Charles Akadiri, Chen Wen Bin and Andreas Olympios in twelfth, eleventh and ninth places, respectively. The streak would come to a halt, however, in a clash with Cardoso. With Cardoso all in and holding Big Slick, Cahill was looking good with his pocket sixes until an Ace came on the flop. The situation became more bleak for Cahill when another Ace came on the turn. Looking for one of two outs, a blank Jack on the river sealed the double for Cardoso and pushed him into the lead as Cahill slipped to around two million chips.

As those two men took a deep breath after their clash, the official final table was determined. Haward and Chris Yong would see a flop and turn of 7-4-K-K and Haward pushed his chips to the center, which Yong considered for a moment before making the call. Haward showed pocket Queens for Kings up, but Yong had the goods (and you had to wonder what his pause was for before calling) with a suited K-J for trips. Needing a Queen, Haward saw an eight peel off on the river, sealing his fate in seventh place and ending the action for the night.

Seat 1:  Luis Rodriguez Cruz, 1.64 million
Seat 2:  Alex Lindop, 755,000
Seat 3:  Seamus Cahill, 1.93 million
Seat 4:  Nabil Cardoso, 4.965 million
Seat 5:  Maxime Swennen, 2.345 million
Seat 6:  Christopher Yong, 3.875 million

The final table is currently being streamed at, with the champion being crowned tonight. The victor will walk away with their name on the WPT Champions’ Cup and a £200,000 payday.

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Marc Macdonnell Takes Massive Lead into Day 3 of WPT Nottingham

 Marc Macdonnell Takes Massive Lead into Day 3 of WPT Nottingham

Using a hotly contested hand that was the talk of the Day 2 action, Marc Macdonnell took a massive lead at the midpoint of the play and cruised into the chip lead of the World Poker Tour stop at the Dusk ‘til Dawn Casino in Nottingham, the United Kingdom, on Friday.

262 players came back to the tables, still not knowing what they were going to be playing for. With registration going on until the close of the second level of play on Friday, there was a chance that the official entries total would crack the guarantee of £1 million. In the end, it did come home for the hosts of Dusk ‘til Dawn, with 522 entries ensuring that the guaranteed amount was hit and setting out the payout schedule.

For the WPT Nottingham, 54 players would earn a piece of the £1 million, with the minimum payday of £4500 for those taking home a min-cash. The very flat pay schedule gives the person who will finish in sixth place at the official WPT final table a £40,000 payday. The top slot is where everyone wants to finish, however, with that player taking down the £200,000 first place prize and the seat at the Season XV WPT Tournament of Champions next spring.

As the day’s action played out, once again the focus of many was on the sideshow carnival act that has become William Kassouf. Kassouf, who was the focus of the late stages of the 2016 World Series of Poker Championship Event, was up to his usual shenanigans at the start of Day 2 of the WPT Nottingham. It worked for a bit as he climbed over the 100K mark in chips, but his demise was almost as delicious to watch as his dismissal from the WSOP was on ESPN.

Kassouf would lose much of his stack to a player who, while Kassouf’s mouth motored along, flopped a straight flush and Kassouf paid off his all-in. “Turn and river are an off-suit queen and off-suit king and I’ve rivered the nut straight with J-10,” Kassouf reported to the WPT Updates team. “He’s got 3 2 for the straight flush. Calls a raise with three-high, marvelous.” Kassouf would pitch in his final chips holding another J-10 and see the K-4-3-A-5 board blank, giving the hand to Karl McDonald and his pocket nines.

For those that weren’t distracted by the sideshow act, they would have seen some pretty good poker played out of Macdonnell. He was able to build a sizeable stack after defeating both Alex Goulder and Ludovic Geilich when he hit a royal flush, then would increase that stack in rivering a full house against Simon Higgins when Macdonnell’s pocket sevens found gold on a 7-2-5-Q-Q board against Higgins’ A-Q. Those chips earned would give Macdonnell a monster stack heading to Saturday’s play.

Marc Macdonnell, 974,000
Alex Ward, 534,000
Seamus Cahill, 501,000
Ben Windsor, 497,000
Alex Zeligman, 489,000
Sondre Sagstuen, 476,000
Christopher Yong, 431,000
Marc Foggin, 422,000
Patrick Leonard, 418,000
Kuljinder Sidhu, 414,000

The remaining 61 players will return on Saturday afternoon with a sizeable bit of work in front of them. First, they will have to pop the money bubble at 54 players, meaning seven people will walk away with nothing but a story from the WPT Nottingham. After that bubble has popped, the more difficult task of getting to the six-handed WPT final table will be in play. At this time, the plans are for the final table to be played on Sunday (and live streamed on and their Twitch channel), but that could be subject to change.

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Gareth Walker Wins Record-Breaking PokerStars UKIPT Nottingham – player tracker

 Gareth Walker Wins Record Breaking PokerStars UKIPT Nottingham player tracker

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 Gareth Walker Wins Record Breaking PokerStars UKIPT Nottingham player tracker
Gareth Walker Wins Record-Breaking PokerStars UKIPT Nottingham
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