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Two Day Ones Completed in PokerStars Championship Panama Main Event, Overall Numbers Down

 Two Day Ones Completed in PokerStars Championship Panama Main Event, Overall Numbers Down

The PokerStars Championships have made their inaugural swing to the Sortis Hotel, Spa and Casino in Panama City, Panama. The $ 3500 Main Event has booked its two-Day Ones at this point, but it is arguable that the overall numbers might be a bit low for the side tournaments and the Main Event.

On Day 1A, slightly more than 100 players would answer the bell for action, with a noted fighter emerging at the top of the standings. While Igor Yaroshevskyy reigned supreme over the Day 1A survivors with his 219,300 in chips, it was retired MMA champion Tito Ortiz who was drawing the lion’s share of attention. Ortiz, who has fought and won championships in the Ultimate Fighting Championship (UFC) and most recently fought for Bellator MMA, was in second place behind Yaroshevskyy with his 182,000 in chips, setting himself up for Day Two well. Along with Jason Koon (175,500), Steve O’Dwyer (117,000) and former World Champion Ryan Riess (77,300), the day was replete with notables among the survivors.

Day 1B was expected to bring out a throng of players and it didn’t disappoint. 259 players came to the tables on Wednesday to bring the total number for the tournament to roughly 360 players. Of that number, 128 survived the minefields of Day 1B to join with their 43 counterparts from Day 1A to bring 171 players back to the fray on Day 2 Thursday. With his 154,300 in chips, Jiachen Gong emerged as the chip leader from Day 1B, but he will be down a bit in the overall standings.

1. Igor Yaroshevskyy, 219,600
2. Tito Ortiz, 182,000
3. Jason Koon, 175,500
4. Jiachen Gong, 154,300
5. Caufman Talley, 150,300
6. Martin Kus, 146,800
7. Kamal Abdel Bittar, 146,700
8. Luke Graham, 140,300
9. Vincente Delgado, 138,000
10. Pablo Fernandez, 133,700

What has been the bigger story of the PokerStars Championship Panama is the player numbers that have shown for the preliminary tournaments. Perhaps it is unfair to compare the player response to the Panama event against the PokerStars Championship Bahamas, but it is the only comparison that can be made currently for the “new” tour (the PokerStars Championships have taken over for the European Poker Tour and the “regional” tours that were once part of the PokerStars family). In looking at the comparison, it could be said that the Panama event isn’t drawing as hoped.

The Main Event of the PokerStars Championship Bahamas (itself formerly the PokerStars Caribbean Adventure) saw a respectable crowd of 738 players turn out for the $ 5000 buy in tournament (and that was a low mark for the event – in 2016, 928 players came to the line). Although more than 350 players for a first-time event would be nice for most, for a PokerStars branded event it has to be considered a bit of a disappointment. If that doesn’t do it, then a look at some of the preliminary events – and a comparison to their counterparts in the Bahamas – might paint another picture.

For a $ 1000 “Win the Button” No Limit Hold’em Turbo tournament at the Atlantis event, 68 entries were received in the tournament; at the Panama event, only four entries were received. Another Turbo event, this one for $ 2000, only drew 19 entries from those amassed in Panama City. The $ 50,000 Super High Roller tournament, a staple of the old EPT, brought in only 21 players in Panama, very different from the 68 entries that came in for the Bahamas tournament. The “name” tournaments on the PokerStars schedule – such as their PokerStars Open (a $ 220 buy in tournament) – did draw equivalent numbers, but the PokerStars National Championship was different – a $ 1000 buy in event with re-entry for Panama, a $ 2000 single entry tournament for the Bahamas. Those tournaments saw roughly equivalent prize pools.

These numbers might not be quite as worrisome as it appears, however. The Panama stop is a first-time event, as will be the next stop on the PokerStars Championship circuit in Macau. It won’t be until May, when the PokerStars Championships head to Monte Carlo, where there can be comparisons made to tournaments that existed on the old EPT circuit. But it might be a bit concerning that player numbers are low as it might indicate players aren’t warming to the new “international” PokerStars Championship circuit.

The PokerStars Championship Panama Main Event will continue through the weekend. On Monday, the next champion will be crowned as the PokerStars Championships experiment continues onward.

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2017 WPT Rolling Thunder Main Event Day 1B: Ting Ho Takes Overall Chip Lead

 2017 WPT Rolling Thunder Main Event Day 1B: Ting Ho Takes Overall Chip Lead

The second of two starting flights of the 2017 World Poker Tour (WPT) Rolling Thunder Main Event drew to a close last night with 210 players deciding to give it a go on Sunday. That brings the combined field to 376 so far; registration is open until the beginning of Level 11 (Monday will start on Level 9) and those who already played are still permitted one more entry on Day 2, so we won’t know the final numbers until later today. The Day 1B chip leader was Ting Ho, whose 181,300 chips also barely edged those of Saturday’s leader, Dhaval Joshi, for the overall chip lead.

Ting Ho’s live tournament profile is interesting. She has $ 373,070 in earnings according to; nothing incredible for a poker player, but still a very nice sum. She has a long list of more than 60 live cashes, but even with all those successes and her six-figure earnings total, the vast majority of her scores are in three-digit buy-in tournaments. Ho’s largest cash came back in 2012 when she won a $ 500 + $ 50 at the Wynn Classic for $ 51,876. More recently, she finished 16th at the 2016 Seminole Hard Rock Poker Open Championship Event for $ 35,000.

Ho wasn’t necessarily planning on playing in this event, but she took a shot at a satellite at the Thunder Valley Casino Resort and won a seat, so here she is.

As Ho isn’t a “name” poker player, she was not featured in the live tournament updates until late, when she was at or near the top of the leader board. After the evening ended, she told about her day, saying that early on, she was just “grinding,” slowly building her stack through small, uneventful pots.

“But then I had aces cracked,” she said, recalling a hand in which someone called her with 6-9 suited pre-flop and went on to river a straight.

She continued (courtesy

And then an orbit later I have pocket aces again. It was the same action, a person raised, another called, so I made it 4x [the big blind] again, and then fold, and I get a call. So I’m like, ‘Ah [laughs]!’ And then the flop comes queen-high board with three diamonds, and I have the ace of diamonds. So I lead, I think he wanted to just call, but he threw out one too many orange chips (5,000) so it had to be a raise, so I flat. The turn comes a brick, I check, and he just piles all in. I thought for a while, I would have still had 15 big blinds going into Day 2, and I just decided to call, and he had ace-king.

There are 197 players remaining from the two starting flights, but as mentioned, expect the field to grow a bit more today. Day 2 begins at 12:00pm Pacific.

2017 World Poker Tour Rolling Thunder Main Event – Day 1B Chip Leaders

1.    Ting Ho – 181,300
2.    Ben Barad – 172,700
3.    Alan Bittikofer – 132,500
4.    Kou Vang – 111,400
5.    Ari Engel – 105,600
6.    Tyler Patterson – 104,100
7.    Alan Snow – 103,800
8.    Dan O’Brien – 101,800
9.    Eddy Sabat – 100,300
10.    Bob Buckenmayer – 99,800

2017 World Poker Tour Rolling Thunder Main Event – Day 1B Chip Leaders

1.    Ting Ho – 181,300
2.    Dhaval Joshi – 181,100
3.    Jon Borenstein – 173,800
4.    Ben Barad – 172,700
5.    Michael Tureniec – 146,000
6.    Kelly Douglas – 139,100
7.    Alan Bittikofer – 132,500
8.    Eric Baldwin – 113,700
9.    J. C. Tran – 112,900
10.    Kou Vang – 111,400

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Michael Hahn Takes Overall Lead After Two Day Ones at WPT Choctaw

 Michael Hahn Takes Overall Lead After Two Day Ones at WPT Choctaw

The two Day Ones for the World Poker Tour’s Season XV stop at the Choctaw Casino Resort in Oklahoma are in the books. Coming through the larger of the two, Michael Hahn ended Day 1B with a sizeable chip stack of 370,000 chips to pace the field heading to Sunday’s Day 2 action. With more than 1000 entries already received in the $ 3500 buy in tournament (easily outpacing the $ 3 million guaranteed prize pool) and late registration not ending until the start of Day 2 today, the tournament promises to be entertaining throughout the upcoming week.

Festivities started on Friday at the Choctaw Casino Resort with 387 entries being registered by the end of the night’s action (the tournament featured unlimited rebuys until the start of Day 2). Despite their best efforts, players such as Brandon Cantu (who made a wild bluff on a J-10-9-5-4 board with only K-8 against Alex Yen’s pocket Aces to be eliminated), Erick Lindgren (pocket Jacks couldn’t find a third against Grayson Ramage’s pocket Queens), Pratyush Buddiga (pocket Kings run down by the flush of Matt Bond) and Cate Hall were only some of the more than 200 players who didn’t survive the action from Day 1A. Steve Gross, however, was able to make it through the minefield, bagging up 299,500 chips to head to today’s action.

1. Steve Gross, 299,500
2. Hiren Patel, 298,800
3. Marcos Exterkotter, 248,200
4. Bobby Oboodi, 232,000
5. Jeff Kester, 223,500
6. Alex Lynskey, 220,600
7. Rodney Springs, 218,300
8. Cary Jones, 209,400
9. Dustin Schooner, 204,600
10. Cord Garcia, 199,000

Several notable names bubbled under the Top Ten from the 107 players who came out of the Day 1A battles. Olivier Busquet (11th place, 198,600), Tommy Vedes (14th, 190,200) Dan Shak (19th, 163,000) and Andy Philachack (20th, 157,000) all took a day off on Saturday with their seats through to Day 2 sealed.

As per usual for multi-Day One tournaments, Day 1B turned out to be the bigger of the two starting days by far. By the end of the night on Saturday, 651 entries had been racked up to bring the total for the tournament to 1038 entries. With late registration and the reentry period closing with the start of action on Sunday, it still isn’t known what the prize pool will be, what the first place prize will be nor how many of the participants will be paid.

The players weren’t concerned with that on Day 1B, however, they were just looking to get through with a decent stack. Some of the players that were eliminated on Day 1A, such as Cantu and Hall, came back for another taste on Day 1B and fared a bit better, making it to the end with a chip stack and a chair to move to Day 2. Others, such as WPT announcer Vince Van Patten, weren’t as fortunate, heading to the rail (for the record, Van Patten’s broadcast partner and Poker Hall of Famer Mike Sexton also was knocked off).

When the smoke had cleared from the Day 1B fight, Hahn had amassed a humongous stack of chips good enough not only for the Day 1B lead but also a place at the top of the overall leaderboard.

1. Michael Hahn, 370,000
2. Chad Gilliam, 313,800
3. Drew Dumanski, 300,500
4. Kyle Bowker, 300,000
5. Jake Schindler, 273,400
6. Orlando Romero, 260,800
7. James Mackey, 199,700
8. Andre Crooks, 191,800
9. Jesse Yaginuma, 184,600
10. Darren Elias, 165,100

Putting the two Day Ones together show Hahn and Gilliam are in excellent shape to make deep runs in the event.

1. Michael Hahn, 370,000
2. Chad Gilliam, 313,800
3. Drew Dumanski, 300,500
4. Kyle Bowker, 300,000
5. Steve Gross, 299,500
6. Hiren Patel, 298,800
7. Jake Schindler, 273,400
8. Orlando Romero, 260,800
9. Marcos Exterkotter, 248,200
10. Bobby Oboodi, 232,000

Once again, the final numbers won’t be known for the WPT Choctaw until the first cards hit the air on Sunday’s Day 2 action. At that point, the late registration/reentry period will end and the final tallies will be made. First place for the WPT Choctaw could range in the $ 400-$ 500,000 range, meaning someone will be in store for a decent payday from a few days of work on the Oklahoma prairie.

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2016 Aussie Millions Main Event Day 1C: Jen Lakemeier Heads Final Flight, James Obst Remains Overall Leader

 2016 Aussie Millions Main Event Day 1C: Jen Lakemeier Heads Final Flight, James Obst Remains Overall Leader

All three starting flights of the 2016 Aussie Millions Main Event are in the bag (as are the chips), so it is finally on to Day 2, where all of the survivors of the day one flights come together in a unified field. 337 players registered for Tuesday’s Day 1C at the Crown Casino in Melbourne, Australia, with 224 making it to the finish with chips still on the table. Thus, the total field is 726 players with 413 (or thereabouts – the reported numbers so far might not be 100 percent accurate) returning for Day 2. Registration is still open until the end of the first level on Wednesday, so final numbers will be in tomorrow. Germany’s Jen Lakemeier led all Day 1C with 175,000 chips, putting him in third place overall behind Day 1A leaders James Obst (212,100 chips) and Terence Clee (183,000 chips).

If the above player totals are correct (and again, we’ll see where the final counts end up), this would be the fourth largest Aussie Millions Main Event in history. The biggest Aussie Millions of all time was in 2008 when 780 players joined the Main Event, won by Alexander Kostritsyn with Erik Seidel finishing as the runner-up. The previous year, the inimitable Gus Hansen won the tournament over Jimmy Fricke and a field of 747. Tyron Krost captured the title of the third largest Aussie Millions Main Event, which had a field of 746 players. This year’s 726 would be next, followed closely by 2011’s Main Event with 721 players. As you can see, if today’s reported figure was just an estimate that came in a little high, the 2016 Aussie Millions Main Event will drop to fifth, barring late entries. For the last several years, the turnout for the Main Event has been in about the mid-600’s.

It is currently about 4:00am Wednesday in Melbourne, so hopefully the returnees for Day 2 are fast asleep, getting recharged for another long day of poker. Cards will be in the air in about eight and a half hours.

2016 Aussie Millions Main Event – Day 1C Chip Leaders

1.    Jens Lakemeier – 175,000
2.    James Broom – 150,500
3.    Dietrich Fast – 142,600
4.    James Mordue – 132,000
5.    Daniel Brown – 124,300
6.    Christian Weichart – 121,900
7.    Rich Bruning – 118,000
8.    Patrick Zellweger – 111,800
9.    Alexandros Kolonias – 110,000
10.    Jack Lee – 108,900

2016 Aussie Millions Main Event – Overall Day 1 Chip Leaders

1.    James Obst – 212,100
2.    Terence Clee – 183,000
3.    Jens Lakemeier – 175,000
4.    Andrew Bassat – 168,000
5.    Josep Maria Galindo – 153,200
6.    Mazyar Misaghian – 152,000
7.    James Broom – 150,500
8.    Dietrich Fast – 142,600
9.    Jack O’Neill – 141,000
10.    Daniel Reijmer – 137,400

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EPT Prague Main Event Day 1B: Massive Player Turnout for Day 1B Puts Samuel Chartier Into Overall Lead

 EPT Prague Main Event Day 1B: Massive Player Turnout for Day 1B Puts Samuel Chartier Into Overall Lead

While they were able to pull in 254 players for the action of Day 1A, the “powers that be” for the European Poker Tour had to be a bit concerned about the player numbers for their stop at the Hilton Prague Hotel in the Czech Republic. As it turned out, there wasn’t any reason for the “suits” to be worried as a massive player turnout for Day 1B brought reminiscences of last year’s massive gathering.

From the start of the day, it was obvious that Friday’s numbers were going to be big. When the cards first went into the air, there were 430 players on the tables and that number would quickly rocket past the 500 mark. Surprisingly, every table had a notable name on it, with such players as Dylan Linde, Dermot Blain, Luca Pagano, Mickey Petersen, Jude Ainsworth, Martins Adeniya, 2014 World Series of Poker Player of the Year George Danzer, David Vamplew, recent Poker Hall of Fame inductee John Juanda and Eugene Katchalov (among others) hearing the “shuffle up and deal” call. As the day rolled along, such players as Simon Deadman, Alex Bilokur, Balasz Botand and defending champion Stephen Graner took advantage of the late registration and came late to the game.

About three hours into the day’s action, the sidelines began to fill up with players you wouldn’t expect to be in that situation. 2015 WSOP Championship Event “November Niner” Zvi Stern, Sam Grafton, Ami Barer, Robin Ylitalo, Andy Black and the defending champion Graner would all go down. It seems that Graner, for the most part, was unable to get anything going in the 2015 version of this tournament, falling to Mustafa Biz when Graner got his final chips in pre-flop with K♣ Q♣ and hit on the 8-Q-6 flop. The problem was it wasn’t enough to catch Biz’s pocket Aces and, instead of holding the trophy once again, Graner was out before the dinner break on Day 1B.

Samuel Chartier was perhaps the surprise of the day’s action as no one knows how he got to the stack that he will carry to Day 2. The tough Canadian pro quietly worked his way through the backwaters of the Hilton Prague tournament arena, building up a chip stack of 165,000 late in the evening’s action. Things would get even better for Chartier before the end of the night as, once again without much fanfare, he would be the only player to emerge from the two Day Ones with more than 200K in chips besides their name.

1. Samuel Chartier, 211,500
2. Luca Amoruso, 168,800
3. Gleb Tremzin, 168,700
4. Ivan Zhechev, 159,900
5. Gerald Karlic, 158,500
6. Mustafa Biz, 150,200
7. Roberto Romanello, 147,800
8. Bruno Lopes, 143,700
9. John Leathart, 142,600

Combined with the field from Day 1A, the unofficial leaderboard looks like this:

1. Samuel Chartier, 211,500
2. Anton Astapau, 190,600*
3. Luca Amoruso, 168,800
4. Gleb Tremzin, 168,700
5. Ivan Zhechev, 159,900
6. Gerald Karlic, 158,500
7. Ghattas Kortas, 151,200*
8. Adrian Mateos, 150,200*
8. Mustafa Biz, 150,200
10. Roberto Romanello, 147,800

(* – played Day 1A)

The 783 players that flooded the Hilton Prague on Friday – added to the now miniscule looking 254 that stepped to the felt on Thursday’s Day 1A – brought the entire field count up to 1037 players (there are no re-entries on the EPT, these were individual players). That challenges last year’s numbers of 1107 and it is possible that the field may still eclipse that mark as late registration is open for the tournament until the first hand is dealt on Day 2 Saturday. Regardless of whether anyone joins in after this point, the first place prize for the eventual champion should earn a payday of around €900,000 (Graner earned €969,000 for his victory in 2014).

Roughly 600 players will return on Saturday as the field comes together for the first time at the 2015 EPT Prague. Saturday’s action will resume at noon local time (6AM Eastern Time) as the battle continues until the final champion for 2015 is crowned on the EPT stage on Wednesday.

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