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2017 WPT Maryland Live! Main Event Day 1B: Joseph Cashen Takes Overall Lead

 2017 WPT Maryland Live! Main Event Day 1B: Joseph Cashen Takes Overall Lead

We’re on to Day 2 of the 2017 World Poker Tour (WPT) Maryland Live! Main Event, as the second of two starting flights concluded last night at the Maryland Live! Casino in Hanover. Day 1B drew approximately 50 percent more entrants than did Day 1A; more than 200 entries were logged on the first starting flight and more than 300 were recorded for the second. The total field to this point is 528, with 211 players making it to Day 2. Players can still register up until the start of Day 2, which is right about now, as this is being written. We should know the exact registration figures, prize pool, and payout structure a bit later.

Joseph Cashen emerged as the chip leader of Day 1B and his 221,200 chips put him atop the overall leaderboard, as well. In these types of tournaments, we often see one or two players get out to huge leads after Day 1, but in this case, the top of the leaderboard is quite condensed. After Cashen on the combined Day 1 leaderboard is Zachary Donovan with 215,700 chips, Ari Engel with 210,400, Jesse Rockowitz with 200,300, and three more players with more than 190,000 chips.

Cashen was one of the players to take advantage of the re-entry rules, as he busted out during Level 5 on Sunday, victimized by an opponent’s pocket Aces. He bought back in, but even then he struggled, seeing his starting stack of 30,000 quickly get chopped by more than half. In Level 6, though, he started his comeback. picked up the proceedings in the middle of a hand with the board reading Q-9-8-8. One player bet 4,500, Vivian Leslie called, and then Cashen moved all-in for 10,275 chips. The original bettor called and Leslie folded. Cashen had A-8 for turned trips, while his opponent held T-8 suited, for the same, but with a worse kicker. The river was a King, improving neither hand and allowing Cashen to grow his stack to just above its starting point.

“I ran pretty well here today on my second bullet,” Cashen told afterward. “I was in for two [buy-ins] yesterday, too. A couple guys went all in a little weak and I had the nuts, so that helped. I ran good, enjoyed the day. I had a lot of fun playing here with all the guys.”

As mentioned, Day 2 is just getting underway at Maryland Live! Casino.

2017 World Poker Tour Maryland Live! Main Event – Day 1B Chip Leaders

1. Joseph Cashen – 221,200
2. Ari Engel – 210,400
3. Cherish Andrews – 205,000
4. Richard Foster – 204,000
5. Ben Eilers – 197,800
6. Art Papazyan – 195,700
7. Ashraf Fahim – 178,500
8. Dan Heimiller – 171,000
9. Jon Gilliam – 164,300
10. Belgica Dardon – 153,800


2017 World Poker Tour Maryland Live! Main Event – Overall Day 1 Chip Leaders

1. Joseph Cashen – 221,200
2. Zachary Donovan – 215,700
3. Ari Engel – 210,400
4. Jesse Rockowitz – 200,300
5. Ben Eilers – 197,800
6. Art Papazyan – 195,700
7. Richard Foster – 194,900
8. Robert Sherry – 181,200
9. Ashraf Fahim – 178,500
10. Dan Heimiller – 178,000

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Steffen Sontheimer Claims Main Event, Overall Championship of 2017 Poker Masters

 Steffen Sontheimer Claims Main Event, Overall Championship of 2017 Poker Masters

Capping a week of potentially his best poker ever, Germany’s Steffen Sontheimer picked up his second victory of the 2017 Poker Masters, the $ 100,000 Main Event, and easily claimed the overall “Player of the Series” championship and the Purple Jacket that goes along with the title.

Three days of play saw the 36 entries whittled down to the final six, the only men (and the entirety of the Poker Masters was a sausage fest – no ladies took part in the series of tournaments) who would receive a payday from the $ 3.6 million prize pool. At the start of action on Wednesday it was another German, Fedor Holz, who led the final table with his 1.471 million in chips. Three more German players, Christian Christner (1.367 million), Sontheimer (1.354 million) and Stefan Schillhabel (1.218 million) provided a German wall against two States of America players, Justin Bonomo (1.05 million) and Seth Davies (740,000), who had their work cut out for them in breaking through the German blockade.

Essentially Sontheimer had the Purple Jacket sewn up from the start as any of the other five men needed to win the Main Event to knock him from his perch AND needed Sontheimer to finish down the table to slip past him. But there was still a great deal of money to divvy up, hence the early action was quite placid as the participants jousted amongst each other for position. How placid? It was almost five HOURS before the first elimination would take place.

On Hand 93, Schillhabel moved all in over the top of a Bonomo bet and Bonomo was up to the challenge. Schillhabel was ahead at the start with his A-3 over Bonomo’s K-Q off suit and his lead improved when a trey came on the flop. Schillhabel dodged paint on the turn but, when a K♣ slapped the river, the result completely flipped over to Bonomo and sent Schillhabel to the rail in sixth place.

Even with the Schillhabel chips, Bonomo was still in dire straits with his short stack. On Hand 122, he got his remaining chips to the center in a completely dominated position. Bonomo’s K-10 was in a terrible spot against Sontheimer’s A-10, but it got even worse when Christner joined the part with his Big Slick. Covered on both avenues, an eight-high flop hit nobody, keeping Christner in the lead and sending Bonomo to the rail in fifth place.

After Bonomo’s departure, the pace of play ramped up. Davies would head out the door in fourth place only two hands after Bonomo, taking a tough beat when his A-7 was outrun by Christner’s K-7 when a King appeared on the flop. Christner’s rush continued when, on Hand 126, he knocked off Holz in third place when his pocket sevens stood up against Holz’s Q-J on an intriguing yet uneventful A-10-2-8-5 board.

At this point, Sontheimer captured the overall series championship and the Purple Jacket. With his final challenger in Holz out of the running, Sontheimer would earn enough cash – the criteria for the Poker Masters Player of the Series battle – that Christner could not catch him. The best that Christner could do was finish in second place behind Sontheimer, with the other option being a fourth-place finish should Sontheimer win.

At the start of heads up play, Christner was in a dominating spot with his 4.91 million in chips. Sontheimer, sitting on 2.29 million as the action kicked off, tried to make some inroads in the first few hands, but Christner was able to pick off the Sontheimer bluffs to increase his lead. Sontheimer righted the ship on Hand 133, getting a big double up when his A-8 flopped an Ace and the turn gave him an eight for two pair against Christner’s pocket deuces. Soon after this double up, Sontheimer would seize control of the event.

On the very next hand, Christner tried to keep the pressure on his countryman with a raise to 115K while holding a meager 7 3. Sontheimer called with a connector, 10-9 off suit, and got even stronger on a J-A-8 flop (open-ended straight draw). Sontheimer check-called a bet from Christner and caught gold on the 7♠ turn for the straight. Sontheimer checked, but Christner saw the straight potential and checked behind him. With a second seven on the turn, Sontheimer checked again and Christner felt good about his trips, firing a 320K bet. Finally, Sontheimer sprung to life, check-raising to 1.5 million, which sent Christner into the tank and his time extension buttons. After a moment, Christner made the call and winced when Sontheimer turned up the straight, shifting the chip lead from Christner to Sontheimer.

It would take another 33 hands, but Sontheimer would never let Christner back in the game. On Hand 167, Sontheimer made a raise off the button and Christner moved all in. Sontheimer nearly beat him into the pot, showing pocket Queens, as Christner meekly showed his pocket deuces for battle. The Jack-high board didn’t hit anyone, giving the pot, the Main Event championship, and the Purple Jacket to Sontheimer.

1. Steffen Sontheimer, $ 1,512,000
2. Christian Christner, $ 864,000
3. Fedor Holz, $ 504,000
4. Seth Davies, $ 324,000
5. Justin Bonomo, $ 216,000
6. Stefan Schillhabel, $ 180,000

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Steffen Sontheimer Grabs Event #2, Overall Series Lead at 2017 Poker Masters

 Steffen Sontheimer Grabs Event #2, Overall Series Lead at 2017 Poker Masters

The inaugural Poker Masters is in full swing this weekend, wrapping up the second of its five-event schedule on Friday night. In Event #2, a $ 50,000 buy-in No Limit Hold’em event, Germany’s Steffen Sontheimer captured the victory and the overall lead on the Poker Masters “Player of the Series” race.

50 entrants had been whittled down to the final seven on Friday afternoon, with two men making their second trip to a final table in as many events. Not only was Sontheimer on the felt, but Spain’s Adrian Mateos joined the final seven as well. Those two men were mired in the middle of the pack to start the final day, however, as Christian Christner, Fedor Holz and Tom Marchese were all over a million chips each. Behind them, 14-time World Series of Poker bracelet winner Phil Hellmuth and current Player of the Year leader Bryn Kenney tried to get into the game.

Kenney was the first to depart the festivities only 20 minutes into the day. Pushing off the button for his remaining 350K in chips, Kenney was looked up by Sontheimer in the “sheriff” role. Kenney got his chips in good, his pocket sixes running against Sontheimer’s A-7 off suit, but it wasn’t to be. An Ace fell on the flop and, looking for one of the final two sixes in the deck, Kenney instead saw a Jack (that increased Kenney’s chances of survival to a Broadway straight for the chop) on the turn and a five on the river that sent him to the rail in seventh place.

Sontheimer continued his offensive in taking down Mateos next. Once again, Mateos got it in good with pocket sevens, but Sontheimer’s A-Q once again found an Ace on the flop. After a Jack and a nine completed the board, Mateos was out the door in sixth place and Sontheimer was the new chip leader with almost two million chips.

Christner could never find any traction at the final table. His stack slowly bled through his fingers and, although he did double through Sontheimer at one point, it only served to redistribute the chips around the table. On his final hand, Christner found pocket Jacks to his liking and made his stand by going to the races against Holz’s Big Slick. All the drama was removed again when an Ace came on the flop and, after no Knave came on the turn or river, Christner was out in fifth place and Holz took over the chip lead.

For his part, Hellmuth was a placid lake during his stay at the final table. That was probably because he didn’t have anything to play, pushing his short stack to the center with an A-10 off suit that he knew would be racing at the minimum. Marchese, another player who was quiet for the duration of the final table, found his one moment in the sun in calling Hellmuth’s all in with pocket sixes. A six on the flop shot Hellmuth down immediately and, once the turn was dealt, Hellmuth was out. After the formality of the river completed the board, Hellmuth was out in fourth and off to Event #3 on the Poker Masters schedule.

Marchese was shot down only 20 minutes after his elimination of Hellmuth and, as seemed to be the case for the majority of the all-ins at the final table, Marchese led pre-flop. His A♠ J♠ led Holz’s A♣ 10♣ before the flop spoke; when it came down 7♣ J♣ 9♣, all discussion ended as Holz flopped the stone nuts and Marchese began packing his bags, eliminated in third place.

When heads up play began, it was thought to be a formality. Holz’s 5.444 million chip stack dwarfed that of Sontheimer (810K), but 30 minutes of action saw Sontheimer pull his way back into the match, 2.56 million chips to Holz’s 3.69 million. Sontheimer clawed his way into the lead by bluffing Holz off a hand and, once in the driver’s seat, refused to give up the steering wheel.

On the final hand, Holz made a minimal raise and was met with an all-in from Sontheimer. Holz called off his stack and showed a K-J off suit for battle, normally good except when it runs into an A-J, which is what Sontheimer held. The seven high, four club board saw Sontheimer improve to the nut flush against Holz’s second nut flush, ending the tournament in Sontheimer’s favor.

1. Steffen Sontheimer, $ 900,000
2. Fedor Holz, $ 550,000
3. Tom Marchese, $ 300,000
4. Phil Hellmuth, $ 200,000
5. Christian Christner, $ 175,000
6. Adrian Mateos, $ 150,000
7. Bryn Kenney, $ 125,000

(Dan Shak, eliminated eighth on Thursday night, collected $ 100,000 for his finish)

With the win, Sontheimer seizes control of the “Player of the Series” race. The win, plus his $ 1.104 million in earnings during the 2017 Poker Masters schedule, puts him in first place on the leaderboard. With three events to go, however, it is still anyone’s Poker Masters Purple Jacket to grab onto.

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2017 WPT Legends of Poker Day 1C: Cody Slaubaugh Takes Overall Lead

 2017 WPT Legends of Poker Day 1C: Cody Slaubaugh Takes Overall Lead

The final of the three starting flights of the World Poker Tour (WPT) Legends of Poker Main Event went down on Sunday, as 383 more entries were paid for, bringing the total Day 1 field to 715. Keep in mind that that number doesn’t mean 715 “players,” as this is a re-entry tournament. Thus, “entries” means “paid entries.” The chip leader for Day 1C – who also became the overall chip leader of the tournament – was Cody Slaubaugh with 310,500 chips.

“I chipped up early,” Slaubaugh told afterward. “I got a double in the second level and ran pretty hot from there on out. I had a big hand, top two versus bottom two versus an open-ended draw for like a 100K pot early and that got me going. That put me up at like 120 or 130K. Then I just won some small pots and won a big flip for like 60K in Level 7 with jacks versus ace-king.”

Slaubaugh has $ 1.3 million in live tournament earnings, according to His biggest cash came almost a decade ago, when he finished second in a $ 1,500 No-Limit Hold’em event at the 2008 World Series of Poker for $ 389,128. Slaubaugh has three cashes on the World Poker Tour.

Slaubaugh also has $ 1.6 million recorded online poker tournament winnings, according to

The live coverage of any poker tournament – whether you’re talking online or on television – features non-poker celebrities whenever possible. There’s almost always video of Ray Romano and Brad Garrett on ESPN’s coverage of the World Series of Poker. PokerStars has been hyping up Kevin Hart incessantly. I will admit, though, even though I usually know who the celebrity is, even if it’s just a situation where I’ve only “heard of” the name of some model, I have never heard of the person who is all over’s coverage of the WPT Legends of Poker: GACKT.

Now, when I first read that name, I thought it was an awfully odd spelling of the ubiquitous Nickelodeon slime. GACKT, though, is a Japanese musician, singer, and songwriter. He has a pretty impressive list of credentials, including holding the record for the most consecutive top ten singles for a male soloist in Japanese music history. While I would assume not more than a handful of players at the Legends of Poker have any idea who he is, GACKT (whose real name is Kamui Gakuto), isn’t a total poker noob. He has $ 93,000 in live tournament earnings, most of which came from a fourth place finish at the ARIA High Roller 65 in July.

Though all three starting flights have wrapped up, the total prize pool, and therefore the prize breakdown, will not be known until after play begins on Monday’s Day 2. Players can still register up until the cards get in the air Monday; shortly thereafter, the prize money will be posted.

2017 World Poker Tour Legends of Poker Main Event – Day 1C Chip Leaders

1. Cody Slaubaugh – 310,500
2. Mel Wiener – 307,100
3. Benjamin Nguyen – 245,100
4. Men Nguyen – 185,000
5. Zachary Smiley – 176,900
6. James Carroll – 176,200
7. Shankar Pillai – 173,500
8. Kristina Holst – 162,200
9. Oddie Dardon – 160,000
10. Jim Mangiamele – 159,300

Featured photo credit: World Poker Tour via Flickr.

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2017 Seminole Hard Rock Poker Open Main Event Day 1B: Top Four Survivors from Day’s Action Take Overall Chip Lead

 2017 Seminole Hard Rock Poker Open Main Event Day 1B: Top Four Survivors from Day’s Action Take Overall Chip Lead

The second of two-Day Ones is in the books at the 2017 Seminole Hard Rock Poker Open Main Event, with the top four finishers from the Day 1B action taking down the overall leaderboard of the tournament because of their play.

Before the cards even went into the air on Saturday, an important milestone had been eclipsed. With 212 players in their seats (at $ 5000 a pop), the $ 3 million guarantee was met for the Main Event. This was important because the last three SHRPO Main Events had failed to meet their guarantees, with the Seminole Indian operators of the Hard Rock picking up the overlay. Before the tournament even started, the Tribe was clear of any financial dues for the tournament, something that they had to be pleased with.

As with Day 1A, top poker pros were more than willing to step back into the ring following a post-World Series of Poker slumber. Jonathan Little was one of those players, getting a big double up only four hands into the action. As Little recounted over Share My Pair, he was UTG +1 with pocket Aces and found a willing combatant in the big blind with pocket Jacks who wanted to three-bet him. After some back and forth, all the chips were in the center, with Little’s pocket Aces standing tall to give him twice his starting stack and leaving an unfortunate soul questioning how to play pocket Jacks.

By the time noon had passed, the tournament clock showed 700 entries in the tournament, with former SHRPO champion Blair Hinkle back for a second bite of the apple after not making it through Day 1A (the other three former champions – Dan Colman, Omar Zazay and defending champion Jason Koon – all made it through Day 1A). Tony Dunst, Matt Stout, former World Champion Joe McKeehen, Brian Altman, and current World Champion Scott Blumstein were also on their second chances (or fourth, depending on how you count – players could re-enter once each Day One, for a grand total of $ 20,000 (plus juice) if all four chances were used) in the tournament.

 After late registration/re-entry closed following Level 9, the players got their first look at the bounty they were playing for. An astounding 887 entries were received in the tournament, building a $ 4,301,950 prize pool for the top 111 players to divvy up. Nearly the entire final table will take home a six-figure payday (ninth place will “only” earn $ 75,413), with the eventual champion of the 2017 Seminole Hard Rock Poker Showdown Main Event taking home a $ 754,083 boost to the bankroll.

When the clock called for the end of Day 1B, it wasn’t surprising that the top four players from Day 1B’s action would take over the tournament leaderboard:

1. Diana Shirey, 398,900
2. Chance Kornuth, 365,000
3. David Diaz, 346,000
4. Shawn Nguyen, 345,800
5. Benjamin Ridgway, 285,900
6. Gabriel Andrade, 277,000
7. John Dubois, 234,100
8. Samuel Bernabeu, 214,700
9. Nipun Java, 213,900
10. Jorge Gomez, 211,100

When merged with the leaderboard from Day 1A, here are your overall leaders:

1. Diana Shirey, 398,900
2. Chance Kornuth, 365,000
3. David Diaz, 346,000
4. Shawn Nguyen, 345,800
5. Andy Philachack, 290,000*
6. Pablo Fernandez, 290,000*
7. Benjamin Ridgway, 285,900
8. Gabriel Andrade, 277,000
9. Lahn Pham, 270,500*
10. Alexander Turyansky, 263,300*

(* – Day 1A players)

142 players from the 480 entries made it through the Day 1B battlefield and, combined with the 127 players from Day 1A, will make for a busy Day 2 with 269 players. Plans are to play down to a final table by Tuesday, however, meaning that there will be a great deal of carnage today, not only to just get to the money bubble but also to get to a manageable number of players for action on Monday at the 2017 Seminole Hard Rock Poker Open Main Event.

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