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Sam Greenwood Enjoys Trip to the Caribbean, Wins partypoker MILLIONS Caribbean Poker Party Main Event

 Sam Greenwood Enjoys Trip to the Caribbean, Wins partypoker MILLIONS Caribbean Poker Party Main Event

Normally when people take a trip to the Caribbean, they are going for the change in weather. Canadian poker pro and World Series of Poker bracelet winner Sam Greenwood’s trip to the 2017 Caribbean Poker Party presented by partypoker might have started out as a pleasure trip, but Greenwood quickly made it a profitable business trip in cashing in two big tournaments and winning a third, the $ 5000 MILLIONS Main Event.

Last week, Greenwood was taking part in the first event of the tournament, the $ 10,000 High Rollers event with a $ 1 million guaranteed prize pool. Out of the 103-player field, Greenwood would make the final table with Jonathan Little, Kenny Hallaert, Pascal LeFrancois and Steffen Sontheimer, just to name a few of the competitors. Greenwood worked his way to the final three before departing in third place for a payday of $ 124,100.

That wasn’t enough for Greenwood. A couple of days later, Greenwood was back in the saddle for the $ 25,000 Super High Roller event on the MILLIONS schedule. The 43-entry field was perhaps a bit deficient in numbers, but it wasn’t deficient in the quality of players. This time around, Greenwood would outlast fellow final table finishers Sam Trickett, Adrian Mateos, Rafael Moraes and Sontheimer to reach heads up against Christopher ‘Big Huni’ Hunichen. After an extensive heads up battle, Greenwood would succumb to Hunichen’s aggression and finish in second for a $ 242,750 payday.

Greenwood must have figured that the “third time was the charm” because he dived into the $ 5000 MILLIONS Main Event and its $ 5 million guaranteed prize pool. 12 players came back on Saturday looking to take the $ 1 million prize for winning the tournament. Differing from his previous forays into the High Roller tournaments, Greenwood (193.9 million) was the massive chip leader as the penultimate day of the tournament began. Way back in the rearview mirror were such players as Jonas Gjelstad (117.7 million), Jason Koon (93.8 million), Felipe Ramos (77.8 million) and Preben Stokkan (99 million), who won the $ 10K High Roller that Greenwood was a part of.

Gjelstad rocketed out of the gate, knocking off two players to crack the 200 million mark (249.5 million, to be exact) as the remaining nine men came together for the final table. Gjelstad would prove to be as adept at giving up the chips as taking them as Stokkan took two pots from his fellow countryman to take over the lead himself. By the time the first break of the day came, there were still nine players left but they were getting ready to mix it up.

That ability to “mix it up” almost cost Greenwood the tournament. Although he would get back into the mix by flopping a straight against Damian Lomza, he would double up the dangerous Andrey Shatilov into the lead and drop to only 28 million chips. Playing a K-9 off suit off the button and seeing Shatilov defend his big blind with a Q-J, Greenwood fired on every street of a Q-5-2-8-7 board, with Shatilov calling every street to take the humongous pot.

That was the last misstep that Greenwood would make. He doubled through Jiri Horak and Stokkan to get back to 143 million chips, then cracked the 200 million mark again against Shatilov. Shatilov, however, was giving everyone action as he eliminated Udo Erlei in seventh and busted Horak in fourth to maintain his stack.

Greenwood would continue to chase Shatilov, bringing the action to two players after knocking off Gjelstad in third. After coming back from a dinner break, Shatilov’s 598 million stack dwarfed that of Greenwood (449 million), but the Canadian went right to work. On the first hand of heads up, Greenwood sniffed out a Shatilov bluff to take the hand and the lead from the Russian and he wouldn’t look back. Although it would take slightly more than an hour, Greenwood would eventually emerge as the champion when his pocket Kings held up over Shatilov’s 9♣ 8♣ after the flop came 8-6-4-3-5.

1. Sam Greenwood, $ 1,000,000
2. Andrey Shatilov, $ 650,000
3. Jonas Gjelstad, $ 450,000
4. Jiri Horak, $ 315,850
5. Felipe Ramos, $ 220,000
6. Preben Stokkan, $ 150,000
7. Udo Erlei, $ 100,000
8. Dan Dizenzo, $ 70,000

Just for the record, Greenwood in one week finished third, second and first in three consecutive tournaments, bringing in a neat $ 1,366,850 for his efforts. It would push the annals of poker history to find someone who had a similar run of tournaments during the same festival, let alone the same week.

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Party Poker MILLIONS Series Looks to Break Through in 2018

 Party Poker MILLIONS Series Looks to Break Through in 2018

While PokerStars has been very active in the live poker community, first with the dearly departed European Poker Tour (a moment of silence, please) and now the PokerStars Championships, partypoker has been relatively quiet. That will change in 2018 as partypoker is upping the ante on their live efforts with the second year of their Party Poker MILLIONS Series.

After testing the waters with smaller live events, partypoker has gone full bore with trying to kickstart their live poker ventures and the MILLIONS franchise. They hired the founder of the EPT, John Duthie, to be the president of Party Poker LIVE (the overseer of the MILLIONS events) earlier in 2017 and followed it up by drawing former World Poker Tour announcer and Poker Hall of Famer Mike Sexton away from the WPT for an executive position with the organization. Those two gentlemen seem to have put the final touches on what promises to be an exciting series come 2018.

Duthie, who has the background from the creation of the EPT in his memory, knows what needs to be done first. “Putting players first is key to ensuring that the partypoker LIVE brand thrives and is well-respected, and it’s been great to be part of this,” Duthie noted during the announcement of the 2018 schedule. “The response to the partypoker MILLIONS series has been incredible, and I think the increased prize pools next year are going to take the events to a whole new level. It’s going to be very exciting.”

Sexton echoed Duthie’s statements, saying, “As partypoker LIVE’s flagship series, partypoker MILLIONS has attracted a huge number of players in its first year and proved a resounding success. The MILLIONS series has brought a great deal of excitement to the live and online poker world and really engaged players with a very competitive environment, so I can’t wait to see the impact of even bigger prize pool guarantees in 2018.”

The newly revealed events will offer a minimum of $ 5 million in guaranteed prize money at multiple stops around the world. Some of those stops will have a massive $ 10 million guaranteed prize pool. At the $ 10 million stops, partypoker is guaranteeing that the top three finishers will walk off with at least a million and that a minimum of 250 players will earn at least $ 10,000 for their min-cash.

The continuation of the inaugural season will be later this month with the first of the $ 5 million guaranteed events, the Caribbean Poker Party at The Level at Melia Caribe Tropical in Punta Cana, Dominican Republic. Beginning on November 20, the first two of four Day One flights will be held with the goal to meet that $ 5 million guarantee (1000 players). The final table of the event will be played on November 25 (Saturday), where most of the prize pool will be divvied up.

From the sunny climes of the Dominican Republic, the Party Poker MILLIONS will traverse the world, including the cyber world:

MILLIONS Online                                         December 2-6
MILLIONS Germany                                     February 10-18
(end of Season One)
MILLIONS Grand Final – Barcelona             April 7-15*
MILLIONS North America – Canada            April 21-29**
MILLIONS Russia – Sochi                            August 4-12
MILLIONS UK – Dusk ‘Til Dawn                September 20-October 9
MILLIONS Caribbean Poker Party                November 10-18*

(* – $ 5 million guaranteed prize pool)

(** – $ 10 million Canadian guaranteed prize pool)

The resurgence of partypoker in the live arena comes at an intriguing point in the international poker community. There is already a plethora of live poker events in the world, especially with the PokerStars Championships, the World Poker Tour and even the World Series of Poker Circuit and its ventures into foreign lands. The brain trust behind the Party Poker MILLIONS have cast an eye at the tournament poker calendar in the scheduling of their events, however.

From a look at the schedule, the MILLIONS is avoiding the beginning of the calendar year and the glut of international tournaments that occur just after January begins. In particular, the newly revived PokerStars Caribbean Adventure (back from its one-year experiment as the PokerStars Championships Bahamas) and the Aussie Millions suck up much of the oxygen in the room during the month. By waiting until mid-February for their stop in Germany, the MILLIONS team is giving themselves the best opportunity at success when the calendar is less crowded.

They’ve also utilized their online home as a springboard to get players to the live events. Satellites are running continuously on partypoker for the MILLIONS tournaments and they have been well received by the international poker world. Duthie, obviously remembering how the EPT exploded from online poker satellites, is looking for lightning to strike twice with the MILLIONS series.

Still, the players will be the ones who vote with the most important marker – their money. Many eyes will be cast towards Punta Cana later this month to see if Duthie and Sexton have something going with the MILLIONS. Knowing their history in poker, don’t bet against them.

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Republican Party Removes Online Poker Ban from Platform

 Republican Party Removes Online Poker Ban from Platform

In an e-mail sent to Poker Players Alliance (PPA) members late last week, PPA Vice President of Player Relations Rich Muny relayed the positive news that a ban on internet poker has been removed from the Republican Party’s platform in the run-up to the 2016 U.S. presidential election.

Ever since online poker has been a thing that has existed in this world, an online gambling prohibition has been a part of the Republican platform. The irony of it is that the Republican party claims to be the party of small government, yet for a solid two decades, it has included this plank, among others, that would give Americans less freedom and a federal government that controls their lives. But hey, there are only so many ways to keep that religious conservative vote.

Of course, it wasn’t like the Republican Platform Committee just up and decided that an online gambling ban was a bad idea. The PPA had to convince the Committee of it. And it also wasn’t like the Committee thinks it is a bad idea simply because it is a bad idea. As is often the case, it was likely decided that online gambling was better as a states’ rights issue because, you know, when someone at the federal level doesn’t want to make a tough decision, it is easier to just say, “Well, I think that’s up to the states to decide.”

Online poker is not an important issue in the grand scheme of federal politics, but it is certainly better that a poker ban is NOT a part of the Republican Party’s platform than if it was. Interestingly, this is also the party to which Las Vegas Sands CEO Sheldon Adelson donates millions upon millions of dollars. The same Sheldon Adelson who has made it his life’s mission to do “whatever it takes” to get online gambling banned in the U.S. It is a bit surprising that the Republican Party could get away with that, but then again, it’s not like Adelson is about to support Hillary Clinton.

Then there is Donald Trump’s recently-tabbed running mate, Indiana Governor Mike Pence. Forgetting all of his other ultra-conservative, religious stances, Pence is extremely anti-online poker. He favored Adelson’s Restoration of America’s Wire Act (RAWA), going so far as to write a letter to the Indiana Congressional Delegation, urging them to support it, as well. In the letter, he said it was important for the states to be able to decide for themselves about how they wanted to handle gambling, but that it was somehow also important to have a blanket ban on internet gambling banned at the federal level.

Pence’s strange reasoning for that:

Internet gambling crosses state lines and impacts the ability of a state to regulate and control gambling within its borders. By its very nature, the Internet involves interstate commerce. Internet gambling relies on technology, such as GPS location monitoring and other controls, that may be compromised. Internet gambling also relies on verification procedures for participant ages and payment information that are subject to similar vulnerabilities. Taken together with the mobility of our society and the widespread access to the Internet, a federal prohibition of Internet gambling is necessary. Otherwise the ability of states like Indiana to prevent and control Internet gambling within its borders, despite our best efforts, will be greatly diminished.

Now, hopefully you weren’t waiting to find out about the Republican Party’s or Mike Pence’s stance on internet gambling before deciding your pick for POTUS, but there you go.

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PokerStars Announces Massive Changes to Third Party Software Policy

 PokerStars Announces Massive Changes to Third Party Software Policy

In a move that could have a seismic effect on how online players take on the game, PokerStars announced earlier this week new changes to their policies on third party software usage. The new changes are in effect now and, if fully pushed by PokerStars officials, will effect players who have come to depend on something other than their own abilities to play the online game.

In a post on Two Plus Two, PokerStars’ Sit & Go and Tournament Manager Baard Dahl details out the discussions that had been echoing around the halls of PokerStars’ offices. Those discussions brought out the following changes to the third party software policies, straight from Dahl’s post on Two Plus Two:

1. Reference material, such as starting hand charts, now have to be “basic in nature”. Anything considered to be sophisticated in nature can no longer be used whilst the client is open.

2. HUDs are no longer permitted to display non-numerical data, categorize players or dynamically display statistics specific to a certain situation.

3. Hand or Situation Analyzers, such as programs that compute equities of various ranges of hands against one another, can no longer be used whilst the client is open.

4. Game State Reporters can no longer automatically or semi-automatically retrieve information from an otherwise permitted reference material. For example, tools can no longer notify an end-user that their starting hand lies in Group 1 of a statically defined grouping of hands.

5. Table Selection and Seating Scripts can no longer time a player’s registration into a global waiting list. They must register players into specific tables or tournaments.

The first three changes will actually have an impact on how the play will be conducted on the virtual felt. HUDs have long been popular for the voluminous information that they provide to the players, with some even allowing situational analysis for determining the play of hands. By removing the ability to either display hand grouping information or player categorizations, a HUD user will have to rely more on his own immediate knowledge.

Another important change will be in the ability for software to automate the selection of tables and seats. In the case of the Spin & Gos, Dahl writes, it should be totally random whom players were being seated to play against. Such programs as SpinWiz, however, were circumventing the PokerStars software and allowing for players to target certain opponents (the practice when done in a cash game setting is called “bumhunting”). Dahl was quick to note that “at this time” PokerStars was still allowing some generic seating scripts for other games.

In his post, Dahl also details out how the new protocols will be implemented. “In accordance with our usual procedure, our first objective will be to educate people who do not realize that this form of software is now prohibited,” Dahl writes. “Consequently, we will have sent a notification of these rule changes to players who we know have been using such software in the recent past. None of these players have broken any of our rules, but we want to make sure that everyone has first-hand information so that they do not inadvertently end up in a situation where they break the rules in the future.”

The commentary from the users was divided on both sides of the issue. Some thought that the new regulations are the result of Amaya Gaming, the owners of PokerStars, further protecting the “casual” player and taking away from those looking to make a living off of the online game. Others, however, have long bemoaned the usage of third-party software at the virtual tables – even longtime poker professional Patrik Antonius recently lamented that he cannot beat the games online anymore because of the usage of HUD software – and see the moves by PokerStars as long overdue but perhaps too late to help the online game.

With the new rules enacted, we should be able to see the effects on PokerStars traffic numbers – if there is to be any effect – over the coming weeks. Players will either have to adjust to life without some of their favorite software devices or – as is usual in the online game – find others that can circumvent the PokerStars protocols.

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Party Poker Presents WPT500 at the Aria

 Party Poker Presents WPT500 at the Aria
The WPT500 is back again by common demand at the Aria this summer! It was a large achievement very last yr – never overlook out this yr. Those of you who can perform at Social gathering Poker NJ have an possibility to qualify via online satellites.

Below are some particulars for you:

  • In which &amp When: The ARIA Vacation resort and Casino in Las Vegas, 2nd – 6th July 2015. Qualifiers operate from 30th March – 21st June.
  • What makes it special: Featuring a $ five hundred+65 buy-in, and qualifiers beginning at just $ one, this WPT is also a re-entry celebration with ten X Day 1s to get commenced, giving players a next possibility if they bust out the 1st time.
  • Lock-up as several as six pictures at the $ two,000,000 Assured prize pool and progress by means of our huge assortment of qualifiers!
  • What to acquire: $ 2,000 WPT five hundred deal that consists of acquire-in, $ 750 journey and spending money, and four nights hotel accommodation at the ARIA.
  • Players also have the alternative to just enjoy for their seat.
  • The celebration will function ten day ones, with re-entry authorized when per working day, as nicely as a particular $ five hundred+sixty five very last-chance turbo warmth on July fifth.

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