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Ron Paul Scolds Rep. Charlie Dent for Sneaky RAWA Efforts in Op-Ed

 Ron Paul Scolds Rep. Charlie Dent for Sneaky RAWA Efforts in Op Ed

Regardless of what one thinks about former Texas Congressman Ron Paul, poker fans have got to appreciate the support he has given online poker over the years. And though he is no longer in the U.S. House of Representatives, Paul is still making his feelings known about the subject, calling out Pennsylvania Rep. Charlie Dent in an op-ed for for attempting to sneak an online gambling ban through without so much of a debate.

In June, it was reported that Dent was going to attempt to add language to the House Appropriations Bill – a gigantic bill which authorizes government funds each year – that would nullify the U.S. Department of Justice Office of Legal Counsel’s (OLC) clarification of the Wire Act from back in December 2011.

The Wire Act, originally passed in 1961, explicitly made sports betting over telephone lines illegal as a way to try to slow down organized crime. As online gambling and poker rose to prominence, the Department of Justice interpreted the Wire Act to include all online gambling, not just sports betting.

In December 2011, though, the OLC clarified the Wire Act, saying that it did only ban internet sports betting. Because of this correct re-interpretation, Nevada, Delaware, and New Jersey have legalized and regulated online gambling and a number of states, including Dent’s Pennsylvania, are working on the same thing.

This got Sheldon Adelson, the CEO of the Las Vegas Sands Corp. and one of the country’s biggest Republican political donors, riled up and since then, he has tried to push his Restoration of America’s Wire Act (RAWA) through Congress, a bill which essentially says, “Yeah, that OLC memo doesn’t count. The Wire Act bans all online gambling.”

He has used Republican Senators and Representatives who want to be in his good graces to do his bidding, one of the latest of which seems to be Dent.

Dent actually tried this last year, but his colleagues found out about it before he could submit his amendment to the Appropriations Bill and told him it wasn’t going to happen. He still submitted it to save face before withdrawing it. Here is how it read.

And now, as Dent gets set to insert RAWA-language into another Appropriations Bill, Ron Paul is spitting fire. In his op-ed, Paul says that Dent’s “….proposed ban on online gambling violates the principles of federalism and threatens the constitutional rights of all Americans, regardless of whether they gamble online.”

He goes on to outline how arguments against online gambling are mostly bullshit scare tactics and that “Criminalizing online gaming could also set a dangerous precedent that could be used to attack other rights, including the right to keep and bear arms.”

Paul adds that the sheer fact that RAWA supporters like Dent are trying to sneak this through is evidence that they know they are full of shit. Otherwise, they would let it be debated.

“Sneaking this bill onto the Appropriations bill is exactly the type of political ‘trick play’ that has made so many Americans disgusted with Congress,” Paul writes. “This is especially so given that it is an open secret that much of the support for this bill comes from one billionaire caisson owner who is also one of the country’s largest political donors. No wonder a federal ban on online gaming is opposed by political figures from across the political spectrum, from libertarians like myself to progressives like Barney Frank.”

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2017 WPT Bay 101 Shooting Star Main Event Day 2: Paul Volpe Pulls to Lead, Five Shooting Stars Remain

 2017 WPT Bay 101 Shooting Star Main Event Day 2: Paul Volpe Pulls to Lead, Five Shooting Stars Remain

Day 2 of the World Poker Tour Bay 101 Shooting Star in San Jose, CA, is in the books and it is shaping up to be an outstanding stretch run. Atop the final 44 players remaining is poker professional Paul Volpe, but there are plenty of challenges facing him. Not only are there five Shooting Stars left in the tournament, one of them is WPT announcer and Poker Hall of Famer Mike Sexton, who is looking to take over the lead in the WPT Player of the Year race should he make the final table.

264 players came back for Day 2 play, greeted with the news that they wanted:  the prize pool information. The massive 806 entries for the tournament – a record for the tournament – built a prize pool of $ 5,722,600 (part of this prize pool was the bonuses paid out to the Day 1 chip leaders and the player bounties), with WPT and Bay 101 officials deciding that 81 players would receive a minimum piece of $ 13,660. The eyes of all those left in the tournament were easily focused atop the pay scale, with a whopping $ 1,373,000 reserved for the eventual champion.

Now knowing how many players would be paid, the audacious task was set for Day 2. First, the field needed to work down to the money – meaning slightly more than two-thirds (70%) of the field would be disappointed on Wednesday – then take on getting down as close to 36 players to keep Thursday’s action (to the official WPT final table of six) as short as possible. While one of those endeavors would be completed, the other came up a bit short.

There were plenty of Shooting Stars left at the start of the day and, if they were on the short stack, it seems they quickly found the exit. Shooting Star bounty Chris Moorman was the first to go at the hands of Stuart Tuvey, netting Tuvey a $ 2500 bonus for knocking out the British pro along with his Shooting Star medallion and a commemorative t-shirt. Former NFL star Richard Seymour soon followed Moorman (Seymour’s pocket eights couldn’t catch Tuan Mai’s pocket Kings), along with Jason Koon, Anthony Zinno, Cliff Josephy, Marvin Rettenmaier, Bruce Buffer, Tom Schneider, Joe McKeehen, and Tyler Patterson. By the start of Level 14, there were still 23 Shooting Stars remaining, giving players plenty to strive for.

The news wasn’t all bad for the Shooting Stars. Former World Champion Scotty Nguyen doubled early to get up to 220K in chips, while Rainer Kempe (360K) and Noah Schwartz (305K) were at the top of those with the bounties on their heads. Also coming up the ladder at the start of the new level was Volpe who, while not a Shooting Star, had quietly worked his way into the mix with a 305K stack.

The parade of superstars with the Shooting Star medallion hanging around their necks – at least until they were knocked out of the tournament – continued throughout the afternoon. Andy Frankenberger, Mohsin Charania, ESPN poker announcer Lon McEachern, Igor Kurganov, Pat Lyons, and Tim West all hit the door after their chips disappeared from their grasp. Just as quickly as he went up the ladder, Shooting Star Nguyen would also head for the door in a particularly painful hand. After catching trip Aces on the turn against WPT Champions’ Club member Brian Altman with his Big Slick, Nguyen got his final chips to the center on the river only to see that Altman had flopped a set of fives and, with the turn Ace, made a boat.

With Shooting Star Mike Matusow heading to the door before the dinner break, 99 players were left and the money bubble was looming. What wasn’t going to be made, however, was the goal of reaching the final 36 players. Still, the players surged onward and, as the bubble came closer, Dominik Nitsche, Jesse Sylvia, Todd Brunson, and Ryan Riess would miss out on making the money in losing their bounty. What would come next would be an extended hand-for-hand period, with nobody wanting to depart the event.

For almost two hours, there were no eliminations in the tournament but plenty of double up. Sexton himself would triple up during this process, using pocket Queens against Eduards Kudrjavcevs’ pocket eights and another unnamed player to stay alive in the tournament. It wasn’t until Eddy Sabat, using pocket Kings, vanquished Oscar Zarate-Ramirez’s K♦ J♦ that the money bubble was popped and the remaining 81 players could celebrate their min-cash payday.

Once the bubble was done, the march to the cage began. Matt Stout (Shooting Star bounty) and Jeff Gross (SSB) both took home min-cashes, while Noah Schwartz (SSB), Chance Kornuth (SSB), David Tuchman (SSB), Sorel Mizzi (SSB), and defending champion Stefan Schillhabel all earned a bit more. As Level 21 began (and the clock passed 2:30AM), Bay 101 officials determined that the action would end at 3AM, regardless of how many players were remaining from the 46 players that were left.

Only two players were eliminated over the last 30 minutes of action, but the story for most was the rise of Volpe. With only 108K after the money bubble popped, Volpe increased his stack to 1.7 million and did it without great fanfare in the tournament arena. He would close the day out by adding a few more chips in holding a decent lead over Dan O’Brien.

1. Paul Volpe, 1.749 million
2. Dan O’Brien, 1.339 million
3. Igor Yaroshevskyy, 1.19 million
4. Charlie Carrel, 1.042 million
5. Garrett Greer, 1.034 million
6. Matt Affleck, 1.018 million
7. Sergio Aido, 879,000
8. Sam Panzica, 814,000
9. Tom West, 804,000
10. Brian Altman, 762,000

Greer holds court on the five Shooting Stars remaining, with David Williams (685,000), Kempe (513,000), Christian Harder (385,000) and Sexton (391,000) still hanging on to their medallions.

Because of the late night of play, the tournament will resume at 1PM (Pacific Time) with the requirement that the players reach the final six players before action will stop. With 44 players left in the tournament, that is going to be a difficult task, but it needs to be done to set the final table for Friday’s championship day at the WPT Bay 101 Shooting Star.

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2017 PokerStars Championship Bahamas Main Event: Aaron Paul Makes it to Day 2

 2017 PokerStars Championship Bahamas Main Event: Aaron Paul Makes it to Day 2

The second of the two starting flights of the PokerStars Championship Bahamas Main Event went down on Monday, as 470 players paid the $ 5,000 for what used to be the PokerStars Caribbean Adventure. Somewhere in the vicinity of 260 players lasted all the way through the night to make it to Tuesday’s Day 2. Coming out on top of Day 1B was James Juvancic with 271,800.

With that lofty chip total, Juvancic is also the overall chip leader heading into Day 2. Andrew Ryan also finished Day 1B with more than 200,000 chips, through his 224,300 is a far cry from Juvancic’s stack. Nobody from Day 1A topped the 200,000 chip mark, so Sunday’s chip leader, James Martyn, goes into Day 2 third on the leader board.

Juvancic ranks 361st on the Global Poker Index and has over $ 450,000 in lifetime live tournament earnings. His largest cash came this past August when he finished fourth in the WSOP Circuit Cherokee Main Event for $ 81,707. He also finished 136th in the World Series of Poker Main Event this past summer.

One player many had their eyes on during Day 1B was actor Aaron Paul, star of the hit AMC series, “Breaking Bad.” Paul recently participated in the Global Poker League as a member of the L.A. Sunset, the lone non-poker celebrity in the entire league. During Level 3, Paul had what was likely his most significant hand of the day.

Reporting from the turn, PokerNews relayed that on a board of 6-Q-7-5, Chino Rheem bet 1,675 chips, only to be raised to 4,000 by the Emmy Award-winning actor. Rheem re-raised to 10,000 and Paul called. Another 6 showed up on the river, prompting Paul to move all-in for his last 11,000 chips. Rheem called, asking Paul if he had “fives full.”

Paul flipped over his cards revealing that he did not have fives full, but rather Queens full, having flopped a set of Queens and then hitting the full house on the river.

Rheem, ever the loveable member of the poker community (NOTE: sarcasm), didn’t want to show what he had, but the dealer said he had to, according to the rules.

“Why? He fucked me,” said Rheem, who has never fucked over anybody in his poker career. Oh, no. Not at all.

Rheem showed 8-4 for a turned straight and now we all feel so sorry for him. Aaron Paul finished the day with 74,700 chips.

2017 PokerStars Championship Bahamas – Day 1B Chip Leaders

1.    James Juvancic – 271,800
2.    Andrew Ryan – 224,300
3.    Damian Steel – 165,000
4.    Jan Kralik – 164,900
5.    Mattias Priolo – 160,800
6.    Felipe Ramos – 156,800
7.    Mariano Martiradonna – 151,800
8.    Steve Kerr – 147,800
9.    Erling Voje – 140,800
10.    Valentin Messina – 139,900

2017 PokerStars Championship Bahamas – Combined Day 1 Chip Leaders

1.    James Juvancic – 271,800
2.    Andrew Ryan – 224,300
3.    Brad Marsh – 173,200
4.    Damian Steel – 165,000
5.    Jan Kralik – 164,900
6.    Mattias Priolo – 160,800
7.    Andre Crooks – 160,400
8.    Felipe Ramos – 156,800
9.    Rodrigo Cordoba – 156,400
10.    Mikko Turtiainen – 155,100

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GPL Summer Series Heat 1: Aaron Paul Makes Debut

 GPL Summer Series Heat 1: Aaron Paul Makes Debut

The 2016 World Series of Poker (WSOP) is well underway in at the Rio in Las Vegas and of course, that is going to be the talk of the poker world for much of this summer. Not to be forgotten, though, is the Global Poker League, which began its Summer Series last week with Heat 1, live at the GPL studios in Vegas.

The Summer Series is similar to the heads-up rounds of the GPL’s regular season, except that, as mentioned, these contests are held live. As most professional poker players are in town for the WSOP or at least part of it, the Global Poker League took this portion of the poker calendar is a great opportunity to get the competitors out from behind the safety of their computer screens and in front of each other for the one-on-one matches. Also in contrast to the regular season, these matches are inter-conference, pitting a team from one conference against a team from the other.

The highlight of the GPL Summer Series Heat 1 was the debut of actor Aaron Paul, best known for his
Emmy Award-winning portrayal of Jesse Pinkman in the decorated AMC television series, “Breaking Bad.” Paul was the only non-poker pro to be selected for one of the GPL’s twelve teams, chosen by LA Sunset manager Maria Ho as one of her Wild Card picks. His selection was clearly a PR move, but it is not like Ho can just hide him and let the other members of her team carry him along. Each player must play in a minimum number of contests during the season, so it was inevitable that Paul would have to put his poker skills to the test at some point.

Paul played in the very first heads-up contest of the Summer Series for the LA Sunset, pitted against the manager of the Paris Aviators, Fabrice Soulier. Their match marked the first appearance of The Cube on a GPL broadcast; the two men were isolated from the rest of the broadcast studio in the huge plexiglass box. Rather than sit at a poker table with a live dealer, Paul and Soulier stood facing each other, each with a pedestal-mounted tablet in front of them with which they could interact in order to see their hole cards and input their bets. Also in between them were two monitors that displayed the community cards.

It what was perhaps a surprise, Aaron Paul took two out of three games from Fabrice Soulier, earning six points for his team. Soulier earned three points for his lone win. The first two games were decided fairly quickly, as neither lasted more than 50 hands, but the rubber match dragged on, requiring 109 hands before Paul wrapped it up.

There were two clean sweeps last week: Montreal’s Martin Jacobson won all three games against Hong Kong’s Randy Lew and Sao Paolo’s Felipe Ramos earned nine points against Berlin’s Jeff Gross. Additionally, the Americas Conference won every match last week.

GPL Summer Series Heat 1 Results

LA Sunset (Aaron Paul) 6, Paris Aviators (Fabrice Soulier) 3
San Francisco Rush (Jonathan Jaffe) 6, Moscow Wolverines (Dzmitry Urbanovich) 3
Las Vegas Moneymakers (Scott Ball) 6, London Royals (Chris Moorman) 3
Montreal Nationals (Martin Jacobson) 9, Hong Kong Stars (Randy Lew) 0
Sao Paolo Mets (Felipe Ramos) 9, Berlin Bears (Jeff Gross) 0
New York Rounders (Kevin MacPhee) 6, Rome Emperors (Timothy Adams) 3

Global Poker League Standings

Americas Conference

Montreal Nationals – 115 points
LA Sunset – 101 points
New York Rounders – 93 points
Sao Paolo Mets – 91 points
San Francisco Rush – 75 points
Las Vegas Moneymakers – 71 points

Eurasia Conference

London Royals – 100 points
Moscow Wolverines – 95 points
Hong Kong Stars – 91 points
Paris Aviators – 89 points
Berlin Bears – 74 points
Rome Emperors – 66 points

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New House Speaker Nominee Paul Ryan’s Choice of Chief of Staff? An Anti-Online Gaming Lobbyist

 New House Speaker Nominee Paul Ryan’s Choice of Chief of Staff? An Anti Online Gaming Lobbyist

If you’ve been living under a rock as of late, the U. S. House of Representatives – one-half of the legislative branch of United States government – has been in a state of disarray (and that may be an understatement). Speaker of the House John Boehner, perhaps finally disgusted with the backstabbing from inside his own party, resigned his position as Ohio representative and Speaker earlier this month. The resulting maneuvering for the next Speaker has been interesting (some would say hilarious), but the man that the GOP seems to have settled on will bring a threat to online poker and gaming legislation – or its potential banning.

After flirting with House Majority Leader Kevin McCarthy – who committed the faux pas of admitting that certain committees are held for political purposes and not legislative reasons, a comment that led him to withdraw his name from the nomination process – the GOP reached out to 2012 Vice Presidential nominee Paul Ryan to save the party from itself. By the end of this week when Boehner’s resignation takes effect, it is expected that Ryan will accept the Speakership and become the third man in line for the Presidency. At the same time, another gentleman will have the ear of Ryan as his Chief of Staff who has a jaded history.

According to reports from many outlets, Ryan has tapped David Hoppe as his choice for Chief of Staff, a position that would allow Hoppe to have close access to Ryan and his choices for legislative activities. The problem with this selection is that Hoppe has made a career out of being a lobbyist for several groups. According to the Washington Post, Hoppe is currently a “senior policy adviser” with Squire Patton Boggs and a “senior adviser” to the Bipartisan Policy Center. The Post also writes, “(Hoppe) is a K Street veteran (the street notorious for its location for lobbyists), previously working at Quinn, Gillespie & Associates and at Hoppe Strategies, his own firm.”

Of particular interest to those that are involved in the current fight in Washington, D. C. regarding online poker and gaming would be Hoppe’s activities as a lobbyist. With such notable organizations as the National Association of Broadcasters, Ford Motor Company and Delta Air Lines on his roster of lobbying activities, Hoppe also has the Coalition to Stop Internet Gambling on his roster from his work with Squire Patton Boggs. Two different $ 180,000 lobbying bills have been paid by the CSIG to Squire Patton Boggs as a result of Hoppe’s work on Capitol Hill for the group.

Naturally the choice of a person who has been the spear tip of billionaire casino owner Sheldon Adelson’s push to have online gaming and poker banned on a federal level hasn’t excited those who have been battling Adelson. Through the CSIG, Adelson has sent his minions across the United States, testifying (with sometimes comedic outcomes) that online gaming and poker are a scourge that has to be stopped. With his federal movements, Adelson’s actions have been to individually choose members of the Republican Party to push for his federal ban regarding online gaming and poker.

Through Congressman Jason Chaffetz – who also dabbled with running for Speaker of the House – and Senator Lindsey Graham – currently a longshot to win the nomination as the GOP’s choice for the 2016 Presidential race – Adelson’s lobbyists penned the “Restoration of America’s Wire Act” or RAWA, and submitted it to Chaffetz and Graham. Both men introduced the legislation in their respective bodies of Congress, but were met with a strong push from not only the Poker Players Alliance and its membership but from other groups as diverse as Campaign for Liberty and the Fraternal Order of Police. As a result of these efforts, Adelson’s troops have pushed for a moratorium regarding the opening of new online gaming and poker outlets – even those by the individual states, who traditionally have decided their own rules regarding gambling – until a federal study can be completed (what is being called “RAWA light”). (Efforts to get comments from the PPA and others fighting Adelson’s actions were unanswered as of press time.)

Whether Hoppe will continue to act on behalf of those who previously paid him to lobby for them remains to be seen. But the simple act of someone who was so closely involved in the fight over online gaming and poker reaching such a level of power has to make many nervous.

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