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PPA Publishes Sports Betting Survey Results

 PPA Publishes Sports Betting Survey Results

A footnote in the Poker Players Alliance’s announcement last month regarding the change at the Executive Director position was that it would be polling its membership about how they felt about the PPA possibly expanding its scope into sports betting advocacy. The e-mails were sent out the next day and last week, the PPA published the results.

As one would expect, poker players were overwhelmingly in favor of legalizing sports betting. Frankly, it would be hypocritical if they weren’t. And most would support the PPA’s involving in pushing for sports betting’s legalization.

The results of the poll are reprinted below. One important thing to note that the Poker Players Alliance has not indicated whether or not it has made a decision on what it will do regarding sports betting – it simply published the survey results for all to see. One would think, though, that considering the response and considering that the PPA has been adamant that it needs money and needs money quickly, that it will probably decide to get into sports betting advocacy. The PPA sounds like it could use some more members willing to pony up some cash.

PPA Sports Betting Survey

1. Legalization of sports betting in the United States has been dominating the national headlines for the past several months and the U.S. Supreme Court is set to rule on a landmark sports betting case later this year. Are you familiar with the news and public interest in sports betting?

Yes – 72%
No – 20%
Unsure – 9%

2. In the past 12 months have you… (check all that apply)

• Placed a bet on a sporting event with a friend – 41%
• Participated in a sports betting game at a bar or tavern – 19%
• Placed a bet on a sporting event online using a computer, tablet or mobile device – 29%
• Participated in an office pool, grid, or bracket – 48%
• Placed a sports bet with a bookmaker or bookie – 10%
• Placed a bet at a sports book in a Nevada casino – 21%
• None of the above – 32%

3. Currently, federal law makes sports betting illegal almost everywhere in the country, except in Nevada. Do you support changing federal law so that a state can authorize sports betting?

Support – 92%
Oppose – 3%
Unsure – 5%

4. If federal law allows a state to offer sports betting, would you support legislation in your state to legalize sports betting?

Support – 92%
Oppose – 3%
Unsure – 5%

5. With the organized fight for poker is entering its 12th year, do you believe a PPA-led project in support of grassroots advocacy for sports betting legislation would inject new enthusiasm, volunteerism and donations (individual as well as corporate)?

Yes – 60%
No – 9%
Maybe – 31%

6. Given that there is not currently any organized consumer grassroots movement for sports betting, do you believe PPA has a good opportunity to take the lead in the push for legalized sports betting?

Yes – 69%
No – 9%
Maybe – 21%

7. Do you believe that, were PPA a significant stakeholder in the push for sports betting, that PPA’s ability to promote legislation licensing internet poker would improve?

Yes – 62%
No – 15%
Maybe – 22%

8. Would you support PPA expanding into advocacy for sports betting (online, bricks-and-mortar, kiosk-based, etc.) and casino style iGaming?

Yes – 68%
No – 17%
Maybe – 15%

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Portugal Publishes Shared Liquidity Framework, Player Pools to Merge with Spain and France Soon

 Portugal Publishes Shared Liquidity Framework, Player Pools to Merge with Spain and France Soon

Just over a month since Spain and France merged their online poker player pools, Portugal is about to join them. On Friday, the Serviço de Regulação e Inspeção de Jogos (SRIJ), the country’s gaming regulatory body, published its technical standards framework for shared player liquidity. The next step is for Portuguese players to join Spanish and French players at the tables.

In mid-January, PokerStars became the first online poker room to host players from France and Spain at the same virtual tables. Prior to that moment, the two countries, along with Portugal and Italy, had ring fenced their players from the rest of the world, allowing them to play only on country-specific sites.

The four countries announced an agreement to share liquidity in July 2017 and wanted to merge their player pools by the end of the year, but obviously were not quite able to do so. Portugal clearly lagged behind Spain and France slightly, but is now expected to join them – almost certainly on PokerStars – within the next few days.

Roughly translated using the handy-dandy Google Translate and smoothed out by yours truly, the framework says that the SRIJ will make games and bets available between:

1. players registered on a “.pt” domain that is licensed to offer online gambling in Portugal;
2. players registered in the “.pt” domain and players whose access is established outside the Portuguese territory and which are registered in another domain under licenses issued in accordance with jurisdictions where online gambling and betting and shared liquidity are admitted under the law and / or its regulator.

The key online gambling product here is online poker. While online casinos (those that offer games like slots and blackjack) obviously want lots of customers, the actual functioning of their games is not dependent on player traffic. Customers can easily and happily play at tables by themselves and have the same experience they would if there were other players present. In fact, people might prefer to play alone, as they don’t have to worry about someone making an incorrect play in blackjack or wasting time at the roulette table.

With poker, though, player traffic is of the utmost importance. Cash games only run if there is more than one person at the table, multi-table tournaments often have registration minimums, and Sit-and-Go’s don’t start until they are full. And though cash games can operate with just two players, most people would much rather play at full or near-full ring game tables. Thus, if a site doesn’t have steady player traffic, the tables will be mostly empty, resulting in potential new players staying away and the tables remaining mostly empty.

Thus, shared liquidity is important. The larger a potential player base a country has, the more traffic its poker sites will have. Portugal by itself has struggled to supply players to online poker rooms, but with Spain and France to help (and hopefully Italy later), the poker rooms should be much more viable.

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NJ DGE Publishes Amaya Gaming Investigation Report

 NJ DGE Publishes Amaya Gaming Investigation Report

The New Jersey Division of Gaming Enforcement (DGE) released an 89-page report detailing its investigation of Amaya Gaming’s acquisition of PokerStars and Full Tilt and the possibility of issuing the company a Transactional Waiver Order – essentially a probationary license – to offer online gaming in New Jersey. As we know, the Order was granted, so PokerStars and Full Tilt will be able to enter the New Jersey market when ready.

The report goes into gory detail about the history of the two poker rooms and their issues with the U.S. government stemming from both the Unlawful Internet Gambling Enforcement Act of 2006 (UIGEA) and Black Friday in April 2011. It continues to discuss the purchase of their parent companies by Amaya Gaming and how all that relates to their internet gaming application.

On just the second page, the report summarizes the green light it gave:

That investigation leads the Division to conclude that Amaya has demonstrated its suitability for a Transactional Waiver Order. While the PokerStars entities operated in violation of the law between 2006 and 2011, a number of considerations – including the severe criminal and civil sanctions imposed by the federal government, the complete and irrevocable separation of the previous owners and almost all of the former executives, the acquisition of the assets by Amaya and their incorporation into a robust compliance and control environment, as well as significant changes in the Internet gaming market since 2011– lead to a finding of suitability.

Most of the document, frankly, isn’t all that interesting unless you have a hankering for minutia, but things do perk up a bit when it gets to the investigation of current and former owners, executives, and management of Amaya, PokerStars and Full Tilt. The DGE traveled to the companies’ offices all over the world and conducted interviews with dozens people.

“In assessing the suitability of principal owners or senior executives (including consultants), the Division examines whether the individual was involved in the management or control of companies who were receiving, accepting or processing online wagers from United States players after the passage of UIGEA,” the report says.

“This suitability review to assess good character, honesty and integrity, also involves individuals who reported to principal owners and senior executives and those who had some decision making authority or control over marketing or game play to United States players or were involved in compliance, audit, payments or operations.”

Over 60 people were subject to review and perhaps interestingly, the DGE has required Amaya to terminate the employment of four of them (they were not named) if it wants to be granted an online gambling license.

Among the other requirements that had to be met before the Transactional Waiver Order was issued were:

•    Amaya has to give the state any funds still in the PokerStars accounts of former New Jersey customers.
•    A number of people are barred from ever having anything to do with Amaya including PokerStars founder Isai Scheinberg and his son, Mark, and former Full Tilt heads Ray Bitar, Chris “Jesus” Ferguson, and Rafe Furst. Howard Lederer was not mentioned.
•    Amaya must notify the DGE when it attempts to develop business in other jurisdictions.

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