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2017 WPT Five Diamond World Poker Classic Day 4 – Sean Perry Leads Final Table with Ryan Tosoc, Mike Del Vecchio in Pursuit

 2017 WPT Five Diamond World Poker Classic Day 4 – Sean Perry Leads Final Table with Ryan Tosoc, Mike Del Vecchio in Pursuit

The penultimate day of the 2017 World Poker Tour’s Five Diamond World Poker Classic is set for play on Sunday afternoon at the Bellagio in Las Vegas. After almost a week of play Sean Perry, the son of poker professional Ralph Perry, sits in the first slot on the leaderboard, but Ryan Tosoc (making his second consecutive WPT Five Diamond final table) and Mike Del Vecchio (who has been around the top of the leaderboard all tournament) in pursuit.

The final 18 players came back to the felt on Saturday to work to the final six. At the start of action on Saturday, Ajay Chabra was looking down at those in pursuit. It was quite a list of players in pursuit of him, with high stakes cash game player Lauren Roberts, ‘Big One for One Drop’ champion Dan Colman, Perry, Tosoc and Del Vecchio all arranged on the board behind Chabra. With plans to play until the final six were determined and the players decently stacked for battle, the players, floormen and rail all settled in for battle.

With the WPT “Action Clock” running on the tables (each player would have 30 seconds to make their decision unless they use one of their “time bank” chips to add another 30 seconds), the players wasted little time getting the chips moving. Chabra opened an early hand from under the gun, only to see Jerry Humphrey hammer all in over his bet. Chabra made the call and was behind, his Big Slick looking up at Humphrey’s pocket Aces, but the Q-9-J flop provided a bit of excitement. The Queen on the river and the nine on the turn, however, were less than exciting for Chabra as he sent a sizeable stack of chips to Humphrey.

The news wasn’t as good for another participant looking to make a move. Roman Korenev pushed out a bet and Foxen moved all in immediately following his bet. Korenev made the call once the action returned to him and it was the classic race, Korenev’s Big Chick (A-Q) against Foxen’s pocket fives. A 9-9-5 flop left Korenev basically drawing dead and, after a trey on the turn, it became officially drawing dead. After the meaningless river card was dealt, the chips were counted and Foxen was found to be the one with his tournament life on the line. It was a slim margin, however, as Korenev was left with only 2000 in chips after the count; he would depart on the very next hand.

After Satish Surapaneni was dispatched in 17th place, the players were redrawn to two tables. Chabra, who had been quiet to this point, suddenly came to life with a bet and a Tosoc call. Humphrey, looking to get in the game, pushed all in for around 500K in chips and sat back. In the big blind, Michael Ruane simply made the call but Chabra wasn’t content with that. He would move all in himself and force Tosoc and Ruane to a decision for their tournament lives. Tosoc got out of the way, but Ruane stuck around and made the call.

When the hands were turned up, it basically had played itself:

Humphrey:  pocket tens
Ruane:  pocket Kings
Chabra:  pocket Aces

A monochrome 4♣ A♣ 8♣ flop hit, giving Chabra a set but giving Ruane a draw as his King was of the club variety. A J on the turn left Humphrey drawing dead, leaving the remaining drama to Chabra and Ruane. Ruane had a momentary flash of happiness when he saw the river J♣ that gave him a flush, but it quickly disappeared when he realized it also gave Chabra a full house. In that one monster hand, Humphrey was out in sixteenth place, Ruane in fifteenth and Chabra sat on a 6.65 million chip stack.

The double knockout seemed to open the floodgates for the players to start hitting the rail. Colman was knocked out in fourteenth place by Foxen, while Perry would take down Day 3 chip leader Blake Bohn in thirteenth. By the time that Mel Wiener was eliminated by Tosoc on the unofficial final table bubble (tenth place), Tosoc and Perry were atop the leaderboard and driving to the final table.

There was the little factor of determining which three players wouldn’t be a part of the official six-handed WPT final table. First out was Ray Pulford, who felt confident pre-flop in taking his pocket Queens against Perry’s baby Ace (A♣ 3♣). His Queens were vanquished on the A-J-10 flop and he wouldn’t find a King (for a Broadway straight) or a Queen on the turn or river to depart in ninth place. Roberts fought valiantly in her effort to best her seventh-place finish in this tournament last year, but she was crippled by Del Vecchio’s quad deuces before leaving in eighth place courtesy of Chabra. With only one more knockout to ending the evening’s action, Del Vecchio delivered in taking down Daniel Zack, A-K versus A-Q, to send Zack out in seventh place and set the final six combatants.

1. Sean Perry, 7.65 million (Seat 2)
2. Ryan Tosoc, 5.105 million (Seat 3)
3. Mike Del Vecchio, 4.97 million (Seat 1)
4. Ajay Chabra, 3.065 million (Seat 4)
5. Richard Kirsch, 2.62 million (Seat 5)
6. Alex Foxen, 955,000 (Seat 6)

Perry has the potential to be one of the youngest champions ever on the WPT. Turning 21 the very day the WPT Five Diamond began, he has a chance at a historic achievement that will be difficult to duplicate. With Tosoc and Del Vecchio in shooting distance and on his right (Del Vecchio) and left (Tosoc), he’s going to have to tread lightly (or get hit with the deck). It would be a mistake to count out Chabra or Kirsch, although they need a double to really get back in the action. About the only player who is a “long shot” is Foxen, who needs a lot of help to get his chip stack back to health.

The final table of the 2017 WPT Five Diamond World Poker Classic will kick off at 4:30PM (Pacific time) this afternoon and can be viewed over the streaming network PokerGO. At stake for the players is the $ 1.958 million that will go to the eventual champion and the seat to the 2018 WPT Tournament of Champions next spring.

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Matt Jarvis Enjoying Life Off the Felt with New Ownership Pursuit

 Matt Jarvis Enjoying Life Off the Felt with New Ownership Pursuit

Many believe that the life of a poker professional is one non-stop party after another. The different casinos in such glittering cities as Las Vegas, Los Angeles, Australia or (as is currently underway) the Bahamas leads many to think that it would be the epitome of living. For former “November NinerMatt Jarvis, however, the exact opposite may be true.

Jarvis, who was at the final table for the 2010 World Series of Poker’s “November Nine” battle for poker’s World Championship, had never been in that position leading up to that moment. His largest cash prior to the WSOP Championship Event was a deep run at the 2009 British Columbia Poker Championships Main Event, where he finished eleventh for a good five-figure score. Despite coming into the 2010 WSOP final table in the middle of the pack in chips, Jarvis would be eliminated early in what was thought to be the most exciting hand of that WSOP and arguably in WSOP history.

Over the next few years, Jarvis chased the poker dream around the world. He would achieve the goal of many a poker player – a WSOP bracelet – in 2011 and would rack up over $ 2 million in earnings by the summer of 2016 (including four cashes at the 2016 WSOP). But, as with most when they get older, the times were changing for the Canadian poker player. It set Jarvis off to find something that, while not as exciting as the thrill of the chase in poker, was more concrete for him and his life.

A business opportunity came to Jarvis that, after he studied the situation, looked to be just what he was looking for. Called Shack Shine, the business is a home “detailing” operation that offers full service (indoors and out) window cleaning, gutter cleaning/leaf removal and house and property power washing. The low investment price (under $ 100,000) for a franchise outlet – not to mention the potential future solid business life – seemed to attract Jarvis to getting in a different game.

“I wanted to find a job that would keep me closer to home so I could be with my wife,” Jarvis said in an interview with “At some point, we’ll start a family, so it’s important to be around for that. Some of my friends and family told me about Shack Shine. They said it was the next 1-800-GOT-JUNK?. Once I looked into it, I thought the system was amazing. I liked the people who were involved, and it seemed like a good way to learn how to run a business from the ground up.”

Since he took up the franchise in October, Jarvis has documented his journey with his new work outlet and his enjoyment of overseeing his destiny. His Facebook page highlights his actions from signing the initial contract to gradually building up his services. But in doing this Jarvis is also making sure that he might have some time to play poker for a living.

“I’m not leaving poker for good,” Jarvis told this writer when discussing the franchise and his future. “I would rather be the whale in the poker games that the sharks try to go after, however!”

Jarvis’ move isn’t out of the ordinary in the poker world. Many players have either moved completely away from the game – David ‘The Maven’ Chitcotsky has exchanged poker chips for a successful move to making high-end real estate deals – while others look to reduce the amount of time they play. Just last year Fedor Holz, who reigned atop the major Player of the Year races for much of 2016, indicated he would prefer not to have as busy a schedule in the coming years (as has the man who eclipsed him for the POY, David Peters, in an interview with

Having a solid “fall back” position is something that many who consider themselves “professional” talk about but rarely actually put into practice. For Jarvis to take this step – looking out for himself, his and his family’s future well-being and solidify his life around something outside of a game – is impressive. We can only hope that Jarvis’ new business ownership is something that he is successful at and that it does afford him some time to step back to poker on occasion.

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Do you play poker in pursuit of a career or as a Hobbie?

 Do you play poker in pursuit of a career or as a Hobbie?
Just questioning what the break up ratio is on players listed here,
like are most on some sort of want to be a professional pursuit and investing several hours and hrs making an attempt to get their.

Or is poker for you, purely a hobbie and some thing you have a love and enthusiasm for?

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