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PokerStars Returns to its Roots; 2018 PokerStars Caribbean Adventure Schedule Set

 PokerStars Returns to its Roots; 2018 PokerStars Caribbean Adventure Schedule Set

Perhaps recognizing the error in their previous actions, The Stars Group has announced that their January tournament in the Bahamas will be returning in 2018, including a return to the name it was previously known as.

The 2018 PokerStars Caribbean Adventure will return to action at its traditional home at Atlantis Resort in Paradise Island, the Bahamas, from January 6-14. Along with returning the original name of the event, PokerStars is also stepping out on a limb a bit in returning the buy in to its original amount. After spending several years as a $ 5000 buy in event, the 2018 PCA Main Event will be a $ 10,000 tournament, ensuring the tournament’s place in the pantheon of “must play” international poker tournaments.

The return to the PCA moniker was obviously on the minds of Stars Group officials. “We’re reviewing our live events and incorporating player feedback to ensure we’re delivering the highest quality experience and exceeding player expectations whenever possible,” Eric Hollreiser, PokerStars Director of Corporate Communications, stated during the announcement.

“This feedback included suggestions that we restore the PCA name and improve the quality of that event to reflect the great heritage and unique experience that made PCA one of the most-anticipated poker events of the year,” Hollreiser continued. “We’re restoring the name and reinvigorating the event to ensure it remains a premiere poker festival. We will also increase the promotions around PCA in order to bring even more people and make qualifying for packages as exciting as we can. We are committed to sending at least 400 players to this must-play event.”

There was plenty of outrage that came along with the 2017 tournament. Roughly along the same period as 2018’s play, the 2017 “PokerStars Championship Bahamas” featured over 90 events crammed into the timeframe. It seems that was too much, even for poker players who are always looking for action. Because of some of that criticism, PokerStars has streamlined the tournaments to a more sensible 30 events that will feature longer levels (40 minutes or more) and more play for the participants.

PokerStars is also looking out for the pocketbooks and wallets of PCA participants. Tournament fees have been reduced for the High Roller tournaments and any tournament with less than 19-minute levels will be reduced by 50%. These moves will allow the players to keep upwards of $ 300,000 in their bankrolls.

Finally, another complaint from the players regarding the 2017 tournament series was the treatment of those players. Many felt that they weren’t appreciated by PokerStars, especially after the decade-plus treatment by past ownership, with the parties and “SWAG” bags presented to the players. In response to this, PokerStars has set a large schedule of non-poker related activities and some “Q&A” sessions with Team PokerStars Pro members. Player parties are a key element of this change, including the aforementioned “SWAG” bags that will be valued at $ 200 each.

What isn’t being indicated by PokerStars nor The Stars Group is what will be the future of the “PokerStars Championship” or “PokerStars Festivals.” These events have been less than popular with players, including disappointing turnouts in Panama, Macau and Sochi. There isn’t any schedule beyond the final 2017 date in Prague, Czech Republic for the PokerStars Championship and there isn’t any indication whether the PCA will still be considered a part of the PokerStars Championship or whether the PokerStars Championship will continue to exist.

While a firm schedule hasn’t been set yet, satellites will begin running for the 2018 PCA in September. With the changes made, perhaps the 2018 PokerStars Caribbean Adventure will return to its previous success.

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2017-2018 WSOP International Circuit Schedule Released

 2017 2018 WSOP International Circuit Schedule Released

As if the 2017 World Series of Poker Main Event hasn’t been big enough news for the past week, the WSOP recently gave players outside of the United States something to look forward to, releasing the schedule for the 2017-2018 WSOP International Circuit.

The schedule consists of thirteen events, though the WSOP says that more stops are expected to be added for the part of the slate that will take place in 2018. The first stop will kick off shortly after the WSOP Main Event ends, August 2-8 in Iguazu, Argentina. Next year’s tour stops do not have set dates as of yet, but are rather listed as “January,” “March,” “Spring,” and “TBA.”

“Our partner casinos have done a terrific job bringing the WSOP brand and experience to their properties,” said WSOP Director Gregory Chochon in a press release. “The WSOP International Circuit is here to stay and we look forward to continually improving the experience and prize pools for the players.”

Just like with the United States “domestic” Circuit, each International Circuit stop will allow players the opportunity to qualify for the season-ending WSOP Global Casino Championship, and invitation-only, $ 1 million minimum prize pool tournament. The first qualifier from each WSOP International Circuit stop will be the person who win’s that stop’s Main Event. The second will be the player who earns the most points across of that tour stop’s ring events.

On the U.S. Circuit, there will be 50 “at-large” qualifiers to the Global Casino Championship, which are the top 50 points earners during the entire season (obviously, there may be overlaps with the automatic qualifiers). There are no at-large qualifiers on the International Circuit.

$ 1 million is guaranteed for the Global Casino Championship’s prize pool, but the top 100 players in the 2017 World Series of Poker Player of the Year standings will be permitted to buy-in to the tournament for $ 10,000, thus potentially increasing the prize pool.

The current released schedule for the 2017-2018 WSOP International Circuit is as follows:

1. August 2-8, 2017 – CASINO IGUAZU, Iguazu, Argentina
2. August 25 – September 2, 2017 – HOLLAND CASINO ROTTERDAM, Rotterdam, Holland
3. September 1-11, 2017 – CASINO CAMPIONE, Campione, Italy
4. September 27 – October 4, 2017 – BIENAL PAVILION, Sao Paolo, Brazil
5. September 28 – October 18, 2017 – KING’S CASINO – Rozvadov, Czech Republic
6. November 1-15, 2017 – SONESTA MAHO BEACH RESORT & CASINO, St. Marteen, Caribbean
7. November 17 – December 4, 2017 – CERCLE CLICHY MONTMARTRE, Paris, France
8. November 28 – December 18, 2017 – THE STAR CASINO, Sydney, Australia
9. December 7-17, 2017 – ENJOY CONRAD PUNTA DEL ESTE, Punta del Este, Uruguay
10. January, 2018 – CASINO DE MARRAKECH, Marrakech, Morocco
11. March, 2018 – CASINO CAMPIONE, Campione, Italy
12. Spring, 2018 – KING’S CASINO – Rozvadov, Czech Republic
13. TBA, 2018 – CASINO ADJARABET, Tbilisi, Georgia

Last year’s WSOP International Circuit schedule had 14 stops, though with the note that more stops are expected, one would think that the 2017-2018 schedule will end up topping that. This will be the fourth season for the WSOP International Circuit.


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Broadcast Schedule Announced for WSOP Championship Event

 Broadcast Schedule Announced for WSOP Championship Event

It doesn’t seem like six weeks has gone that quickly, but the poker world is on the precipice of arguably its greatest event. The World Series of Poker’s $ 10,000 World Championship Event – also known as the “Main Event” – will begin on Saturday. For the first time in the history of poker’s premiere tournament, there will be live broadcasting of the event from start to finish over several television and streaming networks.

Beginning on Saturday afternoon at 2PM Eastern Time (11AM Pacific Time), the subscription network PokerGO will catch the “shuffle up and deal” for Day 1A of the event. PokerGO will broadcast the first two hours of the tournament over their means before turning it over to ESPN2 at 4PM. From 4PM to 8PM, ESPN2’s coverage will take over in its “live-delayed” format (all broadcasts will be on a 30-minute delay per Nevada Gaming Control Board stipulations) before turning it back over to the PokerGO folks from 8-9:15PM.

Sunday’s Day 1B has a slight adjustment to the broadcast schedule. From 2PM to 6PM, ESPN2 will take the lead to start the day, with PokerGO picking up the evening schedule from 6PM to 9:15PM. On Monday, Day 1C will be completely in the hands of PokerGO, which will start broadcasting at 2:30PM until 9:15PM Monday night.

The real fun for fans of poker will come after the Day Ones are out of the way. Tuesday will be full of poker, with Day 2A/B being broadcast from 2:30PM to 7:30PM on PokerGO, then switching over to “The Mothership,” ESPN, for the first time during the 2017 schedule. ESPN will carry Day 2A/B from 7:30PM until the start of SportsCenter at 11PM, at which point PokerGO will resume coverage for a half-hour before calling it a night. Wednesday will feature the final Day 2, Day 2C, with coverage from PokerGO (3:30PM-8PM) and ESOP (8PM-10PM).

Thursday’s Day 3 – the first day the entirety of the field will be together – is entirely in the hands of PokerGO, covering Day 3 from 2:30PM until 9:15PM that night. Then it is back to PokerGO and ESPN2 taking coverage on Friday for Day 4, covering nine hours – and that isn’t the longest day yet. After Day 5 (shared coverage between ESPN2, from 2PM to 4PM, and PokerGO from 4PM to 9:15PM), the final two days of the Championship Event will be shown in their entirety. Until they end – on July 16 with roughly 27 players and July 17 with the determination of the final table – ESPN2 will have primetime coverage, which switches over to PokerGO until 3AM each night.

After two days off (July 18-19), ESPN2 and ESPN will handle the broadcast of final table play. Beginning at 9PM on July 20-22, the cameras of ESPN will take viewers from nine players to six to three, ultimately crowning poker’s next World Champion on July 22. For the entirety of the broadcasts, Lon McEachern and Norman Chad will be on the call, with additional help from Kara Scott, while there are a host of top professionals who will be making guest appearances throughout the next two weeks of poker.

“This is poker’s Olympics and we are thrilled that ESPN and PokerGO have joined forces to bring viewers around the globe inside access to our game’s most prestigious event, the WSOP Main Event and the spectacle that it is,” said WSOP Executive Director Ty Stewart. “We can’t wait to get started on July 8 and look forward to sharing this event with a massive audience.”

PokerGO is using the Championship Event broadcasts as a major push for subscribers to its channel. Covering 60+ hours outside of ESPN/ESPN2, PokerGO will offer their service for a $ 10 yearly discount by using the code SAVE10. Viewers can also sign up just to watch the next couple of weeks by purchasing a monthly pass to PokerGO for a $ 10 fee (no promo code required).

If you would like to print out the broadcast schedule for the WSOP Championship Event, you can find it here. With ESPN/ESPN2 covering it for 40+ hours and PokerGO for another 60+, there’s plenty of poker for even the most ardent fan and it starts tomorrow.

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New Jersey SCOOP Schedule Unveiled

 New Jersey SCOOP Schedule Unveiled

Most of us here in the United States feel left out when it comes to all things online poker. PokerStars’ Spring Championship of Online Poker (SCOOP) is about to start and I sit here in the Bible Belt, sad that I can’t struggle to min-cash in any of the events. Residents of New Jersey can’t play in it, either, but they will be getting their own version of SCOOP, logically called the NJSCOOP. NJSCOOP will run May 6th through May 22nd.

The international SCOOP has three different buy-in levels for every event. New Jersey’s edition is similar, but perhaps because the player pool isn’t remotely as large, the events will only have a “high” and “low” buy-in option. With 35 events, that means there will be 70 total tournaments with guaranteed prize pools of over $ 1.2 million.

The Main Events will be two-day tournaments beginning May 21st. The high Main Event will cost $ 500 and will have a $ 200,000 guarantee, while the low Main Event will be $ 50 and have a $ 30,000 guaranteed prize pool.

As one would expect, PokerStars is making various options available for players to qualify for the NJSCOOP events for less than the posted buy-in. One of the more interesting ways is via a special $ 4 Spin & Go. There are only four possible prize pool multipliers, the top one of which is 125x. Do the math and you will see that it comes out to $ 500; the top prize is, naturally, a ticket into the $ 500 high Main Event. The other multipliers are 2x, 4x, and 6x with cash prizes. Let’s take a look at the probabilities for each prize pool multiplier.

2x multiplier – $ 8 prize pool – 741,425 in 1 million
4x multiplier – $ 16 prize pool – 232,225 in 1 million
6x multiplier – $ 24 prize pool – 24,500 in 1 million
125x multiplier – NJSCOOP Main Event High Ticket – 1,850 in 1 million

The chances of hitting the 125x multiplier and then actually winning the Spin & Go are virtually nil, but for those who play Spin & Go’s anyway, it could be worth the effort.

PokerStars is also hosting one freeroll per week leading up to the Main Event. These freerolls will award a ticket into both the high and low versions of the Main Event. Players do have to qualify for the freerolls, but the good news is that the requirement is insanely easy. Players qualify simply by playing in a real money cash game hand or tournament; with that, they earn entry into that week’s upcoming freeroll.

The other way to win a seat into one of the Main Events requires more of a cash outlay and is a bit wonky. Anyone who plays in NJSCOOP Events 3, 6, 18, 21, or 27 – all No-Limit Hold’em tourneys – will earn a seat into an All-In Shootout tournament held the day after the respective NJSCOOP event. Each of the “high” All-In Shootouts awards 12 $ 100 Satellite tickets for the Main Event and the each of the “low” All-In Shootouts awards 40 $ 10 satellite tickets. So players will still have to win their satellites to make it into the Main Event.

At least nobody has to be logged in to play in the All-In Shootout, so that’s something. The complete NJSCOOP schedule can be viewed on the PokerStars NJ website.

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PokerStars Announces 2017 SCOOP Schedule

 PokerStars Announces 2017 SCOOP Schedule

PokerStars has released the schedule for the 2017 Spring Championship of Online Poker (SCOOP), one that promises to be the poker room’s most ambitious yet. Last year’s SCOOP broke all sorts of PokerStars records, but this one will be a week longer, and have $ 55 million in guaranteed prize pools, $ 15 million more than the 2016 version. It will have the usual SCOOP schedule format, with events running in triplicate with three separate buy-ins for each. All told, there are 57 events on the schedule, which means there are 171 total tournaments.

The extra week is at the beginning of the SCOOP scheduled, reserved for “phased” tournaments. The way these week is there are multiple starting flights spread across several days (a week, in this case). Each flight lasts the same amount of time. Later in the poker festival, the survivors from all those flights return to continue the tournament. It’s a way to give people a chance to play in a huge tourney was big prize pools, but not have to commit to playing for a day or two straight.

One interesting game type making its SCOOP debut is “Win the Button,” which first showed up in last year’s WCOOP. There will be both No-Limit Hold’em and No-Limit Omaha versions of the event. In Win the Button, the player who wins the hand gets the button on the next hand, thus the name makes perfect sense. These tourneys tend to feature more aggressive play, as the reward for winning a hand is much greater than normal.

There are also a number of Progressive Knockout tournaments on the schedule. In these, half the buy-in is put into the prize pool, while half is used as a bounty on each player’s head. Instead of winning a player’s entire bounty when knocking them out, though, you only get half of it, while the other half is added to your own bounty.

And then there is the one event that is the Progressive 100% Knockout. In this one, ALL of the buy-in is used as bounty. The only way to win money is to eliminate other players.

As mentioned, the 2016 SCOOP destroyed records. With nearly $ 91 million prize pools (168 total tourneys), it set the mark for the largest combined prize pool for an online tournament series in poker history.

The three Main Events all set records themselves, as well:

•    2016 SCOOP $ 10,000 High Main Event: 824 players, $ 8,000,001.76 prize pool (previous record 694 players, $ 6,940,000 prize pool in 2015 SCOOP)
•    2016 SCOOP $ 1,000 Mid Main Event: 5,026 players, $ 4,786,661.88 prize pool (previous record 4,238 players, $ 4,238,000 prize pool in 2015 SCOOP)
•    2016 SCOOP $ 100 Low Main Event: 24,591 players, $ 2,255,978.34 prize pool (previous record 23,045 players, $ 2,304,500 prize pool in 2013 SCOOP)

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