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Virginia Senate Passes Poker “Game of Skill” Bill, Future Unknown

 Virginia Senate Passes Poker “Game of Skill” Bill, Future Unknown

In a highly contentious vote, the Commonwealth of Virginia’s Senate voted to classify poker as a “game of skill.” The future of the Senate bill? That is unknown, but it opens the doors for a plethora of outcomes.

The vote in the Senate was as close as you can get. After the polling was complete, the issue garnered the same number of votes for each side, 19-19, meaning that Lieutenant Governor Ralph Northam’s vote was necessary to break the tie. His “aye” vote for passage cleared the way for the bill to now be considered by the Virginia House of Delegates.

The Senate bill, S1400, was originally introduced by Senator Louise Lucas, who was sure that the bill would get out of the Senate chambers. “I had the law on my side,” Lucas commented before the hearing in the Senate committee that would end up passing. This was the third year in a row that Lucas had proposed such legislation, with the bill in previous years dying in the same committee that passed it in 2017.

The bill itself only changes the language in Virginia statutes regarding its definition of poker as a “skill” game and not illegal gambling. The full bill language is as such: Poker; definition of illegal gambling and charitable gaming; poker games authorized; regulation of poker tournaments. Provides that poker is a game of skill and therefore not illegal gambling. The bill also allows a qualified organization to conduct poker games in conjunction with its charitable gaming activities, but does not allow a charitable organization to conduct poker tournaments. The bill requires the Department of Agriculture and Consumer Services and the Charitable Gaming Board to regulate poker tournaments, defined in the bill as a competition organized for the purpose of conducting poker games at one or multiple tables where (i) competitors play a series of poker games, (ii) prizes are awarded to winning players on a fixed or proportional payout basis, and (iii) the total prize amount awarded to all winning players at the event is $ 50,000 or more. Finally, the bill requires poker tournament sponsors to obtain a permit before conducting a tournament and tournament managers and operators to be registered with the Department.

Nowhere in that definition change does it state the future of poker in the state. There are several paths that could be taken in the coming months.

The first is that there could be absolutely nothing done. The Virginia House of Delegates is a notoriously anti-gaming bunch, but of late there has been some changes that the body has allowed. The state offers a lottery, pari-mutuel betting and, in 2016, opened the doors for daily fantasy sports (DFS) inside the state. Whether the House is ready to allow for poker’s decriminalization, however, is unknown.

If the House were to vote through S1400 and Governor Terry McAuliffe (a Democrat) signs it, then several options are available. The opening of casino gaming could be in play as Virginia, with Delaware, West Virginia and Maryland located around it all having some form of casino gaming and/or poker, might be interested in keeping some Virginia residents’ money inside the state. There is also the potential for online poker to come to the fore for the Cavalier State.

Online poker would be the first foray into the industry for the state and they may have the population to make a difference. Virginia, with its estimated 8.4 million residents, is the 12th largest state in the country and is almost the equal of another state that has online casino gaming, New Jersey (8.9 million). Numbers from the barely three-year old New Jersey online casino gaming industry, where there has been over $ 476 million in revenues and $ 71 million in taxes paid by the operators, have been strong even though they were originally overestimated by the state’s Governor, Chris Christie.

This is critical as Virginia legislators look for an injection of funds into the state coffers. In 2014, the state estimated that there would be more than a $ 1 billion shortfall in the budget, with significant cuts potentially on the horizon. Online gaming (if the numbers were like New Jersey’s figures) and casino gaming could be something that Virginia legislators might by eying as a potential to offset the state’s financial woes.

This discussion is quite premature, however, as the bill still must get through the House and get the signature of McAuliffe. Currently there is no discussion planned for S1400 in the House, but that can change quickly. The move to make poker a “skill” game in Virginia may be nothing more than a legal clarification but, if passed, it would open the doors for quite a bit more for the state.

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Dutch Court of Appeal Reverses Poker “Skill Game” Ruling Two Years Later

 Dutch Court of Appeal Reverses Poker “Skill Game” Ruling Two Years Later

A ridiculously trivial legal case hit another milestone last week as the Amsterdam Court of Appeal ruled against two café owners who were arrested back in 2007 (yes, we’re going back almost a decade) for running a €10 re-buy poker tournament at their establishment.

Richard Blaas and Rene Kurver owned the Amsterdam’s Café de Viersprong Bussum and, as stated above, ran a modest poker tournament at their business. The tourneys, which were held in 2006, would attract as many as 70 players. Twice courts ruled that the small, private poker tournament did not violate the country’s gambling laws since poker is a game of skill, so it appeared that, as of early in 2014 when the second ruling came down, the two men were clear of any charges.*

Prosecutors were oddly persistent, though, and last week, the Amsterdam Court of Appeal reversed the earlier decisions, saying that poker was a game of chance, not skill, and therefore Blaas and Kurver had run afoul of the law.

Their attorney, Peter Plasman, argued that the more hands that are played, the more skill becomes the predominant factor in success, which is why we see many of the same players making the final table in large poker tournaments. He also said that since the Netherlands tax office actually accepts the occupation of professional poker player as a valid business, that should indicate that the law sees poker as a game of skill.

But his arguments were to no avail, as the Court essentially said that since players have no control over what cards are dealt, poker is a game of chance and thus running a poker tournament in a café is illegal.

Plasman was also counsel for Dutch professional poker player and tournament organizer Steven van Zadelhoff in 2010, who was facing similar charges to that of Blaas and Kurver. Plasman won that case as well as the earlier Blaas/Kurver cases.

Plasman feels, as many of us do, that arresting people and dragging them into extended legal affairs for hosting poker tournaments that cost a few Euros. “The fact that two different courts came to the same conclusion might make the prosecutor say that it’s time to halt bringing people in front of the criminal court. That is to me a sound reasoning, but I can’t be sure,” he told PokerNews Europe at the time.

Blaas and Kurver were each fined €1,250 for organizing the poker tournaments, but the fines have been waived because of how long the case took to resolve.

*In the meantime, their business went under when they were arrested.

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PokerSchool Open Skill League

 PokerSchool Open Skill League
Does anybody play this on PokerStars ?

I played it last month for the first time and came 861st.

This month I am comfortably in the top 300 !!

WOW ! I must be really good hey ?

Nah….. Just register late… fold every hand… wait til you make the last 25% then start shoving chips in late position and hope you catch a decent hand real soon…

The only skill in this league is resisting temptation to play premier hands early in the tournament…

I was really chuffed to pass the poker school test <second attempt LOL> to join this league but find now that it’s not really a test of poker skill but more a test of discipline which I guess Poker is but this feels like a cheat… I logged in the other day then went shopping, came home 45 mins later, hit some decent hands doubled up a few times and finished in a good position at the end…

Hats off to those who finish in the premier places mind you cos I still believe you need to be a decent player to get that high up… but I’m top 300 and I’m a newbie and I’m a bigger rock than that wrestler guy, what’s his name ? Ummm… Oh yeah… The Rock !

I Don’t see those Pro’s on TV with shopping bags under the table…

Thoughts please 🙂

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Bad players shoving all-in (reducing skill gap)

 Bad players shoving all in (reducing skill gap)
Does a poor participant shoving all in reduce the talent gap? What I imply by that, is that provided that AK (regarded a robust hand) is only a like a 65/35 favourite against any random two below playing cards (I feel). And also pairs like ninety nine TT JJ QQ KK aren’t THAT sturdy (villain nonetheless has a chance) towards any rag ace. So what I am declaring is, inadequate players can quit much better gamers from out taking part in them by shoving pre flop and leaving it a lot more up to luck than ability. Do you think this is accurate? And if you do, how can we combat it?

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Pokerschool Open skill leauge challenge

 Pokerschool Open skill leauge challenge
Hi Cardschatters!

I have appeared into the leaderboards on Pokerstars and found that with adequate volume and energy you can truly acquire a fairly first rate cash sum.

In February I primarily performed them just to play a freeroll, and perhaps get some funds in addition.
When I began taking part in them a lot more seriously at the twenty second of February I in fact made it to the leaderboard money, even if it ended up only 2,fifty$ it produced me understand that aiming for the 1st place isn’t impossible at all.
For the duration of these six times I performed a overall of 21 (when I obtained over 1500). I only produced it to the money in One particular of the tournaments, and I even now managed to get 439,17 details.
That place me at location 1615 with 1939,seventeen details.
The winner had 2668,29 points.

If I consider it seriously a variety 1 placement wont be not possible at all.
I would value any ideas and perception you could supply along the way!


Primary challenge

– Place very first in the Pokerstars Open ability league leaderboard for march 2015
– Qualify into the premier leauge

Side obstacle

– Area below four hundred three consecutive instances for a Large Bang event ticket
– Bink in 1 of them (Probably harder than winning the leauge)
– Will not get any minus points

The first tourney will start off at 07:00 am in excess of listed here so I far better go get some rest.

Want me luck!

Current leaderboard details: 1500

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