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Troy Quenneville Goes One Further, Wins partypoker $2 Million Guaranteed Event in Punta Cana

 Troy Quenneville Goes One Further, Wins partypoker $2 Million Guaranteed Event in Punta Cana

Rare is it when the World Poker Tour holds a tournament and there is another event on that calendar that actually bests it not only as far as entries but also tops it with the prize pool. That happened at the end of the week as partypoker, the sponsor for the WPT Caribbean event held in Punta Cana last week (and won by Niall Farrell over Troy Quenneville) concluded that schedule with their partypoker Millions $ 2 Million Guaranteed event.

Over two Day Ones that were conducted while the WPT event was in its Day Two and Three action, the partypoker Millions drew in 526 entries, more than what came out for play in the WPT Caribbean itself. Although such players as Farrell, Tony Dunst and Martin Jacobsen came out for the tournament, only Jacobsen was around by the last day of the event. Leading the way was Quenneville, who had used his second-place finish money from the WPT Caribbean to jump into this event as a late entry.

Quenneville had more than a 2:1 lead over the second-place competitor, Andrei-Lucian Boghean, as the other 19 players behind them jostled for position. Among those players were Erik Cajelais, Ari Engel, Matt Salsberg and Jacobsen, with both Jacobsen and Salsberg on short stacks to start the action.

Engel got healthier from the start in knocking out Sviataslau Desimon in 20th place and growing his stack over the one million chip mark. Cajelais also made some moves towards the top of the leaderboard, knocking off Dominic Smith in 12th place as Cajelais popped into third place behind Quenneville and David Yan. Once Moritz Dietrich was eliminated in ninth place by Quenneville, it was looking increasingly likely it was Quenneville’s tournament to take.

How big was Quenneville’s lead, you ask? Look for yourselves:

1. Troy Quenneville, 8.1 million
2. David Yan, 3.5 million
3. Erik Cajelais, 2.8 million
4. Ari Engel, 2.6 million
5. Andrei-Lucian Boghean, 2.3 million
6. Fabion Jergen, 2.2 million
(tie) Edward Van Klooster, 2.2 million
8. Martin Kozlov, 300,000

After the players came back from dinner, they made quick work of the final table. Kozlov went on the very first hand back, thinking his pocket Aces would stand against Quenneville’s suited J-10 only to see the board run 10-8-5-J-4 to give Quenneville Jacks up and the hand. That wasn’t enough for Quenneville as he continued his rampage over the final table, eliminating Yan when Quenneville’s Big Slick rivered a King against Yan’s pocket sevens.

Eager to get into the fight, Cajelais came to life. After seeing Engel raise the betting to 160K, Cajelais three bet to 450K but had to stop after Engel moved all in on him. The moments to ponder saw Cajelais eventually fall on the side of a call, but it was initially the wrong move. Engel was sitting on A-K, which completely dominated Cajelais’ A-10, and the 5-7-A-5 flop and turn kept Engel in the lead. The 10♠ on the river, however, flipped the script completely, giving the hand to Cajelais and eliminating Engel in sixth place.

While Cajelais stepped up, the night still belonged to Quenneville. He eliminated Jergen in fifth and, after Van Klooster took out Boghean in fourth, Quenneville had a sizeable lead over both Van Klooster and Cajelais. Once Quenneville had taken down Van Klooster in third place, he entered heads up play against Cajelais with a monstrous 8:1 lead. It would take a few hands (two of which Cajelais would double his meager holdings) but, on the final hand, Quenneville’s A-10 stood over Cajelais’ A-8 on a 9-10-9-K-2 board to give Quenneville the championship.

1. Troy Quenneville, $ 400,000
2. Erik Cajelais, $ 250,000
3. Edward Van Klooster, $ 150,000
4. Andre-Lucian Boghean, $ 90,000
5. Fabian Jergen, $ 70,275
6. Ari Engel, $ 58,000
7. David Yan, $ 46,000
8. Martin Kozlov, $ 36,000

Along with his winnings from the WPT Caribbean tournament, Quenneville in the span of two days earned $ 620,000, a nice run for sunning yourself in Punta Cana! Congratulations to Troy and all those who came back from their trip with something in their pockets.

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2016 WPT Caribbean Main Event Day 2: Troy Quenneville Surges to Lead Late

 2016 WPT Caribbean Main Event Day 2: Troy Quenneville Surges to Lead Late

Troy Quenneville leads the remaining 75 players at the World Poker Tour (WPT) Caribbean Main Event after Day 2; with 302,000 chips, he is the only player to finish Monday’s action above the 300,000 mark. Alexander Denisov is not far behind with 280,500 chips.

After Day 1A’s miniscule turnout, about another 210 entries were paid on Day 1B, bringing the field up to a small, but not insulting, level. All players were permitted one initial entry and one re-entry per day; registration and another re-entry were also allowed on Day 2 until after the dinner break. Thus, the tournament saw about another 50 entries yesterday, bringing the total field to 323 entries. Of those 323 entries, 224 were players’ initial buy-ins and 99 were re-entries.

The total prize pool for the WPT Caribbean Main Event is $ 1,456,892, with 36 players seeing a payday. The winner will receive $ 335,000, which includes a $ 15,000 entry into the season-ending Tournament of Champions. Min-cash is $ 10,000.

As often happens in big tournaments, the chip leader rose to the top position late in the day. According to the live report, Ankush Mandavia raised pre-flop, one player called, and Troy Quenneville re-raised. Both opponents called to bring on a flop of T-6-3. Action was checked to Quenneville, who threw out a 22,200 chip continuation bet. That wasn’t enough to force anyone out of the pot, so all three players saw a Queen dealt on the turn. After all three checked, the river was a 9. Mandavia bet 19,000 and again, nobody left the hand; both Quenneville and the other player called. Quenneville flipped over A-Q of spades for top pair, top kicker and that was apparently good enough, as both opponents mucked their cards.

That pot gave Quenneville the lead, growing his stack to nearly 400,000 chips. As you can tell by the end of day chip counts, he lost a chunk after that, but not so much that he fell out of the chip lead.

Should Quenneville hold on to at least make the money, it would be, by far, the largest live tournament cash of his career. According to poker database, Quenneville has just two live cashes – accomplished this spring – for a total of less than $ 600.

The 28-year old Quenneville is originally from Ontario, Canada and now lives in Costa Rica. He attended Saginaw Valley State University where he competed on the men’s golf team.

Day 3 will begin at 3:00pm local time (2:00pm ET). That’s two hours earlier than yesterday, but Tournament Director Christian Scalzi was sure to go around to each table to let players know of the change in schedule. The plan is to play nine 60-minute levels on Tuesday; the money bubble should burst and the field should get close to the final table.

2016 World Poker Tour Caribbean – Day 2 Chip Leaders

1.    Troy Quenneville – 302,000
2.    Alexander Denisov – 280,500
3.    Josef Snejberg – 255,500
4.    Vishal Maini – 246,500
5.    Robin Hegele – 240,000
6.    Jean-Luc Adam – 240,000
7.    Duff Charette – 237,000
8.    Keven Stammen – 234,000
9.    Ema Zajmovic – 230,500
10.    Roberto Vahlis – 225,000

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